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  1. Not even close to an alternative, the whole point of the raspberry pi is that all of the models are unbelievably cheap. It may be impressively compact, but at $800 this is for a completely different target market. They can call it an alternative when the price tag is in the double digits. Clickbait article is clickbait, disappointing everyone.
  2. Yes, I edited it, because I'm not trying to unnecessarily escalate or politicize. I'm not saying you have to like the journalist or pretend that is article is deserving of respect (because its not), but the way the original post describes the journalist is rather inflammatory at best AND completely irrelevant to the topic at hand. edit- op edited post
  3. Calling people "tr*nsvestites" is a no go, and irrelevant. Bad journalist is a bad journalist, nuff said, don't make it personal.
  4. Is the journalist making baseless accusations? Yes. Does the journalist have a clear agenda of demonizing CDPR? Yes. HOWEVER, for OP to repeatedly use slurs to describe the journalist, and to throw out they fact he has his pronouns in his twiter bio like its a crime is disgusting of a similar magnitude. @Delicieuxz, what the hell is wrong with you? Listen, I agree whole heartedly that this is bullshit, but you clearly have some personal problems you need to work out. Take this negativity elsewhere. I come here for news, not to hear the war cries of someone who can't show another human an ounce
  5. I fail to see the relevance, there were no stupid observations, boasts of intelligence, or implications that my inability to use controllers makes me better. This is a thread asking why people switched, and I explained. Thanks to a combination of nerve damage and arthritis, the thumb-centric design of console controllers makes them impossible for me to use. If you don't have that problem, then good for you, enjoy using your controllers. Not sure why my desire for a comfortable gaming experience makes me a target for ridicule.
  6. I lack the ability to use controllers. All of them are poorly designed trash. We have 10 fingers and yet console controllers force us to only use two, maybe four. My thumbs just don't have the coordination required to do that nonsense. Keyboards and mice let me use all my fingers which makes gaming enjoyable instead of impossible. At this point I'm in too deep to go back, but if a decade ago console manufacturers hadn't been so stubborn and let us use KB+M, I might have actually stuck with console.
  7. Face down, in the shower. Water keeps me nice and warm
  8. You guys are awesome. So it does exist, its just not nearly as common, which makes sense.
  9. So, from my understanding, the way NVMe works is by turning up to 4 PCIe lanes into a high speed connection for SSDs. With PCIe slots being the most abundant source of lanes, theres tons of NVMe M.2 to PCIe x4 adapters, some even allowing up to two SSDs, but none that fully utilize x16 lanes or support more than 2 SSDs. The lanes are already there and you could easily fit four M.2 drives on a standard size PCIe card, so why isn't this being done? It's becomeing more and more clear that NVMe is the future of storage, SATA is practically dead and SAS is on borrowed time. Wouldn't it make sense t
  10. Currently, a '97 Jeep Cherokee with 226K miles on it. Up until a month ago my daily was a '99 Jeep Wrangler with 142K miles on it, but during a snowstorm I kinda mashed it into a guard rail and its gonna take me a while to repair...
  11. 56, because what the hell else am I gonna use all my RAM for? The remaining 5 aren't important...
  12. Just checked the shit-list and it looks like my E5520s and my X5650 are getting patched and will live to fight another day! RIP every pre-2009 CPU though...
  13. A used Toyota Camry. Statistically speaking, odds are you'll wreck whatever poor car you choose as your first, so you might as well make it something cheap, efficient, and with low insurance costs. That way you can save up for whatever your future dream car may be
  14. The tubes will be fine, as they are designed to bend. In the long term, the only real issue would be the part where the tubes meet the radiator. The heat and tension could slowly warp the fittings. Your best bet would be to loop the tubes the other way like so:
  15. Me1z

    Ryzen Price Drops

    That's actually really tempting...