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  1. DarIin

    How do you sell a used computer?

    Take lots of pics, sell them on facebook, ebay, your local selling sites etc. Be reasonable with your offers, look at what others of the same make and model are selling for.
  2. DarIin

    The LIGHTCANON - [flashlight]

    So did you ever complete this?
  3. DarIin

    How to make thermal paste?

    You just mix toothepaste with silver food dye.
  4. As the title says, has anyone got any suggestions on what i could replace it with to make it better? Stock wifi card is pretty poor.
  5. DarIin

    Will I be able to get a refund for this?

    What's the warranty laws in the Netherlands?
  6. DarIin

    Paying too much?

    Ultimately yes, you don't need the latest cutting edge tech, at a point really, you only need something that can run the game smoothly on medium settings, anything else is just literally preference regarding performance and display.
  7. DarIin

    Paying too much?

    Right.... So you want to know if you're paying too much without knowing if you're paying anything, and want to know what you should do in three years time because of thinking of it like "high end components"? I would say wait three years and then see what's on the market...
  8. DarIin

    Paying too much?

    Fixed your formatting. To answer your question, how do we know if you're paying too much if you're not telling us how much you're paying?
  9. DarIin

    A good air sprayer for my consoles.

    Any general can of compressed air works fine, just be sure to do short and sweet bursts.
  10. Glad to have a 1080 ti
  11. DarIin

    Needing help, first pc build No Signal

    What's all your PC specs including PSU? Also just to clarify did you make sure it wasn't just a faulty cable from your mobo to the Monitor?
  12. DarIin

    1080ti , Overclocking expectations.

    I'll look into it at the weekend!
  13. DarIin

    1080ti , Overclocking expectations.

    I'm still running stock with my EVGA FTW 3 1080 Ti
  14. DarIin

    Discord Purge Has Begun

    If it's true it'd probably just be inactive accounts having their name and numbers refreshed so discord can clear anything being unused... That being said where did you even hear this?
  15. DarIin


    Caps lock for extra statement.