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  1. Would it be better to get a i5-9400? I am also planning to run a Ark server, but not likely to be running on the same time.
  2. Planning on running a modded minecraft server which at max will probably be around 24 players.
  3. I am looking to create a build for a Minecraft server, and also possibly a Ark server too. While doing research about the best CPU for a Minecraft server, I found out about weird things with Java on how it focuses on core speed instead of the amount of cores, that is what I know so far but it might not be completely true. What is the most powerful and effective CPU for a Minecraft Server? No matter the cost or price.
  4. So while looking at videos of Techquickie, I was able to find this video in 2017 which claims that you shouldn't get a server CPU because it isn't worth the extra 1%. But in a video in 2019, LinusTechTips showed this beast The CPU alone was even able to run Crysis of all games on the earth for god sake. My question is now: If you are making an over-kill computer, is it worth it to play with a CPU Server for gaming now in 2020?
  5. I was planning on using the custom installation in order to make virtual machines way more easier
  6. So in every build that the Linus team created, the background has been changed, programs/games already installed, and I would expect it to be super hard/difficult to have to do that whole process over and over again for each new computer made. Is it possible and is there a tutorial on how to add programs(kind of like bloatware) and also modify settings(to give extra performance, change the background, etc) into a iso file to use to install windows into a new pc(like a virtual machine)?
  7. But I haven't updated it though ? Ever since the new windows update this thing on the top left keeps on showing ;-;
  8. I am not changing the volume with my mouse though. When I pause the video, like I usually do, it pauses without anything shown up. But now is deciding to show both the rectangle box thing of the video and the volume.
  9. Don't really trust that and also when I was going to the website linked in there my browser protected activated and said it is a dangerous site so... not taking the risk
  10. Nope that at all, well not for me at least. I have had this mouse for a LONG TIME, and it never showed up that dumb box on the upper left whenever I use the shortcut to pause or resume something.
  11. So I have a hotkey that is on my mouse to let me pause audio and resume it, but when I do, this stupid thing appears on the top left, and I have to do a lot of stuff on the top left as well, does anyone have any idea on how to get rid of this?!
  12. I don't see an option to change 1080p TV or non-TV 1080p, all I see is just 1080p on the resolution of the monitor.
  13. It is already in 1080p though with my computer. The problem I am having is that I am trying to hook my capture card from my 2nd computer, to the 1st computer, to then be able to live stream on the first computer, and when I do, everything glitches out, but when I connect it with the Nintendo Switch, everything works perfectly.