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  1. AngryBeaver

    High idle CPU temps after cleaning radiator

    IMO it is 3 years old and you probably caused air to move causing your issue. Also if you rotated it where pipes are on the top rather than bottom for example then it might not be flowing like it should due to the evaporation over the years taking a toll. I would contact Corsair and see about a RMA as you have about 2 years left of warranty if it is 3 or so years old.
  2. AngryBeaver

    BEST 360mm AIO cooler to buy in 2019

    This also gets my vote. The H line is top notch.
  3. AngryBeaver

    What causes a loop to leak?

    You get 10ft of tubing for $26 (amazon cost) plus the additive that makes one gallon of coolant and the radiator cleanse. If you already ordered it is too late, but I did run across this https://m.aliexpress.com/item/32859267510.html?pid=808_0000_0109&spm=a2g0n.search-amp.list.32859267510&aff_trace_key=d530588a9f534e7dbfb3fd50d6fc4688-1548966933293-03786-UneMJZVf&aff_platform=msite&m_page_id=411amp-Nr_RhRq5DqxSuPn830MVBQ1548967458432 That looks like everything you need for cpu and gpu albeit with only 240mm of rad, but you arent doing anything crazy so it should be enough. Just unsure if the rad is copper and I sorta doubt it is... but that price point is pretty damn cheap for fittings, fans, and all.
  4. AngryBeaver

    What causes a loop to leak?

    Juat us the liquid utopia that comes with a box of primo tubing. You will also get an additive for cleaning the rads. The tubing box is like 20 or 25
  5. AngryBeaver

    What causes a loop to leak?

    For 25-35 you can get a copper 240mm radiator from them. It is worth the little bit more for the increased cooling capacity and to take out the risk of galvanic corrosion.
  6. AngryBeaver

    Swiftech H220X Expansion

    You will need to pick up a second rad 240mm should be fine, the gpu block, the tubing you want, then 6 connectors in that size. I prefer compression fittings for the aesthetics, but barb fittings are cheaper and just as good. If buying tubing from primoflex just use their coolant mix with a gallon of distilled and you will have enough coolant to last you a few years.
  7. AngryBeaver

    What causes a loop to leak?

    The most common leaks are normally from either the fittings or from a seal on one of the blocks. Also depending on what your res is made from glycol can cause it to crack and leak.
  8. AngryBeaver

    How much did you spend on PCs so far?

    With what I have spent in the last decade... I could have probably purchased a nice car. Then again I upgrade machines constantly, buy things I see at good deals, have a few servers I have purchased... 10gb network equipment, etc.. Now for a final price I have no clue what I've spent and I plan to keep it that way incase the wife ever trys to corner me on it lol.
  9. AngryBeaver

    What Amount of Money ACTUALLY creates a fun gaming experience

    What makes me happy is the projects. I have 19 month twins so I dont have the time to game I use to, but I still enjoying the builds. An example of this is i have a 2080ti with the water block already installed just waiting for a home. I originally planned to toss it in my rig, but decided instead of draining for it I would just toss together a 9900k build.. now that had be side lined for a ryzen 3000 build In a few months. I have done a little guestimating and I figure my new build is going to run me about $3400. My last build was in the 2600-2800 range. So do I need to purchase high end components and use a custom loop for them? No I dont. Hell my current machine still runs games on ultra at 1440p without issue, but I enjoy the builds and I like the fact it essentially upgrades every computer in my lab as I retire one machine and pass down mine. In the end I think my oldest machine will be a 3770k(replaced the 2600k for pci-e support) at 4.5ghz with a 780ti. So what is needed to be happy and have fun isnt always the only determining factor. Now if I didnt have the income to support it then things would be different, but luckily my career is very lucrative.
  10. AngryBeaver

    What are you known for on the forum

    Who the hell is this guy? Do you know him? Do I know him? Does anyone know him? From a little profile digging... he seems to just browse and comment in several areas of the forums. He is 100% a millennial 26-27 yrs old. He does freelance work, but no idea if he is good at it or not. He chose a profile picture that isn't original and is overused.
  11. Edit* Just used the UK ebay instead for these.. Deleted everything above lol. 175-200 CPU 125-150 mobo 80-100 Cpu Cooler 100 Ram 125-140 GPU 25 for storage 120 case + fans + hue So now this brings us to £750 - £835 Now I always tend to take the lowest buy it nows or best offers to set a price point. You can possibly get more, but I would aim for the 835 and settle for 750 worse case. You also have to consider that you might make more parting this out, but I wouldn't even bother for the storage... they are used and low capacity so they really don't have much value. Also do you have an OEM copy of windows 10 you use on this machine? If so you should ask if they want the license for it and increase the price by another 25-40. If it isn't an OEM copy I would just keep it and reuse it, but OEMs are easier to just sell with the machine most of the time. Either way this came out pretty close to where I thought it would be. In general the cost of Electronics depreciate at about 20% per year... so if you paid 1300 2 years ago it would drop to 60% of the original value or £780 which is right in the range I found on ebay.
  12. AngryBeaver

    How to safely format a Hdd with a ransomeware

    The chances of this being his dad's business is low going off his wording. That being said even if they have no DLP department it is still a very bad idea to remove a company owned drive for any reason. If you did this at my company for example... then termination paperwork would be drawn up and the police would be waiting for you. My point was that removing any type of storage media is a serious thing and proper approval and channels would need to be followed. This being a drive hit with ransomware would make it more so imo.
  13. I have found that windows 10 does most of this now. It has even been pulling official drivers from nvidia and chipsets.
  14. I might try to attend this year, but not sure how many passes my company is going to have and how they are going to handle getting one. If it is a raffle like system again then blah.
  15. AngryBeaver

    How to safely format a Hdd with a ransomeware

    Depending on how they have it setup it wouldn't be that hard to have it work on multiple OSes. Now most of the time they target certain things, but the time to make it work with Linux and windows isn't much. A few scripts and maybe executable. In the end if it is a proper worm it will get the whole machine if you aren't careful. Either way this drive belongs to a company and could have information on it that is either important or sensitive enough he shouldn't be interacting with it. If you see anything then chances are it wasn't even properly encrypted to protect their data. If it was me doing this I would boot a live USB of your flavor of Linux and blow it up from there. If not you could make a windows boot/tool usb and blow it up and format with gparted.
  16. AngryBeaver

    Do you point your remote at the TV.

    I let my FireTV cube control everything which uses Wifi, Bluetooth, and Voice commands to control it. It then has an IR blaster which controls my other devices. So I don't even use a remote probably 80% of the time.
  17. As much as I love intel.... I think my next build is going to be an AMD one. I was all set to pickup a 9900k, but looking at the bits and pieces of information on Ryzen 3000 I will probably get going that route instead in about 5months. I have a feeling that the 16c/32t cpu Is going to come to fruition and I also have a feeling it will be at or below the 9900k pricing. The IPC improvements should bring them up to or maybe slightly surpassing intel and on top of all that they are more than likely going to close most of the frequency gap. Now I doubt they will overclock to where intel can, but that only becomes relevant at 1080p and in some rare cases 1440p. So with gaming becoming more enjoyable at 4k with say a 2080ti the downsides aren't really there. Then again AMD might gain some overclock headroom with the new manufacturing process. Only time will tell.
  18. AngryBeaver

    How to safely format a Hdd with a ransomeware

    Are you trying to get your dad fired? Do you know how serious it is to remove a hard-drive that has been used by a company? There is a reason why companies have DLP (Data Loss Prevention) and then legal teams that handle those things. What you just did was potentially take confidential company information which is a crime btw. So my advice would be to RETURN it. If you want a hard-drive then buy one.. you can get a 3tb drive new for $50-$60. So why risk your dads job to save a few bucks.
  19. AngryBeaver

    200$ CAD Earphone Recommendations

    Not gonna lie I read the title and was like... "why the hell does someone need $200 headphones for CAD (Computer Aided Drafting)"
  20. This is only adding insult to injury, but I had a similar issue with UPS and I had to packaged and insured at one of their stores. So long story short I had about $1200 of merchandise damaged and then they tried to deny my claim saying I wasn't the "shipper" that only the UPS store I shipped from could make a claim... So I went to the store and got them to finally make the claim... that was probably 8 months ago and I am still waiting for the check they keep telling me they are sending me. Hell maybe it got mangled too for all I know. This actually reminded me to follow up with them again. The bottom-line is they are going to try and refuse every insurance claim they can because that is how they make more money upselling the insurance. I mean how would it even be legal to sell me insurance on a box you wouldn't cover anyways? If you take my money for the insurance and then it gets damaged it shouldn't matter as we already have a binding contract and when the insurance was being sold was when they could have told me I needed a new box for that service. For the record the item I had that was damaged literally appears to have had a fork (from a forklift) run all the way through the box and also through my item. If I was you OP I would take your nice pictures and hit up their facebook page. The more noise you can make the higher the chance someone will step in to handle things.
  21. AngryBeaver

    ThermalTake View 71 or 91

    Very nice. Your build looks good. I am still undecided on this TBH. I still have a good 4-5 months before the new Ryzen line hits, but I will probably get things rolling a month or two before then. If the 91 goes on sale I will probably jump on it just because lol.
  22. So I am going to start getting pieces together for a Ryzen 3000 build. Trying to decide on a case. I know the 71 will probably be more than enough, but still hesitant on a mid tower as I will be doing a complete custom loop build. I know the 71 doesn't support 60mm thick rads, but does anyone know if the 91 does? I mean I will probably run 2 420mm and probably 1 360mm rad in the view 71, which is complete overkill, but having the options for 480's in the 91 is tempting. I mean I know that even dual 420's are going to be overkill for what I am doing. I will probably just be cooling the CPU and VRM's via monoblock and a 2080ti that I can finally put in a machine. I might go overkill and cool the m.2's, but chances are I won't bother. So opinions on view 71 vs 91. The price is pretty much double for the 91, but price isn't really a concern for this build.
  23. AngryBeaver

    ThermalTake View 71 or 91

    Ya, I agree with the space being excessive. I mean the only think to really eat up some of the space is the pump/res combo and from what I have seen it fits just fine
  24. AngryBeaver

    Several issues with new water-cooling

    Temps arent terrible, but for the airflow and rad size constraints you have they are good. As to setting the pump speed you can do it via QFan setup in bios. I will have to remember where it is... there are 2 places you can do it and the one you want takes text input. If I remember correct you type in a low, mid, and high temp and the % they should be running at for those temps. I believe you can also set a static % to there. Either way you should aim for a 60% pump speed in all 3 settings or as static. You want to have enough flow for a little turbulence. So with a custom loop anything over about 1-1.2 gpm should be fine. You won't really see any temp gains after that as the water spends the same time in the components.
  25. AngryBeaver

    Very, very odd GTX 1070 Ti Behavior

    It is an EVGA. I would call them up or toss them an email. They will get you a new card in no time.