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  1. I wanted to upgrade my PC whenever quarantine ends and I can start earning money again but as I looked around to make a plan and see how much it would cost I found some forums that basically said what I was thinking of doing wouldn't be worth it. I want to upgrade to a 2060 and switch to a custom water cooling loop because I worry way too much about temperatures (I don't want to throw $350 in the trash) so I figured if I water cooled it wouldn't be a problem but apparently a 2060 isn't worthy of a water block, my plan was to get a 360mm rad and a 240 (i know it's probably overkill) then tie my
  2. So I have a gtx 1650 with 4 GB of VRAM and I saw that you could use some of your system memory for your GPU would switching some of my system RAM to my GPU improve performance? I have 32GB of system RAM so I don't think I'll be missing it if I move it over. Does this even work?
  3. what gpu would be good for work? it would probably just be used for google apps (docs, meets, etc.) and occasionally youtube videos. would an onboard GPU work or is there a better budget option? (it is almost guaranteed that it won't be used for anything like 3D rendering, CAD or video editing)