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  1. Don't worry about getting more than 2 ram slots. If you eventually decide that you need 16GB instead of 8GB you're gonna need to replace the sticks anyway unless you can find the exact model you already have. I see all the time people talking about mixing RAM and the reality is that if you're upgrading to 16GB mixed from clean 8GB you're probably gonna see a performance downgrade.
  2. Getting the power supply and motherboard you have selected, overclocking is out of the question. Don't rely on overclocking if you're putting a low end build together.
  3. It's already stagnated. There is a 0% chance if it going past 400.
  4. I don't disagree that this is just pure concentrated autism and anybody that thinks they are making a difference deserves the losses, but it's just fun. Let people enjoy their fun for a bit at least, no matter how silly.
  5. With canned air or an air compressor. Not with your breath, it has moisture in it.
  6. Dude's game isn't loading properly what do you mean "what"? He literally said everything looks like this:
  7. Because you have an old reference blower cooler that I'm willing to bet you've never replaced the thermal paste on or even cleaned the dust out of. If you think the problem is with your GPU then try running the game on your integrated graphics and see if the problems persist.
  8. Sounds like you might have a dying Hard Drive then.
  9. I really don't think the point is to make money. The whole meme is that everybody is buying into this obviously failing stock and just holding.
  10. Wish I know enough about Indian markets to help. If this all works in your budget this looks like a good build, but definitely go for the 3500 at those prices. This is a very shoestring budget for a new computer if the currency conversion is accurate. This computer would be able to play games on low at 1080p, but the experience might be choppy. I would recommend getting a better GPU but the prices are so high right now that I would honestly just stick with this then wait maybe a year or two until prices settle down again and upgrade to something like a 1060 or a 1660. Remember when you're buil
  11. I'm looking at the Amazon listing right now. Yes it does.
  12. I think the 125W TDP between your CPU and GPU isn't gonna come close to maxing out a poor airflow case.
  13. GTA 5 is renown for being unplayable on PC due to stuttering. I was able to fix it once and get a good few hours of playing in without stuttering, and it was a lot of fun, but I have no idea what I did to fix the stuttering.
  14. Fuck hedge funds for stealing money from working people. Fuck the government for always bailing them out. Fuck the media for portraying them as the good guys. It's good to know that we'll all rot the same.