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  1. So prices of Ryzen 3000 series have been going down a bit. Price difference between those two is 25€. Is 3800X worth it? I'm also still considering 5600X which splits those two in terms of price currently. But not sure it is better value.
  2. I think it's great choice. Yeah MIUI is, well, let's say compromised. I got used to it after 2 years of Poco but notifications were constantly broken. Though FB messenger is an app that has problems all around so it is a bit of their fault too.
  3. Are you sure they are "Vietnam models"? And not just phones made in Vietnam? My S20 FE in made in Vietnam also and pretty sure it is not Vietnam model. Edit, just checked, it is EU model.
  4. Yeah, it is up to you what floats your boat I know it sounds like i'm pushing you Samsung phones but I genuinley don't think paying 100€+ more for OnePlus 8T makes sense, unless you are hardcore gamer.
  5. Ah yeah, sorry misread. If you have no use for wireless buds since you have some already I would go for FE from the Samsungs. I kinda don't feel QHD screen which you have to drop to 1080p for 120Hz anyway and glass on the back is worth it. I mean it wasn't for me but again, I had Poco F1 before it so I'm not too fussy about the build since I have phone in case all the time.
  6. If you have any use for Buds+ difference between both phones in price is minimal. In that case i would go for S20+. Or check for what you could sell them. That is true, If you game difference in processor might be significant. I don't so I don't feel difference.
  7. I'm pretty happy with my S20 FE 4G. Was also looking at 8T but it just didn't make sense, camera and screen are better on S20 series. And I got it for nice price with Galaxy Watch thrown in. For the same price though, it would be way harder to call decision.
  8. What maintenance cost are we talking about? Also where are you from and what is your budget, we might be able to get you some better deal than this 2 devices.
  9. I didn't even know that. I thought he meant he doesn't want Chinese brands( Huawei, Xiaomi,...). But I did went to check and mine S20 FE is made in Vietnam actually.
  10. With your requrements only thing I can come up is Samsung Galaxy S10e. Even new they were under 600$. I would look into that.
  11. I'm looking at RX6800 in stock for 900€ and one 6800XT for 1100€ out of stock so would be really happy if you could share where those normally priced AMD GPUs are?
  12. Yeah taht is what I was thinking but is it safe? I won't lose any data? Only about 130 GB of 500 GB is used.
  13. Yeah it doesn't work without that option enabled either. Problem is partition on HDD is so big so it wants me to resize it first but it wants pro version for that.
  14. Ok yeah it refuses to do clone. So what could I do?
  15. It worked great. Thanks. I'm up and running with my 500 GB ssd. Now I want to replace 500 GB HDD with 250 GB SDD in mom's laptop. Is it all the same or do I have to teke special care? The amount of data on 500 GB HDD is less than 250 GB.