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  1. Probably doesn't have a low oil level sensor. My 2004 Audi is the only car that I've dealt with that does. It will however have an oil pressure light, that will turn on if oil isn't getting through the oil pump.(unless the light is burnt out) If that light comes on, pull over asap and put oil in. If you know the oil is low now, put oil in it before driving it. Going on hills or turns may cause the pump not not pickup oil and may cause the pressure light to come on.
  2. it just uses a clone of a diamond hot end.
  3. I tried the dom v3 at a race, but thought the screen was too small. I haven't tried the HD line yet, but have been looking to try the HD2. Until I can try them I'm sticking to the 5" screen goggles.
  4. No racer will use the safety features/guidance the photo guys will use, and it appears there's no HD recording device onboard. so what demographic were they trying to hit with this?
  5. If the 4ch hobby king transmitter has the 6ch flysky v2 rx (https://hobbyking.com/en_us/hobby-king-2-4ghz-receiver-6ch-v2.html) it also works with the turnigy/flysky 9x. WLToys has a few different protocols for their rx's the older ones work with the 9x. I know the v911(fp brushed heli), and V929(geared brushed quad) both work with the 9x, so I would assume the controller would bind with the 4ch hobbyking tx. I don't know the default channel scheme for either the hobbyking radio or the controller, so I can't say if the controls will match and be usable. A note on the motor/prop, if you plan to keep a small brushed motor, I'd look for a motor/gearbox/prop combo, and work from there.
  6. The hobbyking IMAX charger is about as cheap as it gets, the only thing I've seen cheaper is a clone of that charger, and we're only talking $5-10 cheaper.
  7. You can get a HAM license, and build some antennas, but you still won't be able to go over a hill.
  8. You won't get very far on that system. 5.8ghz linear system that I can only assume is 10-25mw for an FCC stamp. put the antennas higher and you will get a little better range. 6 houses without obstructions will be pushing it. I tested 10mw 5.8ghz 6 houses down yesterday, and it was borderline with a skew planer. If you change the transmitting antennas on your current system or change the system to 1.3ghz you need a ham license. $15 to take the test for a 10 year license in USA, iirc.
  9. I had the exact same problem, same number of connectors too, and sounds like a similar project. The only connectors that looked easy enough to solder were huge 12pin molex connectors. I just went with the dual controllers.
  10. Take a look at this, No guarantee it will work with your screen, but it's worth a shot. https://learn.adafruit.com/user-space-spi-tft-python-library-ili9341-2-8/overview
  11. not the most efficient, but it's on the higher end. http://www.lautsprechershop.de/index_hifi_en.htm?http://www.lautsprechershop.de/hifi/kkits_wirkungsgrad_en.htm I thought I remember hearing about a 99db speaker using a tang band driver, but I'm not seeing it now.
  12. Will code raspberrypis for more raspberrypis

    1. mr moose

      mr moose

      will eat apple pie for more apple pie.

    2. h264


      will design cheesecake for more cheesecake.

  13. Some of ibasso's d line can be used as a standalone dac/amp/dac+amp
  14. mouser has a canada site, you might also look into digikey or allied elec. radio shack was the only place I knew of to buy that in person, but their selection is awful since the bankruptcy. they should still have some jacks available, it just may not be that one.
  15. not ruler flat but, also wouldn't say they are way off of flat, could certainly do worse if you want a flat response. HD280 measurement starts around 5:50