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    intel xeon 1220 3.4ghz
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    intel DZ77GA-70K motherboard
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    10 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
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    R9 280 3gb
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    My desk
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    640gb hdd
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    coolermaster 650 watt
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  1. Hello, I am working on a project in After Effects and all of my masks have a black blur on the borders (image below). I dont have the feathering effect on the mask and none of the other settings seem to do anything. Thank you so much.
  2. It's usually pegged at 90+% from when I open after effects and if I try to open any other application while after effects is running it dies pretty quickly I just don't want to upgrade and realize it won't help since my computer isn't exactly a super computer.
  3. I use after effects and the adobe media encoder and both have been running pretty slowly lately so I am wondering if 8gb of memory is the bottleneck and if upgrading to 16gb will help or if it's not worth it. When I'm in after effects I can't play back my timeline, even at quarter resolution with 1080p60fps footage without major freezes, stutturs, and crashing. When I render with the adobe media encoder it will take hours to render a 30-40 minute video with medium editing. Computer specs: Cpu: xeon e2690 Gpu: sapphire rx 580 8gb Memory: hyperx fury ddr3
  4. I wanted to play Minecraft VR on an Oculus Rift CV1 and the game works perfectly but it's like the bindings are for different controllers. It's impossible to change the bindings in VR but I can change them using my mouse, but it just uses the old bindings. I literally just need to find a way to change the bindings to be compatible with my cv1.
  5. I'm debating what to do with my old computer monitor, it works perfectly fine once it turns on but as it turns on it strobes for a while and then fully turns on. The screen flickers from black to white repeatedly before whatever your displaying shows up. I was going to donate the monitor to goodwill but if this means it's dying I feel bad giving the problem to someone else. Would this be something goodwill would fix or something that's fine and ok? The monitor is a Samsung Syncmaster b2330 Thank you!
  6. I tried reseating it and it just ran furmark with no issues so maybe that worked?
  7. Randomly my computer monitors are just going black while working on something. I was just typing something in Google, both my monitors went black. My computer keeps running in the background but I can't get any display out from my monitors. Please help. Sometimes when it does the black screen thing my computer puts out the beep code 2 low pitched long beeps followed by three higher pitched beeps. My computer is the Lenovo 30s btw Specs Cpu: Xeon e5 2690 Motherboard: Lenovo 30s motherboard Gpu: Rx 580 8gb PSU: 610 watt Lenovo PSU Windows 10 is
  8. Background: I used my headset on my laptop for a while with no issues and recently built a desktop so I plugged in my VR headset there and for a few days it worked fine, my PC would just completely freeze when shutting down WMR which was really annoying but manageable somewhat, now I have tried everything, even doing a CLEAN install of windows (sorry for the caps but that seems to be the only suggestion people have). There is literally nothing on this windows install except for the latest drivers for my system, WMR, and beat saber. I have run prime 95, furmark, and cinebench to test for i
  9. Im looking at phone in the $350 and under price range and the two i have found that that i think might be the best are the Samsung galaxy a51 or the moto g1 hyper. All i do with my phone is watch movies, youtube, use things like twitter and discord and take photos sometimes. I don't game literally ever on my phone so i dont really care about cpu power. So what phone should i get?
  10. i know i just thought i would post in both places. im not an idiot ok? sorry i offended you
  11. i did and haven't gotten a reply yet, hence why im here
  12. i have no idea what subforum this is supposed to go in so im really sorry if this is the wrong one. I was trying to unlock the bootloader and root my lg v30 (h931) or at&t v30 using this method https://forum.xda-developers.com/sho...&postcount=193 I used this method to try to get back to android 8 to root: https://forum.xda-developers.com/lg-...1#post76510671 I used this android nougat version: https://lg-firmwares.com/downloads-f...9810d_01_0411\ and used the duel patched dev version, I can't find a link I have like 8 million tabs open right now. What happened:
  13. And I know my monitor, monitor cable and GPU work because I just used them on another motherboard last night and they worked fine
  14. Yes lol. I've tried manually flipping through the inputs but it also should automatically go to one and there is only two inputs sooo. Yeah.
  15. Only the one led. Just shows blue which means it is good and booting.