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  1. I just got a new laptop and tried to download rgb fusion 2.0 from gigabytes website and it is stuck on a please wait screen. I tried to install the gigabyte app center and it just didnt work. This is my first time using a device with rgb (i upgraded from a 10 year old desktop :p) and i have no idea how to control the rgb. I see people using something in reviews of the laptop but i have no idea how they got that software or anything. I will admit when I opened the laptop, after installing windows, a screen popped up locking me out of the laptop saying it was installing programs and
  2. Hello, I have been looking for a new laptop for video editing, after effects rendering, and gaming in vr with an oculus quest via oculus link. Two laptops that I have found and seem like a good deal are the msi gl75 leopard and the gigabyte aero 17. My main use cases are video editing and work in after effects. My current computer can't render anything in real time unless I turn the timeline down to 1/8 rendering resolution with 1080p60hz footage and that makes it very difficult to work and edit videos. My second use case is VR. I play beatsaber a lot using my oculus quest via lin
  3. Hello, I am looking for laptop capable of editing 1080p 60-120hz footage in davinci resolve and able to handle rendering 1080p60 after effects timelines in at least 1/4th resolution in real time with more than a few effects. Additionally and maybe harder for a laptop, capable of running an oculus quest on link while recording and potentially streaming. I am a competitive beatsaber player and currently my rx 580's video encoder doesn't handle streaming for competitions very well and causes frame drops which isn't the best. My issue is that link on my quest uses 60-70% of my rx 580s video encode
  4. ok so the passthrough output is optional. that was my question pretty much. You don't have to have something on the passthrough end. Thank you, sorry for wording that so poorly!
  5. oh no, sorry. Im in vr, so I dont need to see the desktop side of my footage, but the desktop side of the game is like a moveable video player window, So I would use hdmi, but it would be in a different video output than my monitor. I was just making sure the capture card didn't have to be routed through the same output as my monitor and could be connected to a different video output. Sorry if that doesnt make much sense
  6. sorry to ping you, but I was wondering if you knew anything about the second part of my post? If a capture card would work if my monitor is connected through DVI and the capture card was connected to the hdmi port on my gpu. Would it just show up as another monitor that i drag the window over too or will it not work without a splitter or passthrough on the same hdmi port.
  7. Yeah that makes sense. I also looked into NDI after writing this but I couldn't really get that to work either. Thanks for the advice!
  8. Hello, I use an oculus quest with link on my pc, and that has made recording very difficult. My oculus quest uses 60-70% of my gpu's video encoder so trying to record footage on obs leaves me with a not great looking 720p30fps stream so I started looking at capture cards. I'm not looking to spend a lot of money so I know I am not going to get a perfect capture card or anything, but I was wondering if anyone knew of one that could do 1080p60 and was under like $30-40. I have found many that do 720p60 and 1080p30 for like $10 and several videos on their performance (if anyone is itnerested) http
  9. ok this sounds weird and my not be possible, but is there a way I can set up basically a pdf document with links to video files stored in the cloud, or youtube maybe with resizeable thumbnails? or just make a photo clickable to the link? Id love it to be animateable or have some effect when you click on it but i know that may not be possible. I just want to be able to have a file that I could send like that and I don't want to buy a domain and make a website for it. If I need to provide more information just let me know! Thank you so much!
  10. Hello, I am working on a project in After Effects and all of my masks have a black blur on the borders (image below). I dont have the feathering effect on the mask and none of the other settings seem to do anything. Thank you so much.
  11. It's usually pegged at 90+% from when I open after effects and if I try to open any other application while after effects is running it dies pretty quickly I just don't want to upgrade and realize it won't help since my computer isn't exactly a super computer.
  12. I use after effects and the adobe media encoder and both have been running pretty slowly lately so I am wondering if 8gb of memory is the bottleneck and if upgrading to 16gb will help or if it's not worth it. When I'm in after effects I can't play back my timeline, even at quarter resolution with 1080p60fps footage without major freezes, stutturs, and crashing. When I render with the adobe media encoder it will take hours to render a 30-40 minute video with medium editing. Computer specs: Cpu: xeon e2690 Gpu: sapphire rx 580 8gb Memory: hyperx fury ddr3
  13. I wanted to play Minecraft VR on an Oculus Rift CV1 and the game works perfectly but it's like the bindings are for different controllers. It's impossible to change the bindings in VR but I can change them using my mouse, but it just uses the old bindings. I literally just need to find a way to change the bindings to be compatible with my cv1.
  14. I'm debating what to do with my old computer monitor, it works perfectly fine once it turns on but as it turns on it strobes for a while and then fully turns on. The screen flickers from black to white repeatedly before whatever your displaying shows up. I was going to donate the monitor to goodwill but if this means it's dying I feel bad giving the problem to someone else. Would this be something goodwill would fix or something that's fine and ok? The monitor is a Samsung Syncmaster b2330 Thank you!
  15. I tried reseating it and it just ran furmark with no issues so maybe that worked?