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  1. Well they sell for $650 new I think the seller has no idea of its true value, hence the consecutive numbers in the price.
  2. I brought this as a replacement to my 110J - now need to get a Hard Disk that is supported
  3. Yes, you just need to have the correct version of flash player installed. If you don't have flash flayer then not officially.
  4. The windows GUI is a slow ass way to move data between drives, and it will also move the file to memory before it copy's, so if your short on RAM your going to get the pagefile into your overhead. free / built in tools: xcopy https://ss64.com/nt/xcopy.html roboxopy https://ss64.com/nt/robocopy.html I forgot what one is not in Windows 10 Command line tools above move the data bit by bit, so no need to worry about memory limits
  5. ELI5: Random Access Memory is a volatile memory - it has no ability to store data The memory on a SSD is non-volatile, it holds the data in a statically charged status - when the drive starts to ware out its because the cell is either week & cannot hold a new charge (think of it like the battery on dads old iPhone), or the cell can not discharge the existing charge
  6. If this is your first build look at what you can get from your front IO I would recommend to get something with a USB-C plug, and at least USB 2.0 with audio I/O (sometimes headphone cables don't reach from behind) This will give you future proof as your cases will outlast your new build, and be something you continue to use over time. I know, and love my mATX Cases and have spent AUD $70 on a Node 202 (with shipping from USA) - but if you want something that's not going to be tight, and accommodate anything you can get for a good price from the local e/relater the
  7. Yeah, No! This is not good. I would start looking at opening up the maintenance contract to a local vendor. Also, don't just accept what ever they offer. Why do they recommend this to you? What is the SLA? Who manages the SLA? How long is the maintenance contract? Will you be breaking the warranty if you open / repair with a local agent? What other vendor could offer a better price? Toshiba Dell HP Do you need a local service, or could you move to the cloud?
  8. Not bad, they took over RAD Game Tools a few years ago.
  9. You would need to licence the game engine, these go for around 250k>1.1 Million depending on what your doing. However seeing your breaking copyright law (making a derivative of a published work) I am unsure if you would be able to get a licence.
  10. I love hosting my own website, and being able to manage it on my own through a vultr console. I need to run it a windows box, and as such am using IIS 10, I miss the recent visitors plugin that came as standard with CPanel. Is there a plugin I can use that will shows me recent visitors, and the referring URL on IIS10? Or is there a way to make the log files show the referring URL, and a nice wrapper GUI to read them? (Currently using Excel)
  11. At this point in my life I would say 3 million is a lot of money (price of two average houses in my city). Going back 15 years ago, it would have been $40, I was on unemployment back then, and had little to no money to spend.
  12. Svencoop - https://store.steampowered.com/agecheck/app/225840/
  13. What features are you looking for? * Integrated wifi? * Memory Support - size? * RGB Headers - RGB? * USB Support - how many ports, protocol, and connector?
  14. I have always had a flagship Samsung from the Galaxy S4 (had a Samsung made Google Nexus before that) Most recent investment is a Galaxy A90 (I needed a 5g phone, as only have 5g coverage at home) - Galaxy S10 did not have 5g modem. Only thing I miss is the IP68, but other then that its a wonderful phone!
  15. Why not get a 4pin molex splitter? Unless your PSU only has SATA plugs? https://www.jaycar.com.au/4-pin-power-splitter-cable-for-pcs/p/PL0750