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  1. Graham Carter

    Play Store - 1 Harmfull App Removed

    Nope.. and the message has gone now...
  2. Graham Carter

    Play Store - 1 Harmfull App Removed

    Hmm yeah tapping the title did appear to expand out however there was no extra info or app name... There was, an option to hide, which when tapped removed the notification Think will just chalk this up as an anomoly I'm a seasoned android user and don't install dozens of apps like the old days Hey ho
  3. Rocking my beloved Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and recently noticed the below message in the play protect section of the store The annoying thing is that pressing the refresh button states "play protect is scanning" and then returns with the same message stating "1 Harmfull App Removed" Anyone seen this before? There doesn't seem to be a log of either what named app was removed and again the message does not dissappear Anyone got any suggestions? Software status below...
  4. Noticed the other day that on my Macbook, running windows 10 in bootcamp, you can effectively re-share the wifi connection via the hotspot option Works a treat! However after a bit of research, it seems impossible to accomplish the same wifi --> wifi hotspot scenario within macOS The only option is to either have the MacBook connected to ethernet and then enable wifi internet sharing, or re-share the wifi connection via bluetooth So the question is straight forward... has anyone found a way around this as in Windows 10... to re-share a MacBook wifi via a wifihotpsot within macos Perhaps via a 3rd party app?
  5. Graham Carter

    MacOS - Rename Disk Image Within DMG?

    Holy sh*t dude, this worked a treat! Thank you
  6. As the title, and forgive my naivety, however is there a method / utility which can change the name of the drive within a dmg in macOS? When the DMG is mounted, macOS disk utility looks as though you can re-name it but doesn't allow for it be applied. A quick google reveals this is by design. Surely there has to be an app which will allow the drive name to be changed and then the dmg re-packaged to reflect the name change?
  7. Graham Carter

    Network Switch To Speed Up Performance

    Thanks for the responses so far When I talk about performance, it's more of a visual observation of delays am looking to improve. So for example, if I'm scrubbing through HD content via the firetv stored on the nas, I would hope to see less lag using a dedicated switch as apposed to directly using the superhub? But again, as both devices are gigabit, then its sounding as though its a fruitless exersise unless I need to connect more ethernet devices
  8. Graham Carter

    Network Switch To Speed Up Performance

    Im a virgin media ISP user on a fibre internet connection here in the UK Have the latest Virgin Media Superb 3.0 at home connected to Virgins VIVID 350 offering and am very happy with the performance of this. Currently the only devices which are plugged into the ethernet ports on the superhub router, are a Synology NAS, a TIVO box and an Amazon Fire TV However my question is one of load sharing... I dug out a Network Switch (NETGEAR GS105 ProSafe 5-port) and was curious to ascertain if I daisy chain this into the superhub and then transfer the NAS and FIRETV into the netgear switch, whether or not I would experience a performance gain? The NAS is used heavily to stream HD content from its hard drives to the FIRETV running PLEX and KODI Considering that both the superhub and netgear have gigabit ethernet speeds, my train of thought was that as most of the high volume traffic is flowing between the NAS and the FIRETV, transferring the x2 devices to the network switch should ease the load on the superhub which primary use is 7 or 8 devices connected to the 5ghz wifi. Whats hurting my head though, is would the netgear switch take care of the heavy lifting with traffic between the NAS and FIRETV or would I have to make some changes on the superhub to make sure this is the case? Im not a networking expert by a long stretch (hence the forum thread) To recap on my questions... Would plugging the NAS and FIRETV directly into the switch improve wired performance? Does one need to make any config changes on the isp provided superhub to insure that traffic between these x2 devices is handled by the netgear switch? Any changes needed to the network config of the NAS? Perhaps use a different subnet on the netgear switch?
  9. As the title, is it possible to answer an incoming call on someones other than your own iPhone XS? For example, my misses is an agency nurse and receives calls from several agencies throughout the day. However there are occasions when she's in the shower and an agency is calling... can I physically answer said call without the Face ID and or passcode? Obviously if not, then she will need to tell me her passcode (evil laugh)
  10. Graham Carter

    Is It Just Me...

    @SansVarnic why the move to off topic? ln my mind it is a tech discussion... Browsers are "tech" are they not?
  11. Graham Carter

    Is It Just Me...

    Lol yeah kinda the same thing. There is however variables to this rule though... I only do this on a machine with SSD disks and or plenty of memory. I wouldn't do this at work as my pc has a standard hard disk and not much memory.. takes too many seconds to re-open the browser
  12. Graham Carter

    Is It Just Me...

    ... or does anyone else prefer to close and re open their Web browser rather than re use the open tabs for another site? I personally angrily close my browser if there's several open! Just feels like a fresh shiny browser rather than the dirty hoe full of open tabs! Re using tabs just makes me feel like am splashing into a nasty tart!
  13. How does one reply to this post? You've posted links to youtube videos and screenshots? What are you struggling with? Installing Win7 is allowed in High Sierra https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT204048 How are you attempting to install windows 7? Bootcamp allows you to install from an ISO image of the operating system or creates a bootable usb drive from an ISO image. Have you physically got an ISO image of windows 7?
  14. Graham Carter

    Cloud WIFI

  15. Graham Carter

    Cloud WIFI

    Love the main free wifi players here in the UK... thecloud.net https://www.o2.co.uk/connectivity/free-wifi Instant connection when you whip out your kit... What free wifi offerings are available in other countries which offer really good coverage and performance / ease of use?