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  1. Maybe the next level up from google spreadsheets
  2. As the title am looking for a simple database located it asset management tool. Work for a company with a smidgin less than 100 employees so doesn't need to be too extensive in its functionality. Am looking for a simple browser based tool for manual entry of IT kit and don't require any automation. Anyone got any suggestions? Google is a minefield of options, hence the post :-)
  3. Perhaps I need to ask a different question, as I have spent too much time scouring Meraki logs and browser developer output which am struggle to make sense of! Think have been casting a too wider net! To analyse where the problem lays, my thinking would be to get some kind of tool be-it a piece of monitoring software or browser plugin, which can effectively illustrate what's happening when you click a link. So for example such an app / plugin would clearly list * ip or dns name of what connection(s) are taking place when a login link is clicked * Any ports requested again when a login link is clicked Is there such a tool / plugin? The browser devtools in Chrome for example spit out a lot of information, but making sense of it is another discipline entirely!
  4. Work for a company who have their corporate website hosted with Amazons AWS product. www.holloway.co.uk Recently we had a suspected breach of security and our external team locked down the Meraki firewall. However after the firewall config was restored to previous configuration we have a strange issue, in that we are unable to login to our AWS hosted site from within the company LAN We can see the login page, however as soon as the correct login details are entered, the page flashes and then stays at the pre-login site. What makes me think its a meraki issue is that we can login to the website externally to the LAN for example from a home internet connection Have tried whitelisting the site to no avail Any ideas peeps?
  5. Nah restarts didnt resolve, I gave up and put a vanilla install of windows 10 from a bootable usb (machine in question was a lenovo laptop) - works now on 1909 I still think MS need to fix their update assistant as its pants!
  6. True, however on some machines, they fail to automatically see and or download the update without errors. Im thinking that the update assistant causes this problem Im seeing because never seen the problem on machines as you said which receive the build via windows update
  7. Will give the command prompt tool a try Reason for the update assistant usage is convenience... start and wait
  8. Have noticed on a couple of machines in the office which have been upgraded to 1909 using the update assistant https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/software-download/windows10 Problem is, after the upgrade and several reboots, the start menu search either clicking the search icon or just typing after you click on start does not work! Windows files search works ok, its just the taskbar search tool and windows 10 start menu search which does not work. Google spits out lots of workarounds incudling windows refresh to no avail. The only fix is toll back to the pre 1909 build Anyone seen this? Found a fix?
  9. Hmm, gonna give these a try... the current bluetooth drivers for use with Apple mouse and keyboard do not work in Windows 10 via bootcamp on any Mac!
  10. Of course, it was more of a technical workaround I was looking to solve, as apposed to just installing windows 10
  11. Peeps, I have no problem installing windows 10 within boot camp using an official ISO from Microsoft, however want to use a pre-activated ISO image... problem is, Boot Camp pings up this error... Anyone know of a way to modify the ISO, checksum modification maybe, so the boot camp will allow it?
  12. Found this, which fits the bill for DVI / 4K / 60HZ https://www.amazon.com/Cable-Matters-Multiport-DisplayPort-Ethernet/dp/B06Y5N3YCD/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=cable+matters+displayport+usb+c&qid=1572783626&sr=8-5 UK Store https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B06ZY1ZJDQ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  13. Recently purchased a Samsung 4k monitor with DisplayPort input for use with Macbook Pro... then purchased a USB C to DisplayPort Cable (4K@60Hz) which works beautifully. However, if I want to charge the MBP at the same time, have to use another usb-c port which looks messy! The reason for this post, is am struggling to track down a HUB which, as the title, provides... USB C input / output USB C power input USB C Video output to 4k@60hz So in essence, would plug the hub into a single port on the MacBook, then plug in the MBP pro's charger into one of its USB-C inputs to provide charging and then plug in a USB C to DisplayPort cable, connecting the hub to the monitor, again to guarantee 4k at 60hz Make sense? Anyone have this setup? If not, provide any links to such a hub?
  14. As my other post, am currently in the middle of upgrading a large number of PC's from Windows 7 --> 10 and for a fairly large number of them am receiving the below... Microsoft presume that's its a driver issue... https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/10587/windows-10-get-help-with-upgrade-installation-errors and these boxes are fairly old dell optiplex and Lenovo thinkcentres which pop up with a warning about graphics cards not been compatible with win10 etc etc However a large chunk of these machines have already upgraded using the MS media creation tool without any issues. In all cases where this error has occurred have confirmed that windows updates have been completed, drivers and third party software all up to date and scan disk and defrag run Antivirus removed etc etc The only consistency I can observe with boxes which roll back after this error is that they have a fair chunk of different apps installed on them Whilst the clean route would be a format and re-install, its a ball-ache to do that on 100+ machines Have attempted running the media creation tool directly, and a dvd and a usb drive to perform the update with the same error. Any tips and or suggestions as to what may be causing this.... online research reveals a lot of people seeing this and as many folks having the issue, there are as many possible workarounds!