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  1. Picked up an Apple Thunderbolt Display 27" earlier today for a steal of a price Anyone got any recommended adapters to output to it from my MacBook Air M1 Would presume I need to snag a Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt adapter, however I know from past experience that display adapters are a minefield Any recommendations peeps?
  2. Everyone authenticates to domain via pc's and laptops already joined to the domain, and connect via MERAKI vpn Normally we can do most stuff from the msc snap ins, however some users have these blocked via software firewall and yeah GPO updates are a possibility but prefer more granular tweaks.
  3. I know you can use powershell to instigate remote windows firewall changes, however was wondering if anyone know of a GUI tool to perform this task. As most of our users are working remotely nowadays, there is the odd occasion where we need to change remote machines local firewall entries. Again I know this can be done in POWERSHELL however its too fiddly and was wondering whether there was a GUI tool?
  4. Purchased several domain names from 123-reg.co.uk and want to point one to my home Synology NAS. I will admit am completely n00b when it comes to domain management and need some assistance Whats confusing me is the myriad of options / prerequisites available which kinda relate to re-diverting domain name traffic. On the 123-reg domain management page there is everything from Domain mapping, manage dns (A, MX, CNAME), change namer severs (DNS) and that's just on the settings on the company I purchased the domains from, Once I've figured out ho
  5. Had this Seagate external 8tb drive for just over 4 years plugged into the USB port of my NAS to extend the storage Model Number: STDT8000200 It started making a clicking noise the other day, so inserted into the HD caddy and same problem. Anyone got any out of the box thinking tips to bring this back to life so I can get data off it? I read a post of someone stating to put it in the freezer with the intention to free up the head with the cold... IMG_1492.MOV
  6. lol too serious guys, just wanted the fastest cables in place for future proofing
  7. ... "CLICK", when you've upgraded your small home network to CAT8 ethernet cables, and the last cable "clicks" into the back of the NAS!
  8. Correct in your translation of the setup. The reason I want to RDP to the VM when its connected to the VPN is more convenience. Previously the company I work for had a gateway server setup, so to RDP into a physical machine within the company, you just had to add the gateway address into the RDP connection on the client pc. However the licence for such aint cheap, hence my post looking for workarounds.
  9. Yeah I realise this, however is there a workaround, for example using an RDP gateway?
  10. As the title am looking for a solution to rdp to a remote windows machine when vpn is connected The setup is as follows... Have a Microsoft Azure VM which has been setup to connect to a company meraki vpn using the built in windows vpn protocols With the VPN on the azure vm off, can connect to the VM using RDP, however as soon as the vpn is connected on the VM it looses RDP access unless the client pc also connects to the same vpn A workaround was to install google chrome Remote Desktop on the VM which allows remote connection regardless whether the VM vpn is
  11. remote software installation could be a possibility, as could role it out via GPO. Im wondering if an automated gpo dxdiag solution is feasible Funny you should mention GLPI as we already have it in place in a vanilla state
  12. As the title, am looking into an automated method of obtaining PC specs (memory, processor, disk space etc) over the network To further complicate things, all of our users are working remotely and connect to the company network via meraki vpn I was considering doing an all user email to have them run DxDiag tool and email the txt report back but my boss said no! I realise there are tools like spice works inventory scanner out there, however these rely on a direct network connection to work properly. Any suggestions of apps / tools is most appreciated
  13. You don't mention what version of windows 10 you used to re-install? Presume it was the latest iso at version 2004? Regardless, if this was my machine, I would have done the following... 1) Removed bootcamp by running bootcamp again and using the restore option 2) Download the very latest 64bit ISO from here... https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/software-download/windows10ISO 3) Re-test by installing the latest ISO using bootcamp
  14. Thank you wayback machine! rawk bow

    Anyone remember this been shared back in the day? Original link broken but wayback machine to the rescue!

    Some epic interwebz forum users charictures grin


    Post your favourites! Heres mine...





  15. Thank you wayback machine! https://web.archive.org/web/20080103120506/http://redwing.hutman.net/~mreed/index.htm Anyone remember this been shared back in the day? Original link broken but wayback machine to the rescue! Some epic interwebz forum users charictures Post your favourites! Heres mine...