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  1. Having an issue of crashing to desktop after gaming for awhile. When it crashes back to the desktop, the resolution looks like it is in 640x480 and everything is distorted. Gpu junction temperature is 94 degree celsius. The gpu memory junction temperature is 105 degree celsius. Is this to hot? Everything is on auto with no overclocking
  2. I am using corsair memory on my asus rog x570-f with a r7 3700x with no problems at all
  3. The kit i was looking at was a corsair lpx ryzen tuned kit which i think is b die. At the moment I have the 3200 version 4x8gb modulas and there all b die. I have no idea what b due is. But if there is no real gain I would rather put the money towards a new gpu.
  4. I am playing at 1440p with an rx5700xt. The ram i have is b die. I was not sure if two 16gb would be better than 4x8gb and if the increase in speed would give me any gains.
  5. Just gaming. Mainly microsoft flight sim and warzone. Flight sim uses over 16gb
  6. Is it worth changing my 4x8gb 3200 ram to 2x16gb 3600 ram. I am using a ryzen 7 3700x with an rog x570 motherboard.
  7. I have got a asus rog x570 with an r7 3700x. On asus motherboard drivers a new section for 'vga drivers' has now appeared. I have download it and it wants to install radeon version 20.10.20. I have got an rx5700xt graphics card. But latest version on amd website is 20.8.2. Should I risk installing it?
  8. could i use an i3 3240 in the motherboard to test it?
  9. I have cleared the cmos. I shorted the pins and when that did not help i took the battery out overnight. This is my old system that i gave to my nieces to play minecraft on. They have got into warzone on ps4 but wanted to play it on pc. If it is dead any suggestion on a cheap as possiable motherboard and cpu?
  10. I tried the psu from my gaming pc and that did not help. I have also tried reseating the cpu. I have also tried another set of ram. I have tried the ram in an old amd athlon system and that worked fine
  11. I tried clearing the cmos and removed all the ram and tried them one at a time in every slot. I do not have acces to another cpu or motherboard. I could get a motherboard for £50 but I am not sure if it is that
  12. My old i7 3770 with a gigabyte ga z77 motherboard gives me no display output. When you turn it on the cpu fan spins for a second then stops for few seconds and then starts to spin again. I have tried on board graphics and a rx570 graphicsc ard with hdmi and display port cables. I have tested the rx570 in my gaming system and it does work. I connected an internal speaker and it does not beep at all. If i remove the ram and turn it on the speaker will beep and error code so the speaker does work. If i connect a keyboard it does not show any life as the caps and num lock lights do not come on. An
  13. If I connect either of my msi laptops they run fine and get around 200 mbps. I will stick with my old router if not much has changed. It just works and nevr fails. I think it is an issue with the motherboard. I get constant problems with usb devices not working when I first boot and usb rescources errors as well. I have given up trying to rma. Asus say have told me to rma via currys and currys say asus.
  14. I am using cat 6e cable and lan on motherbord is a gigabite port. I am having few issues with the motherboard so maybe another issue. On lan i am getting 1mbps on wifi i hit 160mbps. The router does everything i need. I was not sure if things had moved on with them.