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    Intel Core i7-3970X
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    Gigabyte X79-UP4
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    Kingston HyperX Genesis Grey 8GB 1600MHz
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    Coolermaster Hyper 212 Evo
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    Zowie EC1 Evo
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    Sennheiser HD 558

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  1. I have no idea mate, it honest depends on the current situation. If I have kids and a house, a few years old. If it's just me a year old max.
  2. Already have one, it was disposable income. I could have used it better but I ended up only down about $150.
  3. Money. I'm still only 20, I'll probably end up with an S3 or A4 next time around, either white or nardo.
  4. TFW you get CSGO for free and have sunk $1400 into it...
  5. If that's all you'll be using it for then yes. Depending on the browsing you'll be doing I'd seriously consider a tablet.
  6. It's that fucking hot in here by balls are stuck to my chair and I've got pants on.

  7. My dream car that I would no doubt be able to buy has always been an Audi A3. I ended up buying one at 19
  8. I've got the standard Janoski Max, dude, they're comfy as hell.
  9. If it's not £13 I'm getting robbed, to be fair I'm constantly listening to music literally 2.5hrs in the gym, 30 min drive, and when I'm just chilling at home for about 4 hours.
  10. Think of how much you spend on Amazon every month, if you can save more than £1 per month you're more than paying for the NUS card, while you're a student you've really got to learn to manage your money, especially if you're living in accommodation and not at home since you have to buy food and such. I got one and at the end of the year totalled everything up and saved over like £250 from the card, so for me it was more than worth it.
  11. Not a student any more and my Spotify has gone up to like £13, I feel like crying every month
  12. I've had one before, Spotify half price pays for the card 6x a year.