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    The Kid That Types Like This

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    i7 3770
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    8 Gigs Dell Ram
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    Sapphire Radeon R9 270
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    Dell XPS 8500
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    Corsair CX750 Builder
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    Dell e2414hr
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    Stock Dell Keyboard
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    Logitech G100S
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    Windows 10 Build 10074

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  1. I don't think they called everyone a thief,only the ones that torrent stuff
  2. I hope it happens,Maybe my next build will be all AMD,but theres a pretty big chance it might not be that good
  3. Hopefully In The Upcoming Years With 4K Becoming Bigger The Average Speed Will Be Raised But I Doubt It
  4. I dont spend money on case or keys,I trade for them which is the smart way,I just don't know how he could spend that much
  5. there is some idiot kid that bought it my school and he brags about it when I can buy a surface pro and run a full desktop for less
  6. Thats Kinda what I expect from apple,when I eventually switch to an android thats what I expect to do
  7. This shouldn't be their problem,if i want to switch to a android,I export all of my new photos to my pc everyday and I would just right down numbers
  8. I Purposely Type Like This To Annoy The Fuck Out Of Everyone,And People Flip The Fuck Out,Most Of The Time Derailing Actual Questions,Just Because I'm Autistic People Shouldn't Question How A Type.SO FUCK OFF
  9. Most People Don't Buy Smurfs To Hack,For Alot Of Us It Is To Play With Lower Level Friends
  10. Something Happened To My Account With 1 Year,I Did Try The 1 Month But Its Not Worth Money To Me