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  1. So Just buy and download the new windows onto the usb stick. Boot from the new windows, and in the install settings it should allow us to wipe the SSD?
  2. Hi I was helping a friend build a new pc, everything was setup fine but we soon realised we had bought a pirated version of windows and cannot use most of the windows features. We want to format/wipe the SSD (only storage drive) and re-install windows (this time using a download from the MS website onto a USB drive). I feel like this should be pretty straightforward but just wanted to ask what to do to be sure. Any help would be appreciated Thanks
  3. Problem first occurred while using the standard usb inputs at the top of the io. Have tested with all other usb ports and all have had the same problem.
  4. I think this is a fairly common issue but none of the solutions I have read have helped me. I did a fresh install of windows 7 on a new drive. All went fine, I tried installing some drivers from the cd just because I wanted to use the pc a bit before upgrading to win 10. I was prompted to restart and now I can't use the mouse or keyboard when the system boots to the windows login screen. As it says in the title, both keyword and mouse work fine in the bios menu, but I can't enter a password or move the mouse at the login screen. Any fix suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. Pretty simple, if you buy a new version of one of the older OS's do you still get the free upgrade to windows 10?
  6. Not fixed, will resume troubleshooting in the morning
  7. Update: I have just realised that the port for the battery on the mobile is empty, is this the problem?
  8. I followed the instructions (unplug, move jumper, Wat 15s, move jumper back) and am having the same issue as before. Some more information. When the machine us plugged in the power light is solid green. When I hit the power button the cup and boot LEDs on the board flash red. All computer fans flick on then off.
  9. No, (bit if a noob) what is/how do I do a clear CMOS
  10. Hi Planned on changing out my motherboard (had some issues with the previous one), adding some ram and changing the boot drive. Today I swapped out the motherboard and added the ram but I am now encountering a odd (at least to me) problem. When I plug the computer in and press the power button, the computer clicks and the cpu fans spin for a fraction of a second, but the computer does not boot. The computer continues this process "click + fans spin then stop" whilst the computer is connected to power. The new mobo is an Asus z77 Pro I really hope the mobo is not dead and thus is
  11. Easy: I save some of my active sperm then accept this Genies offer.
  12. Probably save it, computer hardware (which most people here would probably buy) is a terrible investment.
  13. The burden of proof is on the person making the claim One potential explanation on a potential correlation between being gay and being abused, the abusers (be they adults or children) abuse them for the fact that they are gay, being gay is the cause of the abuse not the result of the abuse.