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  1. Used touse Nod32 but had some issues with wifi and ever since I've just used Avast free on everything.
  2. When it's on all the time and you get on it in the morning and then when you come back in the evening.
  3. I think it's more towards being able to see who's contributed the most over time to the forum as a whole. It seems like a decent way of seeing how long someone has really been a member of the forum. Lots of forums have it so why not!
  4. You really should check out http://www.co-optimus.com/ I use it all the time and my mates and I have played most of the games in the TOP list.
  5. Yah I guess everyone is pointing towards the Logitech G602. I've also heard that the Mamba is kinda decent. I haven't used it much but as far as I see it's a DA that can be used wireless as an addition. Then again you may not get lucky and it might break real fast.
  6. With my blues I've gotten it a very little bit. I find it heard to notice though.
  7. I've been hating the new Google and Youtube layouts for like at least a year already! Why can't we go back old schoolz?
  8. I hate it and I hate the visual changes to the Google site that for some reason I thankfully don't have right now.
  9. You can join lol.unknownplus.co.uk on TS. 3I've been on it lately and there are a few hundred players that could help you out. A good thing also is that just add any people you think are nice while you are playing and play with them in the future.
  10. I use TS3 a lot and I literally just installed the game.
  11. Yah I know what you mean mate. I played through GW2 and got really bored towards the end. I've played a lot of grindy Korean mmos in the past and I guess I just couldn't do another one!
  12. Yeah the EVO is a slighlty "new and improved version" of the older ECx series. The EVO doesn't feature any mouse prediction at all while the older EC series does. Additionally I believe they changed something with the mouse wheel. They are all amazing mouse tho.