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    Repasted I5 3570k @4.5Ghz
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    Asrock Z77 Extreme 4
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    32GB Corsair Vengence 1600 Cl9
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    2X R9 290
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    Corsair AIR 540
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    SSD: Kingston SSDnow V300 240 GB; SSD: OCZ Agility 4 120. HDD: 1x Seagate 1 TB 7200 RPM barracuda
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    Thermaltake SMART M Series SP-850M 850W 80+ Bronze
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    3x acer 23 inch led backlit +1 40 inch Hisense TV
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    Swifttech H320 stock fans.
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    Logitech G510
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    Razer Naga (Original)
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    Razer Carcharias

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  1. I have always used PT Nuke for my biocide. Never had any issues.
  2. Correct me if i'm wrong but aren't you using a dual radiator vs his single. anyway his 970 is 170W power limit (187 with 110% power bump) according to the evga forum and techpowerup seems to agree (in a review of that specific card ) in it's review of the card and the 870k is 95W
  3. I'm also kinda shocked the PETG warped like that.. at Temps below say 140-150C it doesn't even get notably more flexible When I use PETG filament on my 3D printer. ( I have a bunch of PETG parts near my hot end because they hold up better than ABS or PLA and are rigid unlike nylon. Then again I am not shocked the thermals are this tight. I made a ITX rig a while back with a mere 7850 and 3570k and on a single 120mm thin rad temps were hard to control then I overclocked them both; but this build has a significantly higher power draw than that one did. I kinda wonder if you could pull it off by going with the copper pipe from the build log title and a couple 80mm fans. as the copper would not warp and it would give you more Heat dissipating surfaces.
  4. I disagree. If the hardware does what you want it to, and you really want to fit a certain form factor you don't need to but the highest end you can afford. Especially if he wanted to try hardline and liked the aesthetic. I like the Idea and love most things SFF so I hope he gets this worked out and pretty again.
  5. GzeroD

    Virgin Media Super Hub 2 hack

    Generally you should include a quote or 2 from the article to give people an understanding of what it is and why it is interesting/important. This is especially important when you don't describe the content in your own words. In the tech news and reviews section A person should be able to read your OP and have a good idea about the topic and some of it's major details; they should be able to tie your post to something specific so they can comment on it without necessarily reading the source if they are already informed on the topic.
  6. GzeroD

    Virgin Media Super Hub 2 hack

    Post was moved to General Discussion for not meeting the requirements of the Tech News and Reviews section. available here: If you bring the post back inline with the requirements above I or another moderator can move it back on request.
  7. I'm in the process of upgrading to 960/840 on Fios for 79.99 /month (the internet only portion of my internet and cable bill). Its supposed to go into effect tomorrow but the upload has been working since I requested the upgrade.
  8. GzeroD

    Want an itx build that can do lighter streaming.

    As some of you will probably notice there was a minor cleanup here for some off topic / personally targeted posts . Let's all please keep this friendly and on point.
  9. I have used it, it is more rigid than my Tronxy X3 I but they are both Prusa I3 clones so you're going to have a similar experience with most of them. I didn't get to toy with it's motherboard so I'm not sure what it is using there but the connection with my laptop never faltered at 250000 baud over a 12 hour print so that was good enough.
  10. When I used a TEC I controlled it with a Thermostat with a small bead probe and an automotive 30A relay. They use a pretty high wattage and a one sized large enough to properly cool your cpu would certainly stress any controller you could find. Also If I remeber correctly using PWM would lead to lower efficiency in your peltier which would make it even less effective.
  11. GzeroD

    I need a cheep graphics card!!!

    In the future you should probably check to see if your recommendation meets at least single one of the OP's requirements.
  12. GzeroD

    I need a cheep graphics card!!!

    You may want to make a new thread to discuss this topic to ask further questions, as this is going off of the OPs topic.
  13. GzeroD

    I need a cheep graphics card!!!

    The GTX 1070 is far better than the GTX 980.
  14. GzeroD

    I need a cheep graphics card!!!

    I would recommend against buying a used fermi card from 2010. Even if it is a pro series card it is dated enough that a modern consumer card will easily beat it. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M9FD3PC/?tag=pcpapi-20 This GTX 1050 is in your budgit should fit in any not slimline case and needs no additional power connectors and has more raw Cuda performance than a Quadro 4000.