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  1. If you are located far from hosting it is possible that there is some bad routing going on causing longer than usual access times for some sites. Is LTT the only affected site for you right now?
  2. Please be aware that this forum is used actively used and read by young members so the use of profanity is inappropriate. as such your OP was slightly modified to be more ducking appropriate. That said what is running slow for you on the forum? I am not having issues on my laptop/desktop or mobile phone. Is it possible that you have an addon or plugin that is playing poorly with the site?
  3. Topic Locked this is getting off topic very early as well as getting quite unpleasant.
  4. EK makes good kit. I wouldn't think that you should really need to look at a different vendor unless your looking for a different style of radiator.
  5. Hi everyone, Just checking in to remind everyone to stay civil and follow our Community Standards while using the LTT forum.
  6. a fine from the city ... to the city salt and sand truck for hitting the city police car. I have my doubts.
  7. Either this was a troll thread, or it was : Either way this is against our Community Standards Post Locked.
  8. Post removed from tech news and reviews. Did not meet posting guidelines. if Updated to comply with guidelines tag me and I will move it back.
  9. Retoast lock.
  10. I spy a status update in off topic.
  11. I didn't realize that was against forum rules, if I had known that, I wouldn't have even asked :(

    1. Wolther


      We all make mistakes. Just learn from it and move on ^^ 

  12. Best I can recommend is that you try the game at friend's home. But as mentioned by ARikozuM information on commiting piracy is against the Community Standards for the forum. Thread Locked.
  13. Locking thread as this is a topic that will attract trolls and is much better suited to a status update. That said if you (or anyone here on the forum) feel that someone is insulting you personally or especially if someone is threatening you while you're on the forum; Please report the incident so that actions can be taken to prevent similar situations in the future. Our community standards are set up in such a way that personal harassment is taken quite seriously when it is reported. If you or anyone else have questions about this feel free to PM me.
  14. Our Community standards prohibit discussions regarding ways to avoid or block legitimately installed monitoring/tracking software. Our Community Standards can be found here.