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  1. MWaldhauer

    Need to track my WAN IP address

    If your router supports DynDNS you can use that
  2. MWaldhauer

    Raid Noob questions.

    It most definitely is not! RAID 5 and 6 are smarter because they don't use up so much disk space and nowadays controllers are OK at handling it, writing to the array is still cumbersome. Software raid is horrible and pose a lot of problems unless we are talking specifik storage solutions like FreeNAS or Unraid Most raid controllers have drivers so you can install windows.
  3. MWaldhauer

    Can I use an Ethernet splitter?

    Just a quick note... if you split an ethernet cable in two you would only get 10Mbit speed and a Gigabit switch will do 100Mbit just fine
  4. MWaldhauer

    Diskless Programs?

    It's called Kiosk systems... there are a lot of them out there
  5. MWaldhauer

    Network Instability

    What we normally do for customers is go out and make a site survey with some special equipment to get a complete overview on how to deal with problems like these and then give a recommendation on a good networking solution for you. But as a start i can recommend that you get a Unifi UAP-AC-PRO access point and put in your shop. This will do the job perfectly in most cases. If it needs to cover a large space, more than one is properbly required.
  6. MWaldhauer

    Mounting Modem to under a desk

    No problems...
  7. MWaldhauer

    Laptop to Desktop File Sharing

    Check your router configuration. Sometimes a setting is configured to not allow traffic between WiFi and LAN
  8. Let's just get something straight here... CAT is by no means anything to consider on the hardware aspect. It is simply a cable standard. Cabels created with CAT5e is minimum requirement for Gigabit ethernet up to 100m. The only exception you have to running higher than CAT5e is if you have a lot of interference in your environment (or if you are capable at running higher that 1Gbps). A good example for a simple switch to expand your network is this: https://www.amazon.com/Cisco-SG100-16-16-Port-Gigabit-SG100-16-NA/dp/B008B8CVTQ
  9. MWaldhauer

    when logging in locally with domain u/p

    Share permissions are only set for the share it self, not the folder. e.g. as soon as a user is authenticated NTFS permissions takes over. Normally Shares are simply shared with Everyone Full permissions and then usage and access is then controlled by NTFS permissions.
  10. MWaldhauer

    Right cables

    SFP+ is basically just a plug. You need to add a gbic card into them. there are "cables" with gbics in them, but it must be supported by the device.
  11. MWaldhauer

    Setting up a Ubiquiti network

    Go Unifi all the way for ease of configuration and sweet functionality. This is my home setup: I run my controller as a docker on my Unraid server. All you do is define your networks and wireless networks and you are good to go If you run multiple AccessPoints on the system you get awesome roaming and stuff I run a USG, USW with PoE and an UAP-AC-PRO. The USG max out at around 500Mbps so go for the PRO if you need more than that.
  12. MWaldhauer

    DDoS/Switch Overload?

    Try disabling Windows 10 P2P updates, traffic probably overloads the switch CPU if its an old 100Mbps switch
  13. MWaldhauer

    No default gateway

    Does it work if you set an IP address manually and define the gateway?
  14. b is bits and B is Bytes What type of connection are you running ?
  15. MWaldhauer

    Connecting to Windows VPN on port other than 1723

    Dont use PPTP VPN... it is insecure. PPTP Uses a protocol called GRE for communication witch doesn't have ports like TCP does... 1723 is only for initial connection. Furthermore to my knowledge it is not possible to change the PPTP port.