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  1. On the tablet, I am logged in to my Google account on Chrome. When I make with my tablet with Google browser a Google search, at results, let's say I visit 5 result pages. After this visit, these 5 result pages, are colored purple. After this, I go to my pc (Windows 10). I log in to Google account, I go to properties, find there the search, click on it, and go to the same result pages. But there, on pc results, all result pages are colored blue. These 5 visited pages, are not colored purple. Is there any way to see them also purple? I have searched, but unfortunat
  2. Thank you for the reply and information! I have read about SMTP mail servers (if I am right they are also called MTA). How about them? I do not know if there are local MTAs, web MTAs or both. Mail delivery/relay is made via MTAs. Where are they? They are somewhere on the internet? If someone has built a local mail server, from software side, local mail server has also a SMTP relay software? In this case, who makes mail message relays? My local SMTP s/w or a the web SMTP MTA? If only internet MTAs make transfer, so why build this local mail server? What should I win by that?
  3. Please, I try to understand the difference between web mail server and a local mail server. What is the difference between them? Thank you!
  4. Please, I would like your help to the following problem I have since a couple of days now. It's about tablet and the application Gmail on tablet. On Google Drive there are .pdf and .docx files. Before problem, I was doing the following steps: -go to Google Drive -I selected a file to work on -choose "More" on the file (three dots) -from the list I choose Gmail (as an application) -Gmail application on tablet opened with a new mail message attaching this file -Entered recipient's mail address -Send and mai
  5. Please, I would like your help on the issue I have with a brand new laptop. It's about ASUS E410MA-EK163TS. The problem I have is with number pad. When I press key to turn it on, it indeed turns on, I can use it as number pad (numbers, enter key it has on it, etc), but it does not illuminate. My first question, and basic, is if, on specific model, indeed, when number pad is enabled, it has to illuminate. I cannot find anywhere if specific model lights pad when enabled. If yes, what would be the problem that it does not illuminate? Laptop is brand new. Just about a
  6. Thank you for your replies. Totally covered me.
  7. Hi all members. Please, I would like to ask something about antivirus buy and installation. I want to buy an antivirus and install it on a Windows 10 pc. Some details I will give you I think that are required to answer my question. Details: Windows 10 have two users account Antivirus buy will be for two years I want to use it for both users on this pc only Question: a. Although there are created two users, I do not have to buy two licenses. Am I correct? b. If question a. is answered that I have to buy only one license, abo
  8. Hello everyone! Please, I would like your help. My ubuntu has by default installed Thunderbird 45.2.0 I want to update it to Thunderbird, not to last version, but specifically to Thunderbird 60.0 Can you, please, help me how I may make it? Thank you for your time!
  9. I too thought the same. But from company support center said that iCT220 works either with telephone line or internet. Today, a few hours ago, I visited a store with specific POS. Store's boss told me that works it via internet.
  10. I guess you mean cable like that: So, the ethernet port on Ingenico iCT220 is not for making it work via internet. Please, have a look at small video here: My big wonder, as you will see on video, that it has not internet port. I mean, to connect it to a router port, and make it work via internet and not telephone line. But, if no internet working, why it has DHCP or manually IP setup on its menu? What is it for? Telephoning to company that sells iCT220 told me that it works with internet too. Not only with telephone
  11. Yes, I know standard ethernet pin is 586B. I tried google as follows: 586B pinout to 4p4c pin (I guess this is the solution search) and reverse but didn't find something.
  12. Hello everyone. Please, I would like your help to the following. I have a POS terminal Ingenico iCT220 which I want to connect it to the router. Having a networking cat5e cable, I would like to make the two edges of the cable with connectors. I do not know the pinouts (or colors) on each edge. Does anyone know the two edges pins (or colors) Thank you for your ti!
  13. My question is as follows.. I will further explain it with example. suppose: my blocked mail is zzz @ hotmail . com my second working mail is ggg @ gmail . com let's say, Microsoft sends me a verification code at ggg @ gmail . com Now, the moment I want to access my blocked account, at the point that Microsoft asks for a mobile number, in specific page that I am asked for a mobile number, in that page, there is nowhere another choice to change the verification sending code from mobile to a mail address. At least, there is no changing method as it is now. If that choice
  14. Yes, I have second e-mail I can access. But, if I get to that second e-maill a verification code, at the moment of Hotmail phone verification, will I have the choice to change it from phone code verification to mail code verification?