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    i7 8700K
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    AsRock Z370 Extreme4
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    Corsair Vengeance (4x4)
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    XFX Radeon RS RX480
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    Corsair 270R
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    Crucial MX300 275 GB SSD | WD Blue 1TB
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    Seasonic Focus Plus Gold 750W
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    HP Pavilion 22CWA | BenQ BL2420PT 
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    Audio Technica ATH-M50x
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    Windows 10
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  1. If it is purely a note taking machine and is not being used to fully replace a laptop then I would get the non-pro plus a pen or a surface go.
  2. I think I am going to spec out the L380 with the i5-8250u, 8gb memory (one stick), FHD Multi Touch display, 256gb SSD (non-nvme), fingerprint scanner, backlit keyboard, etc. which comes out to $737 before tax. I think that should be solid right? I would prefer the T series, specifically the T480s but it seems like I'd be paying a LOT more for a better screen, a little bit better battery life, and a little less weight which wouldn't change my experience all that much and I could use the extra savings. Any last opinions before I pull the trigger? EDIT: The $
  3. I was looking at maybe an L380 for $750ish after discount or I think the other was an E480. Opinions on either of those?
  4. Yoga 730 13" was the original model. From the US. I don't care if it is a convertible anymore. I'd like something light, around 13", and the longer battery life the better. I know Lenovo does 15% off thinkpads for students. Microsoft does 10% for students. I don't know about any others.
  5. Yeah definitely going 8th Gen, its impossible not to at this point its significantly better than 7th gen. I will check out XPS machines. Right now I'm looking into thinkpads. NOTE: Thank you both for the help an opinions it really helps in this situation.
  6. Interesting, I never really considered a Samsung laptop. I'll take a peek.
  7. I'd be inclined to possibly go with a Thinkpad but idk if I could go for any more Yogas. I have a Bamboo Ink Stylus already. But again, at this point I don't even care if it's a 2 in 1. I'd like to give an XPS 13 a shot but they seem so expensive for what they are. I could be missing something there though. Do you have any experience with any particular Thinkpads? Or lenovo refurbished? It was my plan B laptop and event that let me down at this point. I honestly do not want to exchange the Envy x360 given that it was bad right out of the box. At least the Yoga's made it a few w
  8. So the universe is not working in my favor right now in terms of laptops. I had the Lenovo Y730 which I exchanged the first one due to speaker issues and the second one due to display disconnect issues. I just got my HP Envy X360 13" Ryzen 5 in the mail today and the bottom cover is like bent/misaligned pretty good and the right click on the touchpad seems busted (it works, but you can push much farther down on the right side than the left and it almost make "two clicks" plus it sticks a little). So I am VERY frustrated at this point, and a little lost on what to do. I am going to return the H
  9. Oh right the monitors, those I WOULD wait until Black Friday for. GLHF!
  10. The RAM and HDD I personally would not bank on going on sale, at least not any significant amount. The case could go on sale, but then again maybe $10-$20 so not a huge amount. Pretty much the same with the cooler and MOBO to my knowledge. I would build the PC now and "risk" some components going on sale just so I could actually use the computer. If you keep waiting for better sales you'll always be waiting for the better deal or better components. Just build the PC and enjoy it IMO. Congrats on the new build!
  11. Right, they go hand in hand. Good point. Suggestions still stands, go with the 8600k OP
  12. Personally, if you're not too worried about the price difference between the "k" variant CPU plus a Z370 MOBO then I'd go with the 8600k. The "k" variants tend to hold their value better plus you can OC.
  13. That's what I figured. Even for Premiere it would just be short 1 minute 1080p FB Cover videos and things like that.