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  • Birthday 1994-11-12

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    Surrey, UK


  • CPU
    i7 7700k @Stock
  • Motherboard
    Asus Prime Z270-A
  • RAM
    Corsair LPX 16GB 3200 MHz
  • GPU
    MSI GTX 1080 Armor OC
  • Case
    Phanteks P400s
  • Storage
    SSD: Sandisk Ultra 2 960GB SATA M.2: 500GB Western Digital Blue HDD: Seagate Barracuda 2TB
  • PSU
    Gigabyte B700H
  • Display(s)
    AOC G2460PF 1080p 144Hz
  • Cooling
    be quiet! Dark Rock 3
  • Keyboard
    Cheap Mechanical
  • Mouse
    Logitech G900, Razer Deathadder Chroma, Corsair Scimitar
  • Sound
    Astro A50 Gen 3
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Home

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  1. Replace the screen, the phone is far superior to the Nova 3i or Honor 8x. I mean they both use micro usb for christ sake...S8+ is a full-featured flagship as far as I'm concerned the choice is obvious
  2. Rupe

    Why did you buy an Android phone?

    I'm just going to add to the chorus of people saying they went with Android because it's cheap. Currently using the £230 Honor Play. To get such a complete package of a phone for such a low price is something you will not find with iPhones. I do also happen to prefer the Operating System due to its customisability, the headphone jack is nice, expandable storage etc... But let's say in some alternate universe where Apple phones were the cheap option and Android phones were expensive I would probably go with Apple, so for me, the main reason is the price
  3. Also, I would get 2 x 8gb of RAM instead of 4 x 4gb, you're probably not gonna need more than 16gbs for a while but It doesn't hurt to have the upgrade option.
  4. Rupe

    Robert Schellenberg sentenced to death

    It probably has nothing to do with current 'International Games' aka the trade war, more likely China just has a fucked up legal system where they would kill someone for drug smuggling I mean I don't think it's going to happen necessarily but I think it would in part solve the problem. Isn't the reason for Chinas' prosperity due to having lots of cheap labour available and the West making use of that cheap labour to produce cheap goods?
  5. To be fair I think it's unlikely it was even his idea, some Chinese company may have just approached him with the idea to brand cheap tat with his name and sell it for a large markup
  6. Rupe

    GPU Bracket is Bent... What now?

    Yes you will have to send it back
  7. Rupe

    GPU Bracket is Bent... What now?

    If the seller was selling the card as 'Used: An item that has been previously used. The item may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully operational and functions as intended....' then you should get your money back from ebay. Otherwise, you might need to do some DIY with a small hammer being very careful to flatten it out although others might have better advice on how to flatten out the bracket
  8. Indeed I'm sure it does account for salty doods on a team, and also that's why there is Overwatch so not just to rely on reports of players who haven't viewed the demo
  9. Yes, all Valve official matchmaking games are recorded. You can view your previous 10 games (I think it is) that you have played. I think overwatch works more on reports more than some advanced detection system. So if someone has been reported a bunch of times some of their demos will be put into Overwatch for other players to review.
  10. Ryzen 2600 or for slightly higher frames/slightly higher price i5 8400
  11. Of course! It's obvious that it doesn't have a chance if it doesn't support the current huge android library and Google knows this
  12. Rupe

    Asus GTX 780 Ti 3GB

    GTX 1070 Is probably what you want, 1060 is not a huge upgrade and anything more than a 1070 you're at risk of a cpu bottleneck. But again knowing your budget would be helpful
  13. Rupe

    Terraria Help!! [New Player]

    I guess the goal is to kill all the bosses the game has to offer. I'm not super familiar with Terraira but I know once you kill the wall of flesh (I think it's called) boss the game gets harder with new more difficult bosses/mobs to go out and kill but also better loot to obtain/craft. So the real aim is to get as strong as possible from collecting resources/killing stuff and to then defeat all the bosses. Lots of people play minecraft for the creation aspect of the game whereas terraria is more of a boss kill focused game, when watching streamers play the game they don't usually create buildings to look good but more to be practical/get npcs to stay there as they offer goods/services that are beneficial Although you can keep playing once you have defeated all the bosses of course.
  14. Rupe

    Which Phone 4 options ?

    I would personally go for the Honor Play, because I did. It's the phone I currently use and out of those you listed it's got the most powerful processor Kirin 970, and the largest battery(same as 8X). But the 8X has micro USB which considering phones were coming out in 2015 with USB-C is a deal breaker for me. Honestly, the Nokia 7 Plus is also a great buy. Gonna have a great camera. Snapdragon 660 is adequate Also Pocophone F1 you might wana look at. Although it not having NFC was the main reason I didn't buy it
  15. This was posted to the UK Subreddit yesterday, pretty funny stuff