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  1. FACEIT London Major - Group Stage Pick'Ems?

    Sad to see NIP almost making it into the Legends stage only to go 3 Maps with MIBR to just lose out. Having both Brits in the tournament still one on Complexity and one on BIG makes me happy though. Smooya is pretty damn good. Complexity against MIBR and BIG against Na-Vi tough stuff, although both Na-Vi and MIBR have not been looking their best recently so who knows what could happen. Astralis vs Faze as a Quarter final is kinda crazy. Both those teams would have been expecting to contend for the title starting the tournament now one of them will fall early, that will be a good match.
  2. Logitech G502 alternatives

    If you want a gaming mouse with the freescroll that's not the G502 I'm pretty sure your options are limited to the G900/G903
  3. CSGO minimizing

    There was problem with razer synapse where the mouse could momentarily leave the focus of the game onto a second screen and if you clicked in this time it un-minimise the game. If you are using a razer mouse try closing razer synapse
  4. FACEIT London Major - Group Stage Pick'Ems?

    I think they are the favourites although they have been looking a little flat after the player break whereas before they were looking unbeatable
  5. FACEIT London Major - Group Stage Pick'Ems?

    Complexity going 3-0 after beating BIG very impressive, into the knockout stages they go!
  6. FACEIT London Major - Group Stage Pick'Ems?

    People just keep picking inferno against complexity when will they learn, kinda messed up your prediction. ALthough they were able to beat G2 on Cache, so maybe not just a one trick pony? Hard to tell really with BO1s. Who'd a thought BIG v Complexity both at 2-0 would be a thing? We have a guaranteed UK player into the playoffs! UKCS
  7. LTT Overwatch Resolution (Not a video game)

    So not you then Aluminium.... Now that's what you call a savage burn
  8. The fucking smith corona leaf springs ( review )

    A review is generous, more of a rant. I still have no idea what this switch is like really which is kinda important for a review. Also, why would you buy a second one if the first one was as bad as you say? Why would you think every single switch on the board was dysfunctional? Let alone then going and buying a third
  9. Suggested mice for MMORPG / FPS player

    Fair enough. You can get some pretty good mice pretty cheap G203 for £25 on Amazon right now, just something to keep in mind
  10. Suggested mice for MMORPG / FPS player

    All those MMO mice will be pretty bad for competitive FPS. You're gonna want something lighter. I run a G900 as my daily driver and get my Scimitar out of storage whenever I have a hankering to go back to WoW. I have never used the G600 but really like the Scimitar the side buttons feel great. I have moved them to where I want them, and I don't have an issue with the shape.
  11. Anxious to see if developers will start to really make use of the extra cores for gaming, as a 7th generation i7 owner I kinda hope not although I know for the bigger picture it's obviously better if they do
  12. 1440p@144hz OR 1080p@240hz.

    As someone who is very much into their competitive FPS I would still probably go for the 144hz 1440p. I do enjoy watching Netflix and the like on my computer and I think this would be benefitted by the higher resolution/larger screen. Plus games looking sharper would be a benefit. The PUBG youtuber Wacky Jacky says he can see people more easily with the higher resolution. So there's that. Granted I have never used a 240hz screen so maybe I just don't know what I'm missing
  13. What mobile games do you play to kill time?

    Roller Coaster Tycoon Classic. Get this guys, you pay for the game and then you can play. No micro transactions or ads. A revolutionary idea, hope it takes off
  14. Stress Test?

    If you're not overclocking then I wouldn't say it was necessary, just don't hear about stability issues @stock so I think it would be a waste of time