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    Rupe got a reaction from Sandro Linux in Should I use Opera as my main browser   
    I agree. Given how similar the experience from one browser to another is this is easily enough reason to not use Opera 
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    Rupe reacted to pythonmegapixel in Should I use Opera as my main browser   
    I think it really depends on your ethics; the loan shark scandal was to do with other applications owned by the Opera company using misleading tactics to take peoples' money.
    Of course there's the question of whether you want a company like that to have access to any of your data...
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    Rupe got a reaction from Taf the Ghost in DrDisrespect Permanently Banned from Twitch   
    DrDisrepect has been banned from twitch.tv
    According to "esports insider" slashers sources the ban is permanent. As far as I can tell from looking around nothing else is known as to why he is banned at this time
    My thoughts
    Personally I really liked DrDisrespect as an entertainer and therefore this is sad news if the permanent ban stands. Of course we will have to see what information comes out to make a judgment on whether twitch is justified in banning him
    Small Update
    Slashers sources have apparently told him the reason for the ban but he does not want to reveal the reason "due to the importance and sensitivity around the subject"
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    Rupe reacted to CircleTech in Post your daily carry?   
    A Banana:

    You never know when I need to, whip out, my superior fruit to assert dominance. 
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    Rupe got a reaction from Video Beagle in MMORPG Recomendations?   
    It's still monthly £10 in the UK includes classic and retail with one sub. You get all the expansions excluding the newest one just with a sub. Currently double XP until the pre-patch of the next expansion comes out so leveling is FAST, and the zones levels scale with you now so you don't just quickly outlevel each zone you're in. 
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    Rupe got a reaction from drumn_bass in S20 Plus 64MP max zoom bad quality?   
    and that gentlemen is what we call a "Red Flag"
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    Rupe got a reaction from kingmustard in S20 Plus 64MP max zoom bad quality?   
    and that gentlemen is what we call a "Red Flag"
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    Rupe got a reaction from kingmustard in S20 Plus 64MP max zoom bad quality?   
    Glad you were able to find some solution to your issue, but oh god is that Choco cooky font? Just threw up a little bit in my mouth
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    Rupe got a reaction from Kilrah in S20 Plus 64MP max zoom bad quality?   
    Glad you were able to find some solution to your issue, but oh god is that Choco cooky font? Just threw up a little bit in my mouth
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    Rupe reacted to Mathew Lang in Frozen In The Blizzard   
    Frozen In The Blizzard
    Snow White Color Theme & Massive Air Flow
    "When I was young we didn't have it good like you kids today with you're giga this and peta that. We had kilas and if you were willing to walk in the snow you could fight that blizzard outside and invest a weeks pay in a single megabyte of ram! Bah! Air Flow you say? Stop being weak you little snott! I didn't need any Air Flow for my 386 but if you really want some Air Flow just give me a moment, Grand Pa had some beans for lunch earlier today, you're about to get some Air Flow soon you whipper snapper."
    - Grandpa
    Weather Forecast Data
    Case: Fractal Design Meshify S2 with Duel Tempered Glass Panels Power Supply: Be Quiet Straight Power 11 750W 80 Plus Gold Mother Board: MSI MEG X570 Unify CPU: AMD Ryzen 3900x RAM: Micron Crucial Ballistix Gaming(HA! Marketing!) Memory 32GB (4x8GB DDR3600, 2666 OCed up to 3600) Boot Drive: Corsair Force Series MP600 NVMe PCIe Gen4 x4 M.2 SSD 1TB GPU: Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2070 Super Gaming OC 3x White 8G (Virtically mounted through a Lian Li 011D-1X PCEI 3.0 x16 kit) CPU Cooling: Noctua NH-D15 Chromx.black (Noctua NA-HC4 chromax.white added for looks) CPU Thermal: Noctua NT-H1 Thermal Paste Case Fans: 7 Noctua NF-A14 IndustrialPPC-3000 PWM (Noctua NA-SAVP1 chromax.white Anti-Vibration PADS replaced the brown included pads for looks), 2 Notctua NF-F12 IndustrialPPC-3000PWM (with the same white vibration pads) LED: 7 Phanteks 140mm Halos Lux Digital RGB Frames, 2  Phanteks 120mm Halos Lux Digital RGB Frames (These are connected through a single Phanteks Digital-RGB Controller to a JRGB port),3 Phanteks Neon M5 Digital-RGB LED Strips (connected through a 2nd Controller to a 2nd JRGB Port) Comments From The Weather Man
    This was a really fun build. I started by stripping down the S2 case so that I could understand my options and was not disappointed by all of the nooks within the case which left many possibilities to be explored. I stated by choosing the Unify Board because it was the most basic x570 board I could find which also had just enough features for multiple future planned upgrades down the line. Even though this build has quite a few LED elements, I appreciate that this board has minimalist design which does not force its own lighting on my design. I am also happy with the Bios options which will make my Overclocking adventure a really fun story to tell when that time arrives.
    For the CPU I went with a 3900x. This was a future proofing choice. It will handle my Multi Tasking habit and also not bottle neck a planned upgrade to a Duel 3000 Graphics purchase for Christmas. This CPU is being cooled down by a NH-D15 with White Caps added for looks. The fans have been setup to blow cool air to the center and then get sucked out the bottom by the lower case exhaust arrangement. The vertical GPU orientation allows the air to flow down with no impediments. Future upgrades include liquid metal and Lathing as part of the future Overclocking Adventure.
    I went with Crucial ram for pure aesthetic reasons and I went with 32gb because I tend to run allot of programs at once and the extra Ram allows me to Game while I work.
    For the GPU I just wanted a white card that was good enough to give me a good experience today without spending too much. I will end up selling this on Ebay when I upgrade in December. This 2070 allows me to easily game at 4k/30+ FPS in FFXV and other titles I have tested so far. Gigabyte has software to change the color of the on board LED but once you choose your color you can just delete the program as the card holds your choice permanently. I did Vertically mount this because this case has about 20mm between the side panel and the card for plenty of airflow. This places the card perfectly in line with the top of the Noctua Heat sink. If I had done a Horizontal mount I would have to worry about GPU sag and it would have not lined up with the dimensions of the heat sink as nicely.
    I do not need allot of storage so I went with just a single 1tb NVME gen 4 as my boot drive. I am very happy with this choice as it takes advantage of the PCIE 4 and gave my higher then advertised results when I ran it through some benchmarks.
    For airflow I went absolutely overboard and threw in as many fans as the case could hold just because I wanted too. The one thing to note here is that while most people will have a single case fan blow out behind the CPU I am actually bringing air in through that location. The reason I am doing that is because my CPU fan setup wants air from both sides of the CPU and then is exhausting the hot air down. Because of this I did add a small air filter between the case and the fan. All 7 intake fans are filtered.
    I was forced to place to 120mm fan in the bottom of the case instead of 140mm because the larger fans would not fit due to the LEDs and the Power Supply. This also left me a little extra room for cables and with the 23 extra components I have many wires to manage.
    Power was chosen for silence more and size vs power so that I could fit everything in. I also went with a 750w to allow for all of the extra components. I know a single case fan does not have allot of pull but when you have 11 fans and 12 lighting elements then the those small numbers start adding up to something that at least has to be considered in your power totals.
    Finally to give me a massive increase in FPS, CPU clock speed, Extra RAM speed and lower heat ratings across the board I added LED elements throughout the case. To achieve these amazing stats I went with the Phantek Digital LED system with Halo products on each case fan and NEON stips along the motherboard and the base of the panel. This products works with MSI's Mystic Lighting product and finally brings lighting to my Noctua Fans (I hope Noctua does not repo my fans!). I have these lights synced with my system's sound output which provides me with a simple light show and also keeps the lights off when I am not using my computer without requiring any thought. Something to think about when it comes to LED products like these is that they do burn out eventually. So doing it this way will keep them working longer.
    Frozen In The Blizzard has been a passion project of mine for the last two months which began with my first post a while ago about stripping down the Meshify S2 case for this build. At the time I had bigger aspirations about doing an entire series about the build. Life gets in the way and my lack of experience with media and story telling really made the venture more then I am ready for. I did take lots of video and photos to document the adventure I had and maybe in the future I will have the talent to tell the full story of how this build got from point A to point B.
    Thank You!
    In conclusion I want to thank everyone in the community. I am not able to give credit to all of the individuals because I just do not remember every single person but I want to thank every person who created a video I watched, a post I read or a website I looked at to help me with this build. Your content matters and it helps all of us with these builds we share with you.
    "I looks like that Blizzard is finally done. You're Grand Dad told me you built a new computer. Can it dial up Facebook for me?"
    - Grandma

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    Rupe reacted to Fasauceome in cant run Overwatch   
    Did you click the blue "play" button?
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    Rupe got a reaction from Soag in what game should i play   
    It has actually been free to play for quite some time now
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    Rupe reacted to Artesian in 7 GPU RTX 2080 hybrid liquid-cooled Cinema/Octane Render Supercomputer Rig - AKA thanks PLX chips! One of very few in the world.   
    We just finished & photographed the build of our 7 GPU Hybrid Supercomputer Render Rig with 7X RTX 2080s from Evga. Designed for Octane Render, it's powered by a Xeon W chip on a Gigabyte server board; 128GB of ECC RAM and 2X 1600W PSUs. 
    If it's not a world first of its type, it's at least quite rare -- as getting all 7 gpus functional at maximum theoretical [16x8x16x8x16x8x16x8] PCIE bandwidth is a huge, annoying challenge. It involves tweaking some in-depth settings related to PCIE compatibility. 

    Usually we build high end desktops, but we couldn't resist trying this out. It's going to save the final user A LOT of money on AWS render costs. 

    Why liquid cool? It's going to be run in an office so being extra quiet is helpful. 

    Why 7 GPUs? If you put 4 gpus in two rigs, you pay twice for the motherboard, case, RAM, AIO, and drive... so this saves a few thousand bucks. 

    It easily outperforms an amazon cloud server that costs MANY times more than it does. 
    Basic SPECS & PARTS:
    7X EVGA RTX 2080 hybrids, for a total of around 24,000 CUDA cores.
    XEON W 2125+ (any W series will work on this board)
    Gigabyte MW51-HP0 dual gigabit [not 10gig] networking, 7x16 pcie slots!
    128GB Samsung ECC server RAM
    Corsair H100 AIO cooler (large air coolers would not fit under the thick risers!)
    7X Thermaltake risers
    2X EVGA 1600W PSUs
    Custom aluminum frame (adapted from mining & modified to support the huge heavy radiators)
    3D printed PSU adapter bracket and PSU adapter to join the two PSUs. Master PSU activates the slave when turned on.
    Posted this to Reddit last week and got lots of positive response; a few folks suggested we post here as well! So here we are.

    Questions/comments let me know...

    Thanks for looking, 

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    Rupe got a reaction from Ben17 in Socks for gamers   
    You guys clearly aren't hardcore gamers otherwise you would appreciate the utility of having socks specifically designed for hardcore gaming. £80 is a steal for the high level of performance increases one can expect from these hardcore gaming socks #hardcoregamer #getshitonkid #MLG
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    Rupe got a reaction from GDRRiley in Socks for gamers   
    You guys clearly aren't hardcore gamers otherwise you would appreciate the utility of having socks specifically designed for hardcore gaming. £80 is a steal for the high level of performance increases one can expect from these hardcore gaming socks #hardcoregamer #getshitonkid #MLG
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    Rupe got a reaction from msknight in Socks for gamers   
    You guys clearly aren't hardcore gamers otherwise you would appreciate the utility of having socks specifically designed for hardcore gaming. £80 is a steal for the high level of performance increases one can expect from these hardcore gaming socks #hardcoregamer #getshitonkid #MLG
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    Rupe got a reaction from Bombastinator in Socks for gamers   
    You guys clearly aren't hardcore gamers otherwise you would appreciate the utility of having socks specifically designed for hardcore gaming. £80 is a steal for the high level of performance increases one can expect from these hardcore gaming socks #hardcoregamer #getshitonkid #MLG
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    Rupe reacted to Xplo1t in TR 3970X build   
    Started putting it together to get an idea of how to layout the loop.  Still undecided on intake/exhaust setup.  I have another 4 Vardar fans that I can put in the side to create 8 in and 7 out.


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    Rupe reacted to Sakkura in only 2cores are available in 4core cpu   
    No, they changed it. An FX-8350 shows up as a 4-core CPU with 8 threads, for example.

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    Rupe got a reaction from dalekphalm in Using a wireless phone charger to charge a mouse.   
    It works differently to how competitors do it. Corsair has a QI wireless charging mouse and placing the mouse in a specific spot in the corner of compatible mouse pads charges it. Whereas Logitech slowly charges the whole time you are using it. The idea being that you never have to worry about charging your mouse, although it takes no effort to put your mouse in a specific spot or plug it in to charge I think some people like the idea they never have to even think about it.
    You are right though in that it is very expensive
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    Rupe got a reaction from Derkoli in Bored at work, what are y'all going to do this weekend?   
    Going Climbing (bouldering) this evening, hitting the town tomorrow evening for a halloween drinks with friends at the pub with the prospect of post drinks at a friends house. I have a tennis match for my club Sunday morning which I'm sure I will sufficiently hate as I fully suspect to be hanging pretty hard.
    You up to much this weekend @aaradorn?
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    Rupe got a reaction from Teddy07 in What are y'all upgrading this holiday season?   
    Well that seems somewhat risky. I'm often watching streams and it makes me wanna game. What if you are watching your favorite streamer and suddenly wanna play a game? What if you change your mind? How can you be so certain you never want to game again yet still want to watch other people game? Seems like a very generous and risky gift. I've gone through periods where I don't feel like gaming but never crossed my mind I would not come back to the point where I would sell/giveaway my gaming components
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    Rupe got a reaction from soldier_ph in What are y'all upgrading this holiday season?   
    I'm coming up to three years with the G900 and that new Razer Viper Ultimate looks tasty but it's harder to justify than a new monitor. I wanna go from 24 inch 1080p 144hz to 27inch 1440p 144hz. There is a small white spot where my monitor got damaged and I mostly don't notice it but it's still annoying, all the more reason for that being my next upgrade
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    Rupe got a reaction from LAwLz in Streaming Service Mixer Acquires Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek, Joins Ninja in Exclusivity Deal   
    Obviously in their position you would take a large enough pay check to move over. But Ninjas manager and wife is clearly not being honest about their motive when she says "he decided to leave Twitch because of the company’s inability to work with them on building out the “Ninja” brand.".
    Moving to Mixer is only bad for their brand because at the end of the day what will maintain the brand is high viewership and moving to mixer is a sure way to lower ones viewership. 
    Although Shroud was my favorite Twitch streamer I don't expect I will be watching him as much now he has moved as I do enjoy Stream hopping and all my favorite streamers are on twitch.
    Perhaps this gamble will pay off for Mixer and they will be a legitimate competitor to twitch, although if I had to put money on it I doubt it and all they would've achieved is slightly damaging Twitch for both Twitch and the audience
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    Rupe got a reaction from MichaelWd in Banks ban Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Reader - Fingerprint log in removed from banking apps   
    As a nationwide customer and S10+ owner it looks as though you can still use the fingerprint scanner when you log into the app you just get this message afterwards (can't take a screenshot of this unfortunatly)"Fingerprint log in on this Samsung Device You may have seen some news coverage about Samsung S10 fingerprint security. Samsung have said a software patch is on its way. Until then, if you haven't done so already, we recommend you disable fingerprint login which you can do via Settings in the app" 
    So it looks to only be a recommendation
    Edit: I'll just use my webcam for a pic