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    Kagi and Orion beta tester. Pro open source

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    United Kingdom
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    Tech, Coding, Operating Systems, Linux, Software
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    I am a tech enthusiast from the UK who likes to code, has a website, is beta testing a new search engine called Kagi and browser for Mac called Orion (made by Kagi) and loves pizza


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    Mac OS and Linux
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    MacBook Air 2020
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    OnePlus Nord

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  1. You should try Netlify or Vercel. Depending on what you want to do they are both great free hosts that don't place ads on your website and are reliable. However if you want wordpress go with Vercel because Netlify does not support it. Vercel: https://vercel.com/
  2. Maybe try AnonAddy instead. It gives you unlimited email alias for free and is open source (unlike DDGs service): https://anonaddy.com
  3. Does running Tor (the app in the terminal, not the browser) make you an exit node? I have used Tor Browser for a while but now I want to run another app through tor which I know will work with tor
  4. You should portmaster it is open source and is much like glass wire: https://safing.io/portmaster/
  5. I think shotcut is better because there is less chance shotcut will just be abandonded because even if the project no longer develops it, the community will probably maintain it and also shotcut won't push you to pay for anything. At anytime DaVinci Resolve could decide to make you pay for it
  6. Also from the background of the thumbnail, is it just me or did anyone else expect the video to be about installing Ubuntu because that background looks like the gradient ubuntu uses
  7. Hope Anthony one day does "How to dual boot Gentoo and Arch Linux (plus installing openbox in Arch)"
  8. you can get the source code but they don't have any docs on how to compile it. They just say that you can try to figure it out
  9. A federated, open source reddit alternative that is pretty cool: https://lemmy.ml/
  10. Yep I have heard of mastodon before. It was one of the biggest apps in the fediverse! I don't have an account yet though but might make one. Lemmy is runs on the same protocol as mastodon but is more of a reddit alternative
  11. Yeah I tried installing debian once and it just worried install