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    Shitposting and wizardry oh my!
    I have a basic level understanding of most things technology related.
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  1. Minecraft was technically released this decade. So there we go, no competition lmao
  2. LMAO how this place has fallen
    Can't even argue with people anymore or the thread will get locked

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    2. dizmo


      I agree with the mods being too heavy handed a lot of the time. Gotta pander to the sensitive types, though. Cuz fuck having a backbone.

      Also, the CyberTruck looks siiiick

    3. Windows7ge


      @dizmo #Triggered #IfI'mOffendedI'mSuing


      Seriously though I agree I would like to know the outcome of some of these conversations but the mods are like "Nope.".

    4. Spotty


      Feel free to PM myself or the rest of the moderation team if you have any questions or concerns.



      Moderation & Bans

      • Do not openly discuss the moderation of any content or user. If you have an issue please contact a staff member.
      • Do not backseat moderate – if there’s an issue, please use the report function. This includes responses such as "Off topic", "spam", "advertising", "status update material" etc; leave it for the mod team to handle.


  3. Oneplus is a phone manufacturer, not a service company. Need to throw your email into the phone for android iirc, and to make an account to order a phone. Source: I have a 1+ phone.
  4. So far I've seen 1 recognizable name from all the years past that's still here.
    Shame everyone left :^(

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    2. TheGreatWizardCalder


      It's really unfortunate, when I was younger I was online here in basically all my free time. Shitposting with friends, or just trying to answer questions that I actually knew the answers to LMAO.

      All the "regulars" have basically passed on, either because they got banned or all their friends left/got banned.
      Some are still around, but if you ask them they'll tell you this place is a hollow shell of what it used to be :^(

    3. Windows7ge


      I've been here for close to 4 years now and can't greatly tell the difference in forum activity/liveliness between now and when I joined.

      Though I don't really pay attention to the most popular sub-forums here. I hang out in the almost least popular so the level of activity I've always seen is rather low.

    4. Nas


      Haha those were some good times my friend, this really was a different place back then.

  5. I tried this when they first came out (before GTA V was available on steam). Seeing as it was "non steam" it didn't go so good. Might work better now that it's on steam.
  6. Aight, thanks for the video lmao I remember doing this research when I got the current pair I have a couple years ago, but it's been a while haha. Thanks again, will most likely go with the product you recommended :^)
  7. goddamn then I have no idea what the ohm rating is even for then.
  8. DT 770 80 ohm lmao I'm either buying the same headphones I have now or the 250 ohm sku.
  9. my current headphones are above 16 ohm, so if I understand correctly (I don't know a ton about audio), this would've power the cans properly.
  10. oi fellows my headphones are starting to die and I'm probably gunna buy a new pair and depending what's out there for amp/dacs I'd like to look at potentially purchasing one of each. Just recommend me some decent stuff, not looking for super high end, but not super cheapo. Thanks my men. I look forward to gaining knowledge.
  11. Heyo, I have a 980ti strix oc and am looking for a price check (preferably in CAD). It's the higher base clock model with the triple fans. I'm the 2nd owner. It's been well cared for and I've replaced the primary (largest-forget the sizing) on it. Thanks!
  12. I have a 1080ti and it runs 3440*1440 fine. Runs The Division 2 on ultra with the dips below 60 in active scenes/larger fights. So you're safe I'd say.
  13. TL;DR I ejected a a usb drive from a pc and it went from being called it's custom name to just "USB Drive (E)" and all the files are gone, BUT they're still taking up space on the drive. I've already looked through the hidden folders and I'm using unCHK to go through the FOUND folder right now. Chkdsk was unable to recover anything of value (just recovered another FOUND folder about 2/3 the size of the initial one). Wondering if there's any other magic tricks I'm unaware of to attempt to recover the files. They weren't necessarily important, but I would like to have them back if possible. If there's any info missing you need to provide help, I'll provide it as best I can.