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  1. So I suppose it's even more impressive that I have managed to stay attached to SMG2 all these years.
  2. That's simply a lie, you're telling me if I want to upgrade my GPU I need a new CPU, motherboard oh and 2 new hard-drives as well? When it come to upgrading a desktop you can upgrade in increments, not everyone will buy a 2080 when they are using a r3 1200.
  3. So as 2019 is nearing it's conclusion, and 2020 draws nearer, what do you guys think is your game of the decade. The game must be your favorite game to play during the years of 2010-2019. For myself, I believe that Super Mario Galaxy 2 was the game enjoyed the most throughout the decade, it came out 9 years ago and i'm still playing the game. If I had to pick a multiplayer game as well it would most likely be CS:GO. What are your guys thoughts?
  4. Depends, for single-player games PC is nearly always the way to go, however if your friends have console then you may want to consider buying the PS5. For myself, I would go for the more expensive laptop as all my friends play PC so AAA multiplayer games are much better on PC for me. You also stated you like high fps as well as high fidelity, that should be reason enough to go for the laptop with the 2070.
  5. Quite an unknown game but if you have heard of it perhaps you could try "Fortnite". Takes immense skill and logical thinking, very good.
  6. Most of the time it's completely subjective, if the only thing that is different is the size and the curvature. It will also depend on your table size, as well as your distance away from your monitor.