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  1. Judging from the fact that Anno 1800 can run on a HD 4000 on a 3rd Gen Intel at 10FPS. You would be able to run it, probably at 60FPS on low or medium.
  2. Try reinstalling EAC, depending on the game some have the EAC installation folder in them for you to reinstall EAC.
  3. That won't work, you need to have a supported CPU.
  4. Yep, so your CPU is not supported. So you can't boot from it to downgrade the BIOS, there is nothing else you can do with that CPU and board currently. But you can always borrow a supported CPU from someone and downgrade it.
  5. From what I can find about that bios is that MSI doesn't tell you what CPU is dropped from support, so you will need to get a 3000 series CPU to actually boot that board now, or you can borrow a 3000 series CPU from someone and downgrade it.
  6. What beta bios did you install, and why did you install a beta bios?
  7. Btw, when you do a hard restart during a BSOD when it says dumping stuff into a file or something along the lines like that, it will leave a huge .dmp file somewhere in the Windows drive; I don't know where at, but it can be deleted.
  8. I usually just hold the power button, and it just restarts normally back up.
  9. Did you setup RTX Voice to use your microphone and did you set the RTX Voice as the default Windows recording device? Here is a detailed setup guide: NVIDIA RTX Voice: Setup Guide
  10. Usually the BSOD is Windows dumping everything into a .dmp file, I never had any issue doing hard resets while I am doing overclocking.
  11. I know, but I was using it more of as an estimation.
  12. True, it's not worth it either to change the PSU either if you don't meet the power requirements. Considering I was looking at GPU prices in Canada it's not really easy to find anything new that meets the same performance, unless you look in the used stuff; maybe lucky enough find some GTX 900 series card.
  13. Yeah, I know it doesn't scale well, which is why I recommend a single GPU instead. But if you are on a pretty tight budget, and just wanted something to play older titles then it's not really too bad.
  14. Alright, but don't let me persuade you though. If you are planning on getting a new board, I would just wait and get a new single GPU since that will run a lot better than a 2GB from 2013 and you won't have to upgrade for a while longer since the GTX 760 is pretty old. Plus you get can always save money and get a X470 with it being cheaper now since you won't any real use for PCIE 4.0 yet. Edit: If you are getting the X470, you can find a great deal with a better GPU together and that would be way better than the dual GTX 760 SLI. Or get a X370 board since there really isn't a whol
  15. Alright, so I looked around your board and it doesn't support SLI. But you still can get it; it just won't run in SLI but you still can do a SLI hack which is pretty funky so it might have some buggy issues.