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  1. factorialandha

    Where Can I Learn To Program For Free!? What is best lang too?

    First i would pick a language that you want to learn based on what you want to do -> the info graphic below is quite fun (just as a tid bit) As for resources, im not aware of any free ones, but Udemy has quite a lot of discount deals regularly so might be good to look at.
  2. You could build your own, using a few SSDS in raid, depending on your IO requirements. There are a handful of 10 Gigabit homes NAS devices that you can probably find on amazon or through google quite easily. Ive personally never used any. You will also need a 10gigabit capable switch also which from my last searching arent cheap. so depends on your budget.
  3. My first question would be, what throughput are you looking for from each machine concurrently ? For example for 12 machines to concurrently download / upload at the same rate of say 10Mbit per second, your storage would need to have AT LEAST 1 gigabit connection (not doing the math so i might be a little off with that calculation) Also your throughput will be bottlenecked by the type of storage, if you have 12 people all downloading different files, and a single drive, then your IO will bottleneck while it tries to pull the different pieces of data. There is more information required to give you a true answer. But based off this, you will definitely want to be at least 10gigabit on your NAS, meaning you will require a switch which supports at least 1 10 gigabit port
  4. factorialandha

    Ram Hardware Reserve

    windows preallocates a good chunk of memory generally below is mine for example, Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 16.0 GB Total Physical Memory 15.6 GB Available Physical Memory 6.69 GB Total Virtual Memory 22.1 GB Available Virtual Memory 7.96 GB Virtual memory is generally the page file on the disk. Your best option is to check in task manager what is using up memory, and aslong as nothing is specific eating memory, you might find that its just preallocated to improve performance, Windows caches some items in memory to speed up items, this memory isnt available but will be freed up if required. Aslong as your computer isnt running extremely slow and there isnt processes listed in task manager using up a lot of memory, then its just the operating system caching and allocating memory to background processes, which is normal in my opinion, people always look at these figures and think theres a problem when a lot of the time, there isnt.
  5. factorialandha

    Home lab multi-purpose server

    Im going to leave the hardware itself to someone else, however my one note for you to consider is ESXi can be extremely specific as to what hardware it will support. You might want to check its hardware compatibility to make sure the CPU / RAM / Motherboard are all supported, otherwise it will pretty much just tell you NO on the installation. I think (historically at least) it had very specific CPU requirements, server level CPUs that is, im not sure if they removed that requirement, but i do remember trying to install it on a non server SKU CPU a long time ago and it basically told me no, even if it would technically have worked. If you arent specific about running vmware then the hardware should work perfectly fine with other hypervisors.
  6. factorialandha

    Black Screen after launching games

    do you happen to have a freesync monitor ? Could be the new drivers enabling freesync and your monitor isnt supported enough to work ? Also what version of drivers have you tried ? not sure when freesync functionality got added exactly, may need to roll back a little further ?
  7. Being single threaded does not necessarily mean the OS will not put it on 1 specific CPU core, it just means that applications runs in single threaded mode. The operating system will generally give out whatever cores it deems eligible during the time the applications functions run. Processor affinity actually tells the OS to always use the same cpu / core. Which in some cases can have a performance benefit, however in most cases the OS will just assign whatever cores it wants to your application threaded or multi threaded does not matter. I dont know the specifics of it all, but im sure a quick google search should yield some more in depth information about how it all works.
  8. factorialandha

    1tb HDD not showing up

    This is disk management if you right click on your start button it should be an option there. You will see on the screenshot above you might have Disk 1 and instead of it saying online it will say offline / uninitialized. right click on it and then click initialize then you can create a partition out of the empty space and format it.
  9. factorialandha

    1tb HDD not showing up

    Have you double checked disk management in windows, sometimes they dont show up because they need to be initialized. Check Disk management and see how many disks are showing. You might see what that states uninitialized, right click and click initialize then you can create partitions etc.
  10. Changing the motherboard after an installation wont work generally, you can hit driver issues, If you can still boot the drive on the OLD system it was installed on, then you could attempt to sysprep /generalize it, which strips it back to basic drivers. This should allow you to swap the drive into a different machine (aslong as its not a completely different chipset / driver set (eg i wouldnt do it moving from an Intel machine to an AMD machine or vice versa) However id personally just do a fresh install, it removes any doubt of weird conflicts from the old installation.
  11. factorialandha

    Very Simple Threadripper question

    personally, id ask the question in the opposite way. What kind of workloads are you wanting to do, and then someone will recommend the best option for you.
  12. factorialandha

    SAVE THE DATE! LTX 2019 & DreamHack are Coming to Vancouver!

    The only part about LTX that i hate right now, is that its the weekend after San Diego comicon (Again), and i cant afford to do both I was really hoping this year it would be at least a few weeks between the two. Oh well, maybe next year.
  13. factorialandha

    Recommendations for OS for my home NAS?

    From a NAS perspective i use Unraid, its really good for a simple File storage system, and you can install docker containers for internet based file sharing etc. It also allows mixing and matching of drive sizes, however if you want true raid with striping and all the performance benefits, then im not sure if unraid supports that myself. im sure there are plenty of FreeNAS documents out there on the best practices for what you need. But it sounds like you might want to use "use defaults" if you dont want to screw anything up ? Ive personally never used FreeNAS (at least not yet), so hopefully someone else here has more insight into that aspect, otherwise a lot of google searches could yield some good results im sure
  14. factorialandha

    Setting up a server

    With regards to RDP if you want more than server admins to have access and more than 2 possible RDP connections, you need to install the terminal server/ remote desktop services role, Which has a licensing impact (you will need client access licenses so that after around the first x number of days (i forget what the grace period is)) I guess it depends what your end goal is. IE, if its only file access you really care about for remote users there are alternative solutions that a Remote Desktop session for that aspect of things, i forget what its called but microsoft has a few options for file sharing over the internet, one which works similer to drop box / onedrive but uses on premise storage rather than cloud based storage.
  15. factorialandha

    Server Question

    Reading the description, this machine comes with 1 CPU and 16gb of memory, it has 18 DIMM slots to increase memory capacity, and id expect with that many DIMM slots it would be dual CPU. ( to utilize all 18 you will have to have 2 CPUS ) Id have to do more research on the server and spec itself, but id be surprised to find out it isnt a dual cpu motherboard. MAX ram generally depends on CPU combination and the specific motherboard id expect. But id expect to be able to get to at the very least 144GB (18 8GB dimms)