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  1. are you sure, maybe theres like a thing trough an sd card or a usb?
  2. so I bought a chromebook from a garage sale while I was out of town just so I could have something to brows the interwebs with. But its auto enrolled in some school and whoever set up the precautions really knew what they were doing. So far I have tried power washing, but it auto enrolls, I have tried to install a new os on it, but developer mode says its disabled. So how can I get around it either by re enableing dev mode or anouther way.
  3. shit where do i get common sense?
  4. like maybe not that exact model but something like it and if I were to build my own, what materials would I need?
  5. So i was thinking about getting one of those chairs that like lock you into them and hold the monitors right infrount of you with the mount going over your head. I think linus did a review on one of them a while ago. I was wondering if there was one for <2k usd?
  6. I need suggestions for a laptop. I pretty much am going to browse the internet with it and play some low end 8-bit games. I would prefer it to be windows 10 and to be not over 350.
  7. So I have doom 2016 for PC and I was wondering if there was any way to get it on my switch for free?
  8. So I want to get into mining, yes I get that unless I have a dedicated stuf and that it’s not worth and all that but I don’t really care. My question is what kind should I be mining also, what software should I use
  9. what are some of those ways besides ctrl+shift+alt+r?
  10. except I bought the chromebook with my own money. my school lets us supply our own (better) chromebooks as long as we let them instal admin stuff on them
  11. So basically I of course have a school chromebook. It is a lenovo 100e and I was wondering if there was a way to remove administrator. I can't go into dev mode, (it says dev mode not compatible or something like that) and they blocked power washing, so what could I do?
  12. also i am running the latest version of chrome os
  13. My chromebook is a lenovo 100e and I dont know whats wrong with it. Whenever I close it its supposed to just sleep but when i open it again, the only way I can power it up is by restarting the whole thing. What can i do to fix this?