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  1. Yeah it is a pretty low end machine. I am thinking of getting a new one in a year or so. The whole machine is just over 6 years old. I am trying to work out whether to get a more powerful PSU so I can swap into my new machine or not. It started about a month or so ago. But the other day it was a constant ticking, now it hasn't appeared today.
  2. Power supply is an XFX TS 550W I only browse the internet on it mostly so low to medium. Yeah i stopped the fan and it is still there
  3. I have this ticking noise coming from my Power Supply. It is not a constant noise. It only happens when my computer has been on for quite sometime. I don't think it is the fan Should I be concerned? My recording 1.mp4
  4. I want to build a ubuntu server, but want to have a gui because i'm not very good with commands i work more visually
  5. Do you have a download link cant find lite anywhere.
  6. Whats the best way to set up Ubuntu Server with GUI?
  7. @jasonvp yeah been trying to find whats wrong but i cannot see anything that would cause it. I know you're probably only familiar with Cisco Switches only. But what settings do you have so I can compare. The Server is LAGed into 4 ports Frame size for each port is 1500 Flow Control disabled
  8. Hmm yeah me neither. Not sure what other settings can be done with the Switch and i am sure the PC's are setup to how its sure with their 10Gbit card
  9. Hmm just ran Iperf between 2 work stations on the same network link. And that is giving 3-4gbit... would that indicate something to do with the switch? Even thought it says 10G Full under Physical Status Even though copy speed is a lot faster between work stations
  10. Wonder what it is then that is causing it. Here is that iperf3 -P 10 -c YourNasIP command attached iperf10.txt
  11. Thanks for the comments. I was mostly looking for examples on what is included.
  12. I have been asked to write up a IT Disaster Recovery Plan for the company I work for. Does anyone have examples I could use to help?
  13. Yeah it is managed switch. Got Jumbo frames set up on both Workstation, Switch and Server. I guess that its the Drives in the NAS which is making it a slower speed compared to the work stations. What would you recommend to speed the drives up so the copy is above 100MB/s
  14. @BloodKnight7 Yeah they are all mechanical WD Red SATA III - 6Gb/s, 7200rpm. I did have a go at using jumbo frames but didn't make a difference.