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  • CPU
    ryzen 5 1500x (3.8GHz +0.024mV offset)
  • Motherboard
    gigabyte ga-ab350m-gaming 3
  • RAM
    ballistix sport 16 Go ddr4 2400 (2.8GHz @1.3V)
  • GPU
    kfa2 gtx 1060 6gb (undervolted + linear fan curve, ~2GHz)
  • Case
    metal tool case
  • Storage
    crucial mx300 525gb m.2
  • PSU
    cooler master g550m
  • Display(s)
    asus mx239h + nec lcd2190uxp
  • Cooling
    amd wraith spire
  • Keyboard
    masterkeys pro L (white)
  • Mouse
    logitech g502 (spectrum)
  • Sound
    hyperx cloud
  • Operating System
    windows 10 home 64
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  1. InertiaSelling

    Why did you buy an Android phone?

    Because the GS6 had the best camera I could get for my money at the time of purchase.
  2. InertiaSelling

    Thin and light 17" 16:10 laptop

    At long last, LG made one.
  3. InertiaSelling

    Post Your Battle Stations and Build Setups!

    Temporary setup for my year as an exchange student in Vancouver - winter update.
  4. InertiaSelling

    LTX 2019 Suggestions!

    Maybe not an actual suggestion, but I'd personally like it to be held before May. I guess it would be less convenient for a lot of people, but I just happen to be in Vancouver until the end of April, so egoistically, I'd like it to take place before I leave. I'm European and I don't travel to the colonies very often.
  5. InertiaSelling

    Lab Grown Meat gets closer to see consumer plates

    Username checks out.
  6. InertiaSelling

    Lab Grown Meat gets closer to see consumer plates

    Or to feed the poor. Let's not forget that we've got entire countries whose lands have been diverted from subsistence farming to producing the cereals we use to feed our cattle. That's another reason why proper lab-grown meat could be a step in the right direction.
  7. InertiaSelling

    TN vs VA vs IPS

    VA panels are better known for their excellent contrast. The viewing angles aren't as great as what you usually get on an IPS panel, but from my experience, the difference isn't nearly as pronounced as with TN panels. As for the response time, while IPS and VA are inferior to TN (with VA being a tad better), you can get very responsive IPS or VA panels if you're willing to spend a lot. They actually exist, so MSI may well be selling a VA panel with a low response time. With that said, it could still be achieved with some dirty overdrive and leave you with ugly artifacts. Read some reviews if you can find them.
  8. InertiaSelling

    Little help with my homework

    It's either inquisitive learning or inquiry-based learning (with a hyphen). Making a mistake on your very subject in the first sentence of your essay will make it seem like you can't proofread. Also, your first three sentences start with very similar words, which makes them sound repetitive. You might want to rephrase them. This sounds naive to me. Of course you're going to find knowledge if you're digging into a pool of knowledge. Also, digging in a pool...? You may want to find another analogy. Also, don't forget the apostrophe in "it's". This looks dragged out. You're saying that inquiry-based learning increases one's knowledge and therefore one's satisfaction, happiness and power, but you use "mind" and "power" twice, as well as a rather useless subordinate clause. I reckon this capital letter is unnecessary. Also, "driven", not "drived". It's hard to give an overall opinion without any context. Are you an 8th grader, a 10th grader, an undergrad college student? Is English your native language? Which class is this for?
  9. InertiaSelling

    Valve being taste police despite promising not to

    Some of you guys seem to be completely out of your minds. If visual / written depiction of underage minors is censored, tracked and prosecuted just like actual exploitation of minors, which do you think the sickos will choose?
  10. InertiaSelling

    Post Your Battle Stations and Build Setups!

    I know, right? That's pretty much how I chose Vancouver. Though you get used to it, unfortunately.
  11. InertiaSelling

    Post Your Battle Stations and Build Setups!

    XPS 15 9560 (97Wh, 7700HQ, 1050, 512GB, 16GB, FHD) KDE neon Masterkeys pro L G502 spectrum HP e231i Temporary setup for my year as an exchange student in Vancouver.
  12. InertiaSelling

    Ultimate Dream Build For Free (Hypothetical)

    Yes, ideally. 16 PCIe lanes would be a boon. But I guess the biggest problem at this point is that manufacturers focus on making throttlebooks by cramming 45w CPUs and dGPUs into small chassis, when they could easily put just the CPU and cool it adequately. I'm quite certain there's a market for that.
  13. InertiaSelling

    Ultimate Dream Build For Free (Hypothetical)

    A compact 15mm thin laptop with a vapour chamber-cooled 8th-gen H CPU, no dGPU so that the CPU can run at full tilt all the time, a 99Wh battery, thin bezels around a 15.6" 3:2 display, and an eGPU setup at home. That would be nice.
  14. InertiaSelling

    2nd gen ryzen on cheap B350 board

    I know X chips often make less sense from a pure value standpoint, but depending on the price difference, I might get one to get higher boost clocks, since I won't be overclocking. As for the BIOS, I think I've already updated to F20+, so it should already be compatible, but I'll probably get the latest version before swapping. Thanks for your answers.