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  1. I see, thank you very much. Are there any cheaper alternatives other than that passmark device or possible a way to test each pin on the cable to see if everything is connected fine
  2. Ive done my research but bear no fruit. The only thing closest to what I need is the Passmark loopback device which tests the bandwidth of a cable. So what I am trying to look for is a software that will basically measure the max speeds of my cable by plugging the cable into one port, and to another on the same pc. Is there such software? My problem is I bought a USB 3.2 Gen1 Type A to C for an upcoming VR device. Tested it on an S10e (incl a C to C cable from Apple), if I insert the cable partially in where only the USB 2 pads touch, it works but if I insert it all the way through
  3. I have my OS in my 120gb ssd and i have 3 other hdds for storage. Whenever i disconnect the 3rd hdd, windows never boots nor my pc doesnt even recognize the ssd as a bootable drive meaning, In order to boot to windows 10 in my ssd, i need that specific hdd to be attached which makes future storage upgrades impossible without reinstalling windows, how do I stop this from happening? Also, the ssd is the ONLY storage with an OS in, nothing else.
  4. I just installed COD modern warfare, or more specifically, COD warzone. Ive been having this LOD issue ever since i installed the game, tried a bunch of fixes like clearing cache etc. My game still looks like cardboad and paper mache simulator with 2d trees and foliage on max settings. Specs: 1060 6gb, R5 2600, 16GB RAM 2666 Edit: same happens with latest driver, switched to latest studio driver, nothing happens.
  5. ive got an extra mobo and a 6th gen pentium, tho no psu, storage, or ram. Id rather just buy a 1660ti or 2060 if im just gonna build the other pc
  6. I already tried it a while back, tho the 2nd gpu isnt getting any load even tho i set obs to use the 2nd 1060, same for rendering. I think im missing something
  8. no not sli or nvlink, I know the 1060 cant do that. You can put any 2 gpus in a mobo and separate loads with both, it just CANT be used for gaming, meaning not as one gpu
  9. no sli nor nvlink, just using one 1060 to record the game that is being rendered by the other 1060
  10. can we get back to the topic, right now, I cant do anything, just use what I have, so I need to know how i can use 2 1060s each to record and game at the same time
  11. Yea, I already dropped my prices to just barely able to buy an rtx 2070 super if I sell 3, the 4th one is what i currently use
  12. I already know everything about sli, no need to put it right on my face for the nth time, im flat broke and stuck with 4 1060s. Im making its time with me worth while, while looking for someone to buy it.
  13. Yes I know everything about sli, but what I dont know is how do i simply use my other 1060 for recording using obs while the other for gaming. And if even possible, use both to render videos faster? Additional: would differentsliauto be worthit today? (you dont need to answer this if u dont know, tnx)
  14. oh i see, thanks! tho i forget about fan noise immediately, but thats good info thanks