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  1. Here was my thought proses on this. + How long are those PSU cables really? - Well I know that there exactly one Linus arm length and a bit long. + How long is that? - Well I don't know. + Can you find out? - Yes. + How? - Well I could take something with known accurate dimensions, say for example the HTC one, and measure it off of that. + Wont that take a bit of time? - Yes. + Can you do anything else? - Yes + What is it? - Well I could ask on the forum + Ok, do that then. - Ok :D So Linus, can you take 2 min out of your day and measure your arm and post it. I think it
  2. Posted this a wile ago in the old forum but this seems like the best place to repost it :D Then mentioned this in the after party on the 17th of May!!! :D the feels man the feels :)
  3. I have a 7870 witch is working awesome for gaming but recently i have been doing more and more video editing. I know that Cuda cores make a difference in rendering time. Is it posable and if it is, is it worth it for me to throw in a $50 630 or something to help with rendering?
  4. Ok I guess $30 wont make that much of a difference in the long run. What then? Im looking at the Ducky DK9008S right now. How dose that sound?
  5. I am looking for a new gaming keyboard. These are my requirements. - Cherry mx browns - All black - White back light - Full number pad - Around the $100 mark What do you guys recommend?
  6. Witch one do you use? Witch one would you like to use? Witch one do you think is the best and why?
  7. I would go surface if you have a windows machine. Just because you could have the same apps on both your computer and tablet. The iPad is good but your kinda limited on what you can do with it and its definitely more on an entertainment device rather than anything I would like to work on. And as for the nexus 10, I don't think that android really works on tablets. I mean google kinda just took phone os and made it bigger.
  8. Not entirely sure where to put this. I guess this is as good a place as any. Anyway what are the thoughts on the corsair link cooling, lighting kits.
  9. Basically 1155 V.S. 2011. I want to know what you guys think about both.
  10. How posable would it be to run 3 monitors off of a single 7870.
  11. I want to know what in an ideal world your audio set-up would be.
  12. Is it worth it to run in-wall ethernet or just use powred-line. Also is AC wi-fi an option.