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  1. People seem to be forgetting what makes e-ink so amazing which is multiple features that when used together create an ultra low powered display. Those things are 1. The ability to display a easy to read display in direct sunlight without excessively high brightness levels. 2. The ability to do screen refreshes in single spots only when info updates rather than the whole display all the time therefore a higher refresh won't impact battery life. 3. The ability to completely run out of battery and still have something on the display is cool and very useful for showing important info. I had a pebble watch and e paper was awesome especially for a low powered smart watch.
  2. Hmm this is very interesting to me since it has the new NVENC undervolt this for the ultimate Plex transcoder on the cheap. Honestly I think the reason they are doing this is because they got scared of the amount of GPUs they made during the mining craze and got scared they might have to just sit on a ton of GPUs. They figure why not use everything we have it doesn't cost us anything and we have more options.
  3. This is so dumb Waze has had this for years. It doesn't hurt anyone except the cops loosing revenue from stupid tickets for going miniscule amounts over the limit. Now I'm curious is Waze or Google maps will have better reporting. Heck even before waze was around there were people that created a live speed trap system that pulled info from a form and could be used live from a blackberry. The only edge case of someone using this to speed excessively was a guy set a record using that technology he also had every other piece of technology he could possibly have to combat tickets.
  4. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cnet.com/google-amp/news/british-startup-phone-maker-wileyfox-enters-administration-no-updates/
  5. You mean the company that had Russian backing yeah I'm sure that phone was totally secure.
  6. That is absolutely insane! well Apple Fanboys/girls can shove it when saying Apple products are secure. All I can say is Wow! The possibilities for this exploit are huge! The fact that it works so many iOS devices and is unfixable is crazy. Source: https://twitter.com/axi0mX/status/1177542201670168576?s=20
  7. Sounds like a good feature. You shouldn't be messing with your phone while driving anyway.
  8. I think the starting at MSRP blower card price is a bit misleading. You can still have a card with a crappy cooler on it that runs just as hot as a blower be priced at that price while any decent cooler will obviously be more.
  9. O look the mighty Apple protector of private data has revealed it's true self! But on a more serious note people like to say Apple is more protective of people's data but it really isn't. I mean the fact that it's not even in house people listening to it should tell you something.
  10. Honestly Most people don't even know about a Russian company running it. I work in IT and I told my co-worker Russians made the app after he started showing me pictures of other coworkers in the office using it and he was shocked. Considering that multiple people in IT failed to check the company behind the app and the permissions it ask for you can see why so many people fell for this. They are older middle age people who love Facebook and the excuse was everyone on Facebook is doing it. Well let me tell you how terrible Facebook is.
  11. Honestly what amazes me is the fact that people still don't understand that AMD will never be competitive in the ultra high end again. Ok now before people tell at me about being a Nvidia shill I would like to say I have an AMD CPU and almost got a 5700xt instead of the 2070 super but some of the features on the Nvidia made me get a 2070 super but that's besides the point. Nvidia isn't Intel they aren't sitting on their butt and not doing anything. Nvidia has multiple paths to take whenever AMD comes out with a semi competitive product. They can do like they did this time and release an updated card early or if that doesn't work keep dropping prices way further than AMD can because they have more profit margins to start with than AMD. The reason Intel fell behind is because the stopped innovating however Nvidia didn't.
  12. This shouldn't be typical all they need to do to fix this is get rid of the ability to see people's pastebins without at least a link (really it should be a link and a pin). The fact that you think this is ok and normal shows how lax we have allowed companies to be with our data.
  13. Ok if this doesn't belong in tech news feel free to move it. I saw someone saying you could see current things pasted to pastebin so I went digging turns out you can see a lot of stuff. Infact they have a section on their website labeled archives and on that page you can see live pastebins and the information. For example in less than 10 min I found a hack to get people's discord information in Roblox, over 2k emails and passwords, an internal link to a big data website owned by Uber (I don't know where the link went I didn't go to it) and login info to lots of NordVPN customers. This is a major security concern that needs to be brought up. https://pastebin.com/archive
  14. Wow the UK must feel good for calling out encrypted DNS. I mean what ISP doesn't want to be able to see all my personal information and banking info.I don't even live in the UK and I say to every ISP you can take my DNS over TLS on my custom pfSense router and shove it.
  15. Crazy deal going on for it bought 2 years of gold and the game pass for $1 great price for 2 years of it. I almost went for 3 years of gold since 36 months is the max they will give you of that deal but figured in 2 years the whole streaming game landscape would change a lot.
  16. Lol what the heck what an epic fail. I'll tell you one thing the remaining people using Firefox that aren't die hard Firefox fans are going to be leaving for chrome. In a race to control what browser people use a screw up like this is like punching a giant hole in the side of a sinking ship.
  17. Yeah right this is all a trap to get people sharing more person information in his so called "private" groups. Also I can tell you one thing all the self centered people on Instagram aren't going to like not having a way to compare themselves to others anymore.
  18. Go away Epic we don't want your stupid exclusives! Also pay your dang employees and stop working them 70+hrs a week. Epic is scum!
  19. If it means keeping my account secure yeah. Security isn't about convenience. Also I don't know where you bank but I don't need to login to my account to buy something.
  20. Honestly the easiest way to combat this without checking for a sim swap is a 10min countdown. I'm surprised no one has done it all it would be is a 2fa code is sent only after 10 min with a cancel button and a initial text saying a 2fa code is being sent. This way you have multiple layers of protection. 1. A way to have time to check if your sim card is spoofed since if.it is being spoofed your phone will go offline before you actually send the code and 2. an initial text or email to let you know someone is requesting a 2fa code.
  21. Just like the title say Amazon has hired people to listen to people's conversations with Alexa including sensitive information. Honestly this is why I don't like things like Alexa. I've always trusted Alexa less than Google's home devices just because they always seem to be in the news for sending voice information to Amazon. I'm sure Google home does also but still things like this just affirm my feelings of Amazon's sketchy Alexa. Another source also says the information is not anonymous Source:https://appleinsider.com/articles/19/04/10/thousands-of-amazon-workers-are-listening-to-echo-conversations-report-says/amp/ Source 2: www.macrumors.com/2019/04/10/amazon-employees-alexa-voice-recordings/amp
  22. Simple fix stop using Facebook
  23. Well great another piece of computer hardware that has a major exploit good grief. These attack's are done by user counters for the performance trackers on GPU's There are three different attack's Unfortunately they say the current fix turning off access to the counters breaks alot of things. This sounds like some horrible stuff but it does need to be installed via a malicious program so just be careful what you install. Source:https://www.networkworld.com/article/3321036/gpus-are-vulnerable-to-side-channel-attacks.html
  24. I have a VPN from PIA and not sure how I feel about using a free one. I do use their DNS for encrypted DNS servers from my pfSense router however not sure I'm willing to use a VPN from them. Disclosure this is borderline conspiracy so grab your tinfoil hats but some people are worried they are using all this free encrypted stuff to drive people to there services and create a giant pool of data they can view.