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  1. Hydrauling Press Channel's other channel Beyond the Press made and tested a bullet proof gaming PC.
  2. Summary Discord has started to trial integrating youtube into its service, just a few weeks after bots like groovy were forced offline by youtube. Integrations like this are not negotiated or implemented overnight, youtube knew this was coming when they served groovey with a C&D. Seems like youtube have removed the 3rd party competition from discord before discord and youtube rolled out their first party offerings. Quotes Sources https://www.theverge.com/2021/9/22/22687492/discord-youtube-integration-watch-together-feature-beta
  3. I just watched the "I Ordered a FAKE Ryzen 5 3600 from Best Buy" video and have something to add. Over the last few months, I have been stung several times while ordering parts from amazon uk. I ordered a 1tb wd black nvme. got a 500gb wd green sata m.2, I returned for a replacement, then got a wd blue 1tb nvme, but still not a black. I sent it back AGAIN, and then eventually got a 1tb wd black nvme. I ordered a nzxt x53 240mm aio and was sent a nzxt m22 120mm aio in a x53 box. I returned that one for a refund and just went to scan.co.uk (which is near where i live
  4. I have a ryzen 7 5800x on an msi mag mortar b550, and ive been having issues with my fans spinning up super loud even with the slightest blip of load. I have worked out that no matter what, any immediate load causes the "CPU Core" temp to report 90c, but the socket temp is reporting 61c, and other HWInfo temps that claim to be CPU related, are also around the 60c mark. I have ran cinebench r23 for 10 minutes, and the cpu maintains a stable turbo of 4.6ghz, CPU core claims 90c the whole time, and cpu socket bounces around 59-61 the whole time Is this usual behaviour? I h
  5. I also have a "spare" 120gb ssd... could i leaverage zfs's caching system to use that "spare" ssd as a cache disk? (its an old ssd that i dont know what to do with thats currently a storage medium for music in my car, but my phone could quite easily make a better replacement for that)
  6. So, create a ZFS pool of a single disk, then later on, add a 2nd disk and add that to the pool and set that as a mirror? Then much later, add 2 more disks, 1 as extra and another as a mirror?
  7. I have a machine that i use right now as a home server/NAS. The stuff that runs the server side all runs on a SSD and is all contained with docker. The NAS side uses a instance of SAMBA installed directly on the base OS and the storage is a LVM volume split over 2 2tb standard consumer 3.5" HDDs. I would like to replace both those HDDs with a single 2tb NAS specific HDD, as the existing drives are having... issues.... right now i only need a single 2tb drive to store all the files, but, i would like to extend the storage and add redundancy later on. What would be the be
  8. For general every day use, Ryzen7 5800X Vs i7 11700k? They are roughly the same price, and the comparable boards are the same price too, which would be best and why?
  9. So, ultimately, because i cannot change the fan profile, its pointless because im after more cooling rather than less noise?
  10. I have a Asus Vivobook M712 that i daily drive (because my 8700k desktop blew up). The issue im having with it is that it thermal throttles below base clock quite frequently (AMD Ryzen 5 3500U). It has a block that has a single heatpipe and a single turbo-style fan. There is no fan control, no fan profile, nothing i can do to crank the fan to permanent-on, nothing i can do in the way of replacing the fan with a more powerful one because i cant find anything that would fit in place. Seems like the only thing i can do, is replace the stock thermal paste with something tha
  11. What about a 3700X? 8 cores, but zen2 rather than zen3...
  12. Use case is compiling large (2gb+ of code over about 50k files) C++ and C# projects (takes around 15 minutes on my AMD 3500U laptop on a wd-blue nvme), would be happier if i could bring that time down as it is a bottle neck right now having to wait for builds. I also run a linux VM with several docker images to run neo4j and test versions of the software i am building). Games are stuff as low as rocket league, but as high as assassins creed or cyberpunk (when its less buggy). 32gb of ram is because of the HUGE build pipeline, even with 16gb in my laptop, i run into swap
  13. My Intel 8700K machine died (power spike fried the psu and cpu and board...) so im looking for a WFH/Casual gaming/General usage machine that is snappy and will last me 3-5 years. This is what i have so far, any recommendations for replacements or changes? Budget (including currency): £1200 (ish) Country: UK Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Visual Studio 2019, Casual gaming (full spectrum of gmes) Other details i already have 3 1080p HDMI acer monitors, not looking to replace those. Case: GameMax Commando White (https://w