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    The no BS Audiophile.


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    Intel Core i7-4790K @ 4.8ghz
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    Asus Maximus Vii Hero
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    4x4gb Corsair Vengeance Pro 2400mhz (Red)
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    Aorus GTX 1080ti
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    Corsair 760t (Black)
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  1. Do you still regard the FOSTEX T50RP as the best cans for directional accuracy in FPS games or has newer models replaced them in your opinion? (HE-4XX? K7xx? K712? AD900x?) Thanks!

  2. Just FYI that RMAF thing is a massive scam. All the companies he lists as not being able to afford a booth are massive companies. Like he names Crown FFS, they are literally owned by Samsung.



      I see, I'm careful not to say donate money. Just attend if possible. And about your remark I get your point about Samsung, but he didn't say they can't afford to go just wouldn't spend the money for a single product or definitely the people attending to this thing is not the target demographic for them or at least that's how I see it. The whole concept at RMAF is just obnoxious to me.

    2. Max_Settings


      It's just a trade show, like any other trade show.

  3. iPhones can take being literally submerged in feet of water for 30min+ and be totally fine.
  4. Why do anything past this? No step 2. Don't see how building it on a table would apply to any way with how cables are routed through a case. Thanks Verge. The positions are not always standard. You can find boards with these in different places. 24pin is motherboard power, not GPU power. Why do I need to know the order in advance? Why can't I look as I am doing it. Won't change how I cable manage at all. Really? Thought I could put it together with the panels on. And honestly who cares if you have to spend 30s to undo the side panel screws? There are so many ways to install a cooler, not all are going to have clips and whatnot. Also depends on AMD or Intel and what socket. You'd have to be an idiot to be able not to tell.
  5. The fact you haven't been banned yet is honestly shocking. You are such a blatant troll it is ridiculous. You have never once and I mean NEVER made or responded to a single topic with anything that was even in the same universe as being even remotely correct. And you make thread after thread of clearly pointless and stupid topics that are so clearly stupid it is obviously trolling. You are not 41 years old. You are 14 at best. Any 41 year old would not have such a low mental capacity. People are sick are tired of your shit.
  6. Oh they are pretty muddy. Bass is way to blaoted and bleeds way too much into the mids. They are super mainstream tuning and very much like a Beats tuning. Even the Massdrop page says they were not trying to be an audiophile headphone for details.
  7. Sure if you want basically Beats LOL.
  8. 880 250ohm is pretty nice. It is listed as Semi-open but it is basically open back. And yeah probably not going to be the best thing if you have a roommate. I would take a look at the AKG K553 for a closed back. Easy enough to drive you should be ok off a laptop, but could be improved a bit if a DAC/Amp setup if you want to. FX Audio DACX6 would be fine for it.
  9. You know those TV were not 240hz right? Those are 60hz TVs. And there are only 1-2 4K 120hz monitors out there, both of which are 27in.
  10. i have cloud alpha and msi z170a m5 motherboard need best dac/amp for best sound quality in best budget under 80 dollar or 100 dollar

    1. Hiya!


      You don't need one, your motherboard is enough. Alpha is easy to drive. 

  11. I would take a serious look at the Pocket Cinema Camera 4K if you don't have to have SDI. That thing is insanely impressive and does some things better than the Ursa mini. Just get the Metabones Speedbooster to adapt MFT mount to Canon EF mount and you are set.
  12. Would not reccomend the 846. Shure IEMs are not very good. They were good for their time, but they have been majorly outclassed. Take a look at the Campfire Andromeda or Hyla CE-5.
  13. Using the WH1000XM3 will sound bad on anything when using 3.5mm, DAC/Amp regardless. That is because the internal amp has a DSP correction in place that is needed for them to sound correct.