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  1. I dont recommend the logitech 933. I used to have it. i got the pc37x later and fell in love with it. One thing to note about the pc37x is that its an open back headset. There is no isolation and people nearby can hear sounds coming out of the headset. They arent good in loud environments either. Still a great headset that i use to game on my PC with. Im currently looking for a different one ONLY because i dont use the microphone on it (i have a stand alone microphone). But yea i recommend them. Ive also heard good things about the hyper x headsets but i dont know anything about from experienc
  2. You're right,i def shouldn't spend that much money without knowing anything about it. ended up buying a SHP9500 for now. Cheap and apparently really great at the price point.
  3. @Dackzy How are to focal elex's for gaming? I see that you mentioned that you use them. I'm just curious about the imaging and sound stage. (Noob here, currently use the massdrop pc37x and im looking to upgrade)