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  1. I am really wanting to pick up a Zephyrus G14, but my issue is I would like more than 16gb of RAM. The problem is that I can only find 3 different configurations of the G14 for sale anywhere online for the MSRP prices, which is Best Buy, and all of them have 8gb of soldered RAM. I could go to 24 to 40gb of RAM, but the problem is that as most of us know, AMD Ryzen CPUs benefit massively from dual channel memory, so going above 16gb means I would not be running in dual channel. Is there really no configurations of this laptop out there with 16gb of RAM soldered on? I have seen some things that
  2. This computer has Q Code B6 and it seems USB storage devices aren’t working and the PC is running quite slow. The PC also won’t turn off when I power down Windows. I already updated the BIOS and cleared the CMOS. Looking in the manual I don’t see this code. Any ideas?
  3. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B014I8T0YQ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_dgP5Db89W0BEW
  4. It is worse battery life. Smaller battery than iPhone 11 Pro Max with higher resolution, 90Hz, more power hungry CPU, and worse Android power management = worse battery life. This “review” is so biased it’s not even funny. You mention things that are hits against the iPhone that are either untrue or irrelevant. Then your ignore almost all the things I pointed out.
  5. So you review the 7T Pro against them 11 Pro Max and never have tired either phone.
  6. Also this is extremely biased. How is the One Plus the most out of your smartphone? With that compared to the 11 Pro Max I get, worse battery life, less color accurate screen, no wireless charging, no IP rating, slower CPU and Storage, worse camera, and more.
  7. What??? No it’s not. Every reviewer every year complains about how lackluster One Plus cameras are compared to actual flagships. BTW for you claiming this review is unbiased there is some massive obvious bias like that eBay price shit that’s 100000% irrelevant.
  8. According to who? That would be a very minority opinion even among Android fans.
  9. So if I find a seller on eBay selling a 7T for $5000 then I guess the iPhone wins in pricing by that logic.
  10. No the specs don’t show this at all. More Megapixels =/= better. They’ve had OLED for 3 years What??? No it’s not. Top end is $1449. It’s not $2000 This entire thing is wrong. If we are doing this purely off of actual security the iPhone would take all the points here. FaceID is a much more secure system than other phones face unlock because it uses IR and a bunch of other sensors to actually scan and map your face. Other face scanners like One Plus just use facial recognition and can be unlocked with a photo of you. On top of this FaceID is harder to fool
  11. That drive does nothing for you. Won’t make startup time faster or anything. Sacrificing board or CPU for that is pointless. What Den said is 100% correct.
  12. IDK what you were expecting the difference to be? 4K is just about overall clarity in small objects, but as other said pixel density and viewing distance are what make things look sharp, not so much resolution.
  13. I’m really struggling to tell if you are joking here... because like this isn’t right nor does it work at all.
  14. Yeah sounds like coil whine coming through your on board audio. Try an external DAC, something as cheap as this will do the job https://www.amazon.com/FiiO-D03K-Digital-Analog-Converter/dp/B009346RSS/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3D4D25ZCU4RYD&keywords=fiio+taishan&qid=1569466343&s=gateway&sprefix=fiio+t%2Caps%2C155&sr=8-1
  15. I have to ask. Have you heard these by chance?
  16. Avoid the 4.50s like the plague. Closed Sennheiser = crap. Mobius is cool but it is plagued by a constant amp hissing that is annoying to me. Personally I would do the WH1000XM3 from Sony. Mobius is better sounding overall, but XM3s are an easy listen and a ton of cool features.
  17. I mean if you expect linear upgrades then wrong hobby for sure.
  18. As someone who had owned the 700 and tried the 820 for a while I would call them both straight garbage. 700 is finally discontinued since Sennheiser realized what an atrocity that thing was. 820 is just bad. Probably it’s main competitor would be the Focal Stellia which also isn’t good. Honestly it’s not competing with too much.