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  1. Hmm.. maybe that's something to do with how tightly they roll it or the material it's made of. I only ever bought one mouse mat, so i don't know if all of them respondthat way.
  2. Roll it in the other direction until it flattens out, at least that's what worked for me.
  3. Spent all that time, but you somehow didn't read the rules? This is not how you enter... Good luck either way
  4. From my limited knowledge, it might send you to a website, probably a phishing site as @SpookyCitrus said.
  5. Do you know the person who sent you that? Also, did you open it? If you don't know them, then don't open it.
  6. A short "story":

    Home: "We want you to get some groceries, here's a list"

    Me, reading the list: "Sure, should be simple"

    *At the store, after buying the stuff"

    Cashier: "Your total is $265"

    Me, on the inside.. I hope:



    And I still forgot to buy some stuff... fml..

    1. Tech_Dreamer


      "some" groceries.

    2. lewdicrous


      The cart was overflowing.. I was misled...

  7. > Ban vaping > Keep cigarettes Lung cancer stayed in chat
  8. Not necessarily. I know that I can get addicted to stuff easily, so it's best for me not go down that road. I've always told myself that "I can stop whenever I want", but over the years I've found out that that's not true.
  9. Old enough to drink, also old enough to know not to.
  10. Yes, he got tired of getting bullied by people on the internet, so he's going to France.
  11. He showed a new intro in a live stream he made earlier this year, I wonder what happened to that..
  12. I wonder if someone watched the video before it was uploaded..
  13. They made their own special blend of fabric, iirc.
  14. Well, there's your answer, you may not like it, but we can't really help you will this kind of stuff.
  15. That was in response to what you wrote: What I said can be shortened to "be you, not the European version of LTT" Getting inspired by someone is one thing, blatantly copying everything they do is another, that was my point. If you've been inspired by LTT, then that's perfectly fine, you just gotta differentiate yourself from their own content. Again, the WAN show is meant to be a way for Linus and Luke (for the most part) to hangout before the weekend, not some collaborative podcast that features its viewers every episode. Here's the thing, if they open this can of worms, then every person who wants to become a tech tuber would pester them about getting featured in the future.