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  1. But does it have 10 bit panel with accurate colors and good blacks? i dont think so, i had 200hz monitor and it was shitty.
  2. They never do this is not justice this is their EULA and terms of service where they can do anything they want with your purchase or ingame characters/items. Everytime someone is banned there is no reason provided, they just "decided so", many times wrongfully for example: you had a cheater in your team someone recorded him and banned everyone except the one who reported. Its valid for all games, banes are never undone for peasants, maybe only for top players that have value/streamers, they might get away with warnings.
  3. Xiaomi added option to disable them, altough its off by default, not sure if you have an account if the option is saved and preserved when you move to other phone or reset. This is all the fault of the industry and Google mainly, they are the #1 ads whore they promote the entire PlayStore apps with garbage ads monetization, most apps are complete trash ads+in app purchase, if Google doesnt sets a standards to not allow ads in UI due to spyware, security issues, data consumption and privacy invasion others will start doing this more and more, they will steal your location, what you type, what you do and make a full profile of you for ads and data selling just like Cambridge Analitica all over again, its a gold mine. The only way to stop it is for people to be informed and buy phones without ads its the best way to say no, but we know the majority doesnt care, they dont care about privacy, -10 IQ is the majority of people, they love to be ignorant otherwise they have to think and worry, that hurts brainz... Best solution for now is to use system wide ad block but most of those solutions require root sadly. Blokada would be the best non root solution.
  4. Its not going to work in the Back screen because when folded too many times the graphite sheet will break eventually. Instead they could just use the bottom o the ultrabook made of thin aluminum as giant bottom passive sink with graphite sheet, and if it works add one in the back of the monitor aswell. Regardless its going to be extremely expensive and only intel exclusive so im not interested in exlusive garbage.
  5. Pointless we need better SoC not CPU's, PC's are lacking severely in better integration, AI accelerated tasks like mobile integrated 2/3/4 and 5G better mobile laptop chips etc. All the time we only get pure brute CPU power thats the only thing thats "new", desktop chips could be a whole lot better if they turned into SoC with smaller mobo's, maybe some integrated HBM or other type of fast high bandwidth l4 Cache, really there is nothing new to x86 since dual core was invented, on the other hand look at mobile chips integrating more and more and being so efficient while x86 becomes heavier and bulkier. I hope for an ARM/RISC-V future for desktop/laptop/gaming computers aswell. Even though hardware has gotten so much faster past 10 years, software has gotten slower, just browsing or using windows 10 is garbage, it used to be so fast back in 2013 with win7, an entry level SSD and a phenomii x4 every web page loaded instantly, now on a modern ryzen 3 with 8gb ddr4 it takes about 5 secons for any page to load, all web browsers are garbage, web pages with html5/css and tons of javascript are slow garbage, definately needs a faster unified front-end language to replace all 3 main front end tech. Add windows 10 telemetry and lack of optimization + bloat adds on top of that, not to mention the performance destroyer win defender and other AV's that are pure spyware on top of MS system level spyware. If i had desktop level pro apps access and a lapdock on my SD 845 phone i would completely get rid of this x86/microsoft garbage experience im so trough with it, everyday its a pain to use, at least if i knew they are working on improving it but they are not it will only get worse with more windows bloat, more browser bloat etc. Use a piece of software like photoshop CS6 and compare it with photoshop CC 2019, CC 2019 is super slow does a lot of useless backgroudn stuff, tons of telemetry and cloud nonsense in the background when all i need is to create or mod some picture. More cores and brute power are useless without mobile style optimization, i hate the future of mobile, the more RAM they can cram into phones the more bloated the apps will get too, at least for now they are still optimized since Android/iOS doesnt allow crap to ruin your performance and battery in the background like windows does, hopefully google/apple it will continue to improve on that front so that devs dont abuse mobile aswell.
  6. pointless tech without fast response high resolution and at least LCD quality its not an usefull product for consumers maybe for other uses.
  7. Its not MicroLED so not that great, looking for the next monitor revolution, LCD had a good run we need OLED equivalent otherwise we cant take advantage from these new tech HDR and good color source, when i see TV's on sale wit HDR10+ 4K premium lol but has 8 bit LCD panel with edge/direct led
  8. Thats just dumb, we should sue all ourselves for buying anything produced with child labour.
  9. The problem is desktop/laptop hardware is not made like android phones thats why any new OS will never enter enterprise. Why? android phones are made with the OS preinstalled tested and configured and updated by 3rd parties(Samsung, Xiaomi etc), on desktop all laptop/desktop/servers are made without an OS with thousands of options for hardware choices each requiring drivers separately and testing, windows was the only one that tried to fit those needs, there is no other OS that can do that, instead we would have to change the model to something like android where you have 1 open source OS (like linxu based ones) and then those who asemble and sell hardware need to ensure that driver, security and feature updates will work. This is done in large part with linux currently but not for desktops or enterprise/office needs, linux design is not good for this task and its too divided for developers to start making pro software for linux , then there will be the issue that enterprise wants support which has to be offered by the 3rd parties, which is why you are right windows cant be challenged, not in this form.
  10. I hope they dont make a linux distro, linux and the entire community is broken, nothing functions right in distros for desktop/lap,top computers, only android works with a big layer of API built on top and with a lot of work from 3rd party phone manufacturers implementing their own drivers and optimizations plus a centralized main google app store. I hope facebook makes a micro kernel open source OS from scratch with safety in mind, no doubt they will make it collect data but hopefully thats only on their devices, anyone else that uses this os can simply remove the spyware code b4 compilation, otherwise its a failed OS, closed source spyware OS like windows have no future, and if they do go that route i expect EU and US congress and russia and china to immediately ban it or force them open source it and remove those spyware.
  11. I cant bother reading the article but based on this: "...found that blue light filter doesn't help you sleep at night, doesn't play with your internal clock, nor is blue light (unsurprisingly) is bad for you. The study has found that actually, we respond more to red/yellow light." The whole study is pointless, blue light filter is made to reduce blue light ammount in order to not burn your retina which is sensible to blue light and can affect our vision long term and to reduce eye strain, our eyes evolved in natural warm light, they dont play well with artifical white(blue) light. Blue filter was not made to help you sleep or anything else. And it actually helps me a lot, i keep my laptop and phone almost always on reduced blue light and it massively reduces eye strain, i wake up with less or no eye strain the second day, i remember before blue filter used to be a thing i always had red bleedy eyes after a late night on my PC or phone, now those days are gone, i rarely have to use eye drops for irritation nowdays. This proves to me many of these studies are done for other reasons behind, like nitpicking on something that works somewhat to make it controversial and gain reputation. But thats just me. Too many annoying "studies", just make up your own mind, blue filter is not placebo it helps me and i notice the difference in eye strain immediately in dark or low light rooms.
  12. As long as its RISC-V based and not x86 and it has top notch support on linux and mobile it can be a great competitor, but as long as Intel/AMD + Microsoft tripoly exists, games, pro software and developing tools wont be made outside of the tripoly at least not on desktop/workstation/laptop devices.
  13. i need Ryzen5 4500U 6core/12thread core 1-3ghz mobile APU with Navi 9 iGPU 7nm+ can i have it?