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  1. Good riddance porn is bad anyway...
  2. yian88

    Galaxy S10 5G (Korea) Can't Find 5G Without Rebooting

    5G is useless for cities and phones. No one needs those speeds, improved LTE/4G is more than enough up to 100mpbs, and then we should instead switch to regular wifi in every building we go over AC/AD but currently its not automatic its a pain in the ass to manually connect.
  3. Well fuck......... fuck cloud i want my data local cant trust these assholes with anything.
  4. Repeating the same old : Facebuk should be completely banned everywhere.
  5. I have a lenovo legion y520 and all linux distros suck really bad with it, mainly due to dual gpu + igpu problems. If you can get a ryzen 3000 + vega8/10 go for it, shintel igpu is a disaster. Also the lack of software is kiling it, not even a decent videoplayer with debanding and motion interpolation sucks. No pro software for CAD sucks... snaps suck. I should try fedora but i hate fucking gnome shit, in fact i hate all linux;s DE's fulll of issues.
  6. yian88

    TSMC paves way for 5nm SoCs

    I dont think qualcom has to catch up apple at all, they are delivery high performance cost effective SoC's, and i hope they continue to do so. Their 845, 855 chips are as good as they get, i dont see a need for more performance, just because apple is 10-15% ahead in benchmarks means exactly nothing, its the features, phone experience and battery that matters. I hope to see POCO F2 with 855 SD under 400$ by 2020.
  7. Dont put hope on VPN's they are the next target of the UK gov, and all governments around the world will censor or block or force VPN's to abide by the laws. There is no free internet anymore and is going to get really restricted soon everywhere. The past free internet where you could share and enjoy whatever, which sadly included a lot of illegal stuff, is dying and the good things with it. Torrenting, cracking, video piracy is going away and no you cant do anything about it, this is the same in every domain, these people who make laws dont have anything better to do other than making more rules of law, get it? take for example building a house, it was so much easier 1-200 years ago, but with time it became so regulated it costs more to get the land, the permits, power and so on than the cost of the materials, and you cant even build it yourself anymore it has to be an authorized company that builds and it has to respect hundreds of environmental laws and materials you cannot use. Why do you think housing is only getting more and more expensive, apart from demand, due to regulation is getting more costly to build anything. Same applies to anything, car companies have very strict pollution/safety standards to implement, starting a car company is pretty much DOA, only big corp. can produce something new in auto industry. Same will happen with internet everywhere, very strict regulation, gov manipulation, online monitoring of people, and not too long after social credit score like China, but more "moderate".
  8. yian88

    Prince Harry: Fortnite should be banned

    The problem with Harry and your answers is that you view the world in black and white its either banned or full freedom. About work and health, work is necessary to survive and has great benefits to an individual the family, community and society even if it is unhealthy, gaming, gambling etc has no benefits, work is a calculated benefit, you trade time and sometimes(most of the jobs) your health aswell, but there is no way around that, you cant compare the work requirement to survive to sitting and gaming all day on someone else's money doing nothing, even if you are an adult and work to support yourself, if after work you also game 4-8 hours and barely get any sleep, you are destroying your health and life many times faster than just work alone. Gaming in moderation 1-2 hours a day is fine. Im calling for moderation laws on things that can become or have become an epidemic. First before banning sugar and other stuff you have to think what you can and cannot ban, it would be impossible to limit an individuals sugar intake, because most sugar health issues comes from processed foods and its easy to get sugars from many sources, gaming or smokes on the other hand are easily regulated. I would ban all gambling boxes in games for people under 18, and limit playtime to 2-3 hours day, that is more than plenty for a child. I would ban smokes completely they are freaking retarded and most people struggle to quit after they started smoking in middle/high school because "it was cool", and they cant quit, i know a dozen people that struggle to quit smokes and regret having started it. If it was banned they would have never been able to get addicted in the first place, its not easy(next to impossible) to mass produce tobacco illegally and distribute it unlike sugar or fatty foods which are everywhere and anyone can make them.
  9. yian88

    Prince Harry: Fortnite should be banned

    Not really, unless you are overworked work helps you evolve, you create goods and services for the society making it work, and also you get money for you and your family and dont end up homeless. Its not just about health, its overall combined disadvantages of purely gaming ignoring your life and work, retirement, health, family and so on, you become just a burden to yourself, your family/friends and society, just like alcoholics, gamblers, drug addicts and so on. Gaming should be limited to 2-3 hours/day, not fully banned it makes no sense to fully ban gaming, but limiting it to make sure kids that wont listen to parents cannot get hooked on all these shit games, parents allow them to play to spoil them and they end up addicted. Its like "hey lets legalize alcohol and gambling for kids", but then their parents dont do their job properly and the kids end up addicts, and to hell goes society and families, gaming is the least worst but still causes addiction and life quality loss.
  10. yian88

    Prince Harry: Fortnite should be banned

    This isnt just about bad parenting, its a bout a medium that badly influences kids and adults like drugs. Many families are fighting with addiction of one or more of their beloved ones, be it drugs, alcohol or games, both adults and kids. People freedoms are already heavily restricted, and i would add more to those, limit alcohol sale per person to one bottle daily or anyone who wants to buy drinks needs an alcohol card that you can recharge monthly which allows you to buy a certain ammount each day. Sounds stupid and not the most practical, but why should you have the freedom to become an alcoholic or drug addict, homeless, destroy your family and maybe hurt other people too? Moderation is key and not all individuals can achieve it, certainly not kids. I would say limit children gaming to 2-3hours of gaming total per day, ban all smokes sales, and limit alcohol per person daily they can buy. My family was ruined by my alcoholic father, and my youth was ruined by gaming addiction, my grandfather also died from lung cancer at 58 due to heavy smoking, and if there was bans to all these we would have been far better today without that addictive garbage. You may want to keep your freedom of moderation id say you shouldnt have that freedom, just because it turned out good for you it doesnt mean it will be fine for everyone. Banning or restricting things like gambling, gaming and substances would provide an amazing boost of health and general improvements to social/family life everywhere around the world, and you lose nothing in the process.
  11. yian88

    Prince Harry: Fortnite should be banned

    Most parents wont do it or dont know how or dont care, which means you end up with a lot of kids hooked on games. In this case what is best to do? since video games are addicting and affect kids life and development severely, limiting games play hours by law makes sense, no more 18hours binge gaming for anyone regardless if its a kid or adult, its just not healthy. I know many other activities are in the same category, like drinking yourself to death 24/7 and we didnt ban alcohol so yeah the government is dumb and too selective.
  12. yian88

    Prince Harry: Fortnite should be banned

    Children "moderate their internet usage".... u serious? not even parents know how to do it, or care about it let alone the kids themselves. This is a stretch but its the same as saying allow children to drink alcohol and smoke because they should be able to moderate their consumption.... a stretch but its that bad. I think way too often people think in black and white, instead of a balance, the real solution is like SouthKorea did, limit every game by law to how many hours per day you can play regardless of age lets say 2h per game daily for adults, and kids should get a maximum of 2-3h per day global hours, otherwise kids can still jump from game to game for 8h+. They should incentivize kids to play outside more and organize school activities outside so they can learn about the world and develop themselves. All this sitting on a chair is really really bad for the society's future.
  13. yian88

    Anthem "Exposed": They Done fucked up

    All the fault of this market mentality, the bigger fish swallows the smallers ones. As long as company owners sell to bigger ones these things will keep happening.
  14. Soon: "Please insert your bank account user and password and credit card to confirm your identity" Facebook should be banned everywhere and their entire infrastructure instagram, whatsapp they are just garbage, worse than Huawei which is getting blocked constantly.
  15. Summer is coming..... googles *BRUTAL DUBSTEP MIX 10 HOURS* Well neighbours im sorry for you going deaf but at least we all hate mosquito's.