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    AMD Ryzen 5 1600
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    ASUS Prime B350 Plus
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    (Corsair lpx Vengeance 4 Gb 3000 mhz) x 4 [16Gb]
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    MSI RX 560 Aero ITX / Asus GTX 1060 OC 3GB
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    Aerocool Aero 500
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    Samsung S24F350 / Dell S2719DGF
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    AMD Wraith Spire
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    (China) MotoSpeed CK 104
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    Logitech G203 Prodigy
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    Audio Technica ATH-M50X
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    Windows, Ubuntu
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    Acer Aspire E576G

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  1. Hello. I have PSVR and I love it, however, even if you don't take into account the technical shortcuts (resolution, FOV, etc.) the experience is very limited since you can't mod things and in my case have to pay a premium for the games. For example, I can't be a cute anime girl with two sausages instead of sabers in Beat Saber PSVR, but in PC I can (also, thanks to regional pricing in Colombia Beat Saber in steam is $9 dollars vs $35 in PS Store. Buying physical games is cheaper than buying digital from Sony itself) So, I want a PC headset. The market for PC Headsets looks very confusing, but what I can grasp is that there are mainly 5 types of HMD's: Tethered Headsets with Outside Tracking: Like the Oculus Rift, HTC VIVE, and the upcoming Valve Index. Tethered Headsets with In-Headset Cameras: Like the Windows Mixed Reality Headsets, The Oculus Rift S Headsets for VR on the Go: Like the Oculus Quest, and this does not require a PC. Cardboard stuff and Smartphone VR: I guess this includes Google Lenses and other headsets for Smartphones. Console VR: The good old PlayStation VR and the Nintendo Labo VR Kit. I'm in the market for Number 1 and Number Two, but I can't decide between the two. Here are the questions: Will HTC/Facebook/Valve or any other Headset manufacturer force me to buy games on their store? Can I buy games in steam/other platforms? Are PC headsets closed gardens? Are Windows Mixed Reality headsets a good experience? Which one is ""the best""? WMR vs Rift S, which one is better? What is exactly Full Body Tracking? Is it true that I need one of those black suits with ping pong balls on them? Can I do Full Body Tracking with In-Headset Tracking or do I need external tracking? What do I need for Finger Tracking? Also, I can go as far as $600 Thanks for reading. ?
  2. In Colombia you can still see a good number of them in the streets, some are focused on esports titles, but the vast majority are hibrids or for regular stuff like browsing, video calls, etc. They are becoming rarer and rarer since it is now a common thing to have a laptop in all house/libraries
  3. The problem with the Playstation and nintendo controllers on Pc is that layouts are almost always the Xbox ones, few developers include different layouts (even if there id a PS version of the game) You usually have to mod the game to get Dualshock layout
  4. My left ear enjoyed this. I have been a console player all my life (with the exception of some MMOs like Wakfu or Dofus when I was a Teenager and LoL which I still play), and to be honest the worst thing about it was seeing games releasing in specific platforms, that always result in segregated communities. I don't want that for pc. #SadFace Also, excited to see some PS exclusives coming to pc, the more people that can experience them the better.
  5. Im from Colombia, a lot of people here like to pay in cash for everything. We pay for steam games in cash, or other digital currencies like Riot Points. In fact, the biggest online market here (Mercadolibre Colombia) have like 3 different ways to pay in cash (of course, you can pay with debit or credit too). For people in developed countries it might not be as convinient, but I have more than 10 places to pay in cash within a 5 minutes walk from my home. Also, it costs the same. Having a debit/credit card requires to pay a monthly fee, so its actually more expensive if you dont need one ( students, kids, etc).
  6. Would you share with us your pick?
  7. This is quite good news... Do you think that it is comparable to, for example, a youtube video in 720p instead of 1080p? If that's the case I really don't mind at all. From the opinions that I have read online, I was thinking that games were going to be blurry, unplayable messes.
  8. Hello! Almost Two years ago I Jumped from 1280x720 resolution to 1920x1080, the trip has been awesome! God bless the PC. Now I want to step up my game, I will be getting a 1440p 144hz monitor and a better Graphics Card for my Pc. However, I'm also a Console user (PS4 Standard and Switch), and those consoles only output up to 1080p(some games on the switch run even lower than 720p while docked, Doom reaches 620p sometimes with the Dynamic Resolution) What got me worried is that people say that displaying 1080p on a 1440p monitor looks pretty bad, so I did some research and it turns out to be dependant on the scaling done by each monitor model how good the end result will be. This was honestly shocking for me since I didn't really notice anything too bad when playing Zelda BOTW at 900p on my current 1080p monitor. I am willing to make some compromises in terms of quality... but if the compromise is more than lets say 30% worse than my current experience then I rather keep my 1080p monitor because 50% of my time playing is on console. My questions: - How Horrible does generally look 1080p on a 1440p display? Is it unplayable? - Any recommendations on monitors that do the best scaling work? - Am I understanding something wrong?? - Is it really worse than playing on a native 1080p resolution? Thanks for reading!
  9. Sadly, a lot of monitors and proyectors in my university still use VGA. I guess thats why we havent rid ourselfs from VGA ports in laptops
  10. Hello William A little bit of info might help us to help you. Can you go to your BIOS/UEFI? Do you know how to go there? Can you use your keyboard when you are in the BIOS/UEFI?
  11. Well, you have to understand that LMG always try to show the most impressive of the impressive. When they recently did a video about laptops i was surprised when they didnt talked about the acer aspire 576g, which is under my opinion the best budget laptop (600 with ssd, mx150 gpu, i5 8250u and 8 gb of ram) But then i realized that it was a "boring" product with nothing special, just a good balance in price/features and performance. And that does not sell well in video. I dont think this is bad though, its just their business model. And from time to time they do show really good stuff for everyone.
  12. Well, to be honest this looks like homework. Instead of giving you the code so you can use it, i would like to encourage you to learn about coding. Arduino is really fun and useful, you should not waste the oportunity to experience such enjoyment by using someone else code This semester im doing a wireless mini car with proximity sensors with arduino, and although i didnt like the electric part in the beginning (im more a code guy) im feeling more enriched right now because i did it. Theres people in my neighbour class doing exactly the same proyect as you, if they can then you can too. Also, dont take this the wrong way. Im telling you this because its for your own good. ?
  13. I don't know what are you talking about... there is a lot of walking white things around here? Jokes aside... a big factor is people's perception about white being a color that doesnt pass the test of time (getting yellow-like as times goes by)
  14. Well, it is mostly the same game. The differences are the exclusive pokemon of each version. This is from the wikia (since i dont remember all of them) EDIT: Damn i forgot about Crystal. In crystal (if im not in error) you can choose your genre, the battles have better animations and graphics, there are some new quests with a legendary pokemon. And also you can get celebi, but i think that was region dependent so...
  15. Life can be multiple things for us humans. We can either try to fullfill our duty as a specie (breed and thrive in the world, maybe even outside of it). But if we only live for such reason then every single one of us will suffer as an individual. Or... we can live in search of happiness (a concept that is highly elusive on its own). The idea is to find a balance between the two (or even better, make the second support the first) The problem comes when what is necessary to be happy for each of us is in conflict with the above. Thats why i asked the question above, we try to be happy but in reality we are just trying to suffer less. And what is suffering? It is the lack of happiness.