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  1. Hi people, I will buy a new Mechanical Keyboard. I'm coming from a Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro M Brown RGB and i want to know which of the follow would be a better deal. I live outside US and Drop does not ship to where i live, so i have limited options. G815 for $110 G915 TKL for $170 G915 for $190 I'm leaning towards the g915 tkl, but let me know what you think is better. Maybe it's not $60 worth it over the g815?
  2. Yes, i am thinking about it too, the 6800 xt looks to be the better for the listed prices.
  3. Guys! It's happening a sale right now with good prices compared to the prices that are usually charged here. It's way better than those prices i listed yesterday. See below: RX 6800: $700 (usually $833 here) RX 6800 XT: $800 (usually $933 here) RTX 3080: $950 (usually $1080 here) I'm leaning towards the the 6800XT. What do you guys think?
  4. Thank you all guys. Guess i am going with the 6800!
  5. Hi guys, I live outside US, so here everything is expensive. I need a new graphics card and would like to know which would be a better purchase. I play at 1440p and have a Ryzen 7 5800X and 4x8gb 3466mhz cl16 ram. RTX 3060 Ti GAMING X TRIO for $633 or RTX 3070 Gygabyte Aorus Master for $766 ($716 for the Gaming OC) or Reference RX 6800 for $766
  6. Hi guys, i still have not buyed any of them. Now Samsung Odyssey G7 (1 year warranty) is $525 and Dell S2721DGF (3 years warranty) is $450. Which one should i choose based on those prices? It appears that they have fixed the flickering issues with the G7, but still.
  7. Oh yes, it is ordered but i did not pay yet. We have a system here called boleto where we can order an item to "reserve" it for that price for some days until we decide to pay or not. About the value thing, not just value, i would like performance and a little bit of looks too. My main concern about using the hyper 212 is that the top of my case will be with no fans as it only comes with 3 in the front and one at the back. With an AIO like the levante i would use that space and make the air circulate a little more. Price x performance the levante looks like a good deal but i r
  8. Hi, thanks for your response! I will be using a Ryzen 5800x + x570 tuf + 4x8gb hyperx fury 3466mhz cl16 ram and a NZXT H710 case. Basically i am looking for the best bang for the buck cooler. I could get a hyper 212 black rgb for $34 too but for $100 the levante looks really good. I am shopping from Brazil. Pc parts prices here are a mess. Some costs the same as in US (hyper 212), some less (xpg levante) and the other 90% costs way more, haha.
  9. Hi, would the XPG Levante be considered Tier 1 if it was a bit cheaper? Where i live i can get one for $100. The other option would be the h100i pro xt for $120, but is it $20 better?
  10. The 212 i already have ordered at combat informatica, just need to pay. It is R$199 with shipping included. The XPG Levante too, R$584 with shipping included at Kabum store. Usually i check Kabum, Pichau, Terabyte, GK infostore and combat informatica.
  11. Thank you for your suggestions! The problem with terabyte shop for me its their shipping. The gammax with shipping is the same price as the 212 black rgb i can get in another store. Also the Ninja 5 is the same price, with shipping, as the Xpg Levante. Would you still say it would be a better purchase?
  12. I have bought a NZXT H710 and 4x8gb 3466mhz cl16 ram from hyperx. Also using an Asus X570 Tuf motherboard
  13. Sadly where i live the 5900x is way pricier. I could get the 5800x on aliexpress for $458 but the 5900x is $700 both there and in my country. So, it is better, but not $242 better :(. If i could grab it for $550-$600 it would be a no brainer.