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  1. Egh, the thing gets warm already, I don't think I'd want to push it further
  2. God of War is the only real single player game there, and the only actually good one I myself blame telling your customers not to buy your game
  3. Is that why the world quakes anytime America says they might do something in a foreign country
  4. I thought I was against it but I have a cell phone which really isn't any different so I don't think it would bother me that badly. Still wouldn't pay for one
  5. It'd probably be fine if the the hub is rated at USB 3.0 speeds, but you can always buy another USB 3.0 PCIe card and add more ports to the computer (assuming you have a PCIe slot open)
  6. I wonder if they don't even tell retailers how many are being shipped to them. Or they do, but GameStop opens preorders early and expects people to cancel by the time they actually come out. Well time to buy scalped ones on eBay
  7. With Chrome getting rid of adblocks and- Ha, who am I kidding, Edge was never a consideration. Firefox is pretty cool
  8. I haven't done anything to it for the last 3 years, haven't even reformatted since switching to an SSD
  9. don't port just make every freaking halo game for PC already
  10. I don't see how deleting a video exempts you from a contract
  11. Well hopefully they got paid and had backups of their own videos, but this would be the risk you take uploading to a channel you don't control.
  12. Remote surgery and even robotic surgery has been tried and usually winds up in catastrophic failure just once, and that once is enough for them to realize sending the doctor is still the better option until we can one day guarantee the technology won't fail in the middle of sewing up your artery China's just late to realizing this
  13. Thanks to Ubisoft I now dread seeing "open world." Unless they copy Elder Scrolls or Breath of the Wild or GTA V, all developers do anymore is clone Assassin's Creed
  14. They charge this much knowing people will pay for it. You don't get to stay a big fancy business by not being ruthless with your customers
  15. If you're posting a video at midnight, and it's that important to post it exactly at midnight, then yes, you would get up and post it at midnight
  16. My point is you were late, feminists beat you to it
  17. I don't really understand why there's a barrier to see what it is in the first place. Seems weird to me not to have any basic, 1 or 2 sentences of what it is and what you're paying for
  18. kinda late considering feminists were complaining sex robots would replace women first
  19. As long as I can play it on PC I don't really care where I have to get it from
  20. Dunno man, the new Doom, Tomb Raider, and God of War did a great job of boosting them into the current year. Talent still exists but it's buried beneath the swamp of cash swallowing every successful developer
  21. I'm not really sure words can describe how wildly this can vary from story to story. Also remember everything you read on the internet/hear from strangers is true
  22. Rust is not the best made game on the planet and Overwatch's maxed settings are pretty demanding