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    Computer tech


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    Ryzen R7 1800x
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte X470 Aorus Gaming 7 WiFi (F2 BIOS)
  • RAM
    16GB (2 x 8GB) Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000MHz
  • GPU
    AMD Radeon XFX RX 590
  • Case
    Cooler Master Storm Trooper
  • Storage
    512GB NVMe SSD, 240GB SSD, 4 x HDD (18TB total)
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    650WT SeaSonic Prime Titanium
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    ViewSonic 27" XG2701
  • Cooling
    Corsair H115i
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    Corsair Strafe
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    Elecom EX-G trackball
  • Sound
    10+ year old Logitech Z640 5.1 set
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. A carrot? Would that even survive the gunpowder?
  2. Which is why I always have my smartphone laying face up, and I placed a little sticky pad over the front facing camera. Not because I think someone is spying on me, but because the very real possibility exists that they could.
  3. Intel doing more of the same. With LGA, they pushed the bent pin issues onto the motherboard manufacturers, and now they're pushing a new PSU standard onto them, requiring additional work in the design and manufacturing. I can only see this being popular in the large OEM market (e.g. Dell, HP, etc). The only part I like is the smaller power connector. I wouldn't mind if ATX started using that mini 24-pin that Dell has on their boards. I never turn of my PC (and no, it's not dumb), but I also don't let my computer idle. It's always doing something or other, which is why it's never s
  4. Needs more flames on the hat, something like this:
  5. Well, I'm glad I got that extra ammo a while back. Found myself a bit short this paycheck, and ended up offloading a few boxes (at a slight markup) to compensate. Bullets are almost better than gold right now.
  6. My issue with Firefox is their "opt out" policy on telemetry. The provided image shows them disabled, but the top three are enabled by default on a clean install. The 'studies' one is particularly concerning to me.
  7. Patents should only exist for specific implementations, not for generic design choices. There could be wiggle room for someone trying to just slightly alter the implementation to get around the patent, but they should never be handed out for such a vague description. At its core, what is a corporation but a group of people that have banded together? For example, what if I get into business with two friends, and we decide to build a product together. Which one of us holds the patent? Whichever person files it holds all the power, but by joining it to a corporation that we're all par
  8. A fellow member of the local firearm owners group I belong to was getting rid of some excess. Not sure why, but I wasn't about to complain.
  9. Just got a (relatively) awesome deal on some ammo. $20/box for 9mm (10 boxes) and $25 for 555 rds of .22lr. Kept the 9mm for myself and sold the .22lr to my pastor. It feels good to have extra ammo again.
  10. You know, I've never liked these home assistant devices, and this just gives me more of a reason to despise them. Hard pass for me (again). Ignorance isn't inherently a bad thing, we're all ignorant about something. Ignorance is merely a lack of knowledge. That's not an attack, it's barely even an insult. Saying someone is ignorant is not the same as saying someone is stupid. I swear, it's like people don't even understand language anymore.
  11. Well, you convinced me. Calling me dumb definitely proves your point. Great work. Not until December 14th. The Electoral College decides that, not the AP, no matter how much Google and the media may proclaim it to be true. I'm not going further than that, nor making any statements on the validity of the elections, just declaring the fact that the election isn't over until the EC votes.
  12. What are you talking about? Where did I say anything about "choosing my own facts"? What I've said repeatedly is that I don't want the media companies choosing for me. I prefer to think for myself. Again I say, what the heck are you talking about? Where did I say anything about a cure?
  13. And my point is that you can't always trust "experts", either. Go back and read what I wrote again. Odd stories here and there. Ultimately, it doesn't matter. My point stands alone, those were simply references to some of the reasons I came to conclusion I did. Jesus. There's no one else I trust implicitly. You can write me off as a "religious kook" if you want, but I'll always have skepticism towards any story I hear, especially when the media are promoting it. If the media tell me the sky is blue, I'll go look for myself. And even if it is blue, I'll question their mot