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  1. The Canadian dream invading Australian government, give 'just enough'. I don't really understand that thinking, most people don't use the 4x4 vehicles they buy (alright maybe more in Australia) but car manufacturers don't say they only build 2 wheel drive because few people go offroad where it's necessary. It sounds to me like what some American cell companies say, "most people use less than 5GB data." Well most people use less than 5GB because we're worried about getting charged for going over. I know if I had no limit I would go way over 5GB because I'd update that phone game through 4G and watch those snapchats when not connected to WiFi
  2. I don't get it, when Windows 7 came out people were saying these same things about Windows XP. I knew people that downgraded from 7 to XP because they didn't want to change. This just seems like the same deal, Windows 10 is fine and I still can barely tell the day-to-day use difference from Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10. I remember liking Vista when it came out because the search function actually freaking worked
  3. I imagine, like 100% of hardware rumors, these won't be very accurate and there's no reason to get excited until they come out
  4. I've found, no idea if it's real or not, that doing this and looking for overlapping information generally shows which information is correct. Sometimes it's not because they report 4chan pissing fanfictions anyway, but other times I would see Trump's massive rallies, college aged women booing when they were asked if they could relate to Hillary, and an entire year where my headlines were filled with "This is Trump's worst week ever" every single week. But no I don't think the internet is more divided than it's ever been. I remember playing Runescape 13 years ago and people were just as polarized on Bush as they were today on Trump. Same cycles, different platforms, as it will always be. Humanity has always leaned toward two sides in an epic dick wagging contest, so far the biggest was USA and Russia but who knows what it'll be again.
  5. I think the US imports some of its electricity so we don't really have a choice right now, there's not enough windmills or solar or hydro for us to power the entire country and there's a whack ton of places that just flat out get no wind or get no sun. As nice as solar shingles would be, places in the north where it's dark and cloudy 8 months a year probably won't generate enough. I think in a place as big as America it'll be an extremely slow process to get off fossil fuels, and I'm convinced it will happen because big corporations that aren't involved in oil would love nothing more than to have an electricity bill that say zero instead of thousands of dollars for their buildings.
  6. I clean mine whenever I unplug something and realize it's dusty, which isn't very often. I have a Windows 95 computer from 1995 that I've only ever cleaned once so I'm not that worried about it
  7. There absolutely is, but it depends on the item. Brand new items from big box stores or smaller stores have a 30 day guarantee, but stores are given the freedom to decide if that's store credit or not. Most manufacturers have warranties to protect the item, stores can't really be responsible for some things breaking. If it's a used market like eBay, you're covered under eBay's guarantee that the item was accurately described. If it's accurately described 'as-is' which means there's a chance it'll stop working soon, then there's nothing they do about it because you agree to the risk
  8. Oh great me bashing your architect (I still stand by my statements) is my first reply by ye Linus
  9. I remember their architecture for that indoor building being on livestream, and after it was all done I couldn't help but think I'm sure as heck not hiring that guy for anything requiring a decent amount of space. Why their server room is so tiny but that room above it next to Linus' office with (as far as I can tell) two workers is ridiculously huge I'll never know
  10. I like him more than Luke, Luke's hand movements and vocabulary and just general presence always bother me and I almost never finish his videos. Not sure why fans always hate on the new guy, they love to comment "he's so nervous or bad on camer!!11" when I have no idea what they mean because he's doing as good as Luke
  11. Vive was my favorite of the two, felt way more real and everything was just more fun. The Oculus is way better to wear for sure but that's what you get with new technology
  12. A 3.5mm audio mixer with zero noise and doesn't require external power And United airlines to be replaced with robots that aren't incapable of providing a decent on-time flight for less than my house payment
  13. Their latest video "Can dual core still game" has solidified their thumbnail future
  14. CES was never that exciting, but it's fun to see what they come up with and things that I will never buy
  15. You'll probably be fine using Windows Defender or Avast if you don't go to fishy sites very ofte, Windows Defender has nearly as high catch rate of viruses as any paid for program these days
  16. All of their skins are hideous to me and I'd rather use a case anyway
  17. I'd like to see it for fun, I've always built computers in a very dry desert climate on carpet with no ESD protection and nothing's ever broken. But I did discharge myself before handling the components
  18. If you have that available to you you're probably not too far from a Microcenter either
  19. Practicality, most people don't go and buy new computer parts very often so unless you live in a populated area where they can get consistent business it makes no sense to open one. Kinda like IKEA, and Amazon does their job for everyone else
  20. ...Assuming there will be an eventual 1080 Ti, then the 1080 is the third fastest of the new generation Nvidia GPUs and you yourself said it's faster than the second fastest GPU of the last generation. Not sure what you're going for here, can't get a 980 Ti for the price of a GTX 1080 anymore anyway (at least not in America on Newegg/Amazon when I checked immediately 5 seconds ago)
  21. Intel's supposed to come out with Cannonlake later this year so I'd probably, as usual, wait for that and conclude neither are a significant enough upgrade for what I'm with now. Until I upgrade to 4K I don't even think last generations upgrades would make a big difference for me since I'm still maxing out every game that comes out at 60FPS, except maybe Crysis 3 but no one actually plays Crysis
  22. I said disturbing trend. So far he's avoiding it, that's a good thing, and there are a few there (like I said that upgrade your laptop with the splashing water and Hazard suit is complete clickbait, all Luke does is throw in an SSD which they've done 5000 times to computers). I hope it doesn't become Vox
  23. That's literally the title of this thread. But it's Linsu's trend, not a YouTube trend. YouTubers have been doing this for years, all Linus is missing now is the neon background. At least, for now, their videos still have what the title says.
  24. Tesla's, even if they ever produce their $30,000 vehicles. The idea of owning an expensive car that can barely go 250 miles and needs over an hour to refuel is just weird to me, especially when cheap diesels or Toyotas can go almost 600 miles on one tank.