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  1. Looking to settle my laptop needs for a while, can't really decide between the two remaining options though. It's either the XPS 15 9570 (i9-8950HK, 1050 Ti, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD, UDH Touch) or the ThinkPad P52 (i7-8850H, P2000, 16GB, 1,25TB SSD, FHD). The reason for my uncertainty is because 1) I'm primarily in the market for a laptop to get me through SolidWorks and casual gaming, 2) I'm not quite convinced about the performance of the XPS 15, considering that most people claim it thermal throttles even with the i7-8750H, and 3) I can get them at roughly the same cost. I really onl
  2. I've tried to rid my portable setup from a few cables by trying out a couple of cheap Bluetooth receivers with no luck (too much background noise), so I thought I'd turn here in hopes of getting suggestions for a good quality portable Bluetooth receiver.
  3. Recently, I got my hands on an iFi Micro iDSD BL to pair with my headphones, but I'm having troubles with the whole portable aspect of it. I'm looking to eliminate the wire going from my phone to the iDSD by adding a Bluetooth receiver that is small and light enough to be portable and still deliver good enough quality sound that it's worth cutting the cord. My initial idea was to get a Bluetooth dongle, but none I've found list if it's capable of receiving audio. There are plenty of car stereo options out there, but they seem clunky or unreliable. Any help is appreciated.
  4. Thanks! The precision seems to be the way for me to go, seeing as it is on sale right now.
  5. No preference on weight nor battery, and here are a few online retailers: cdon.com, komplett.se, proshop.se, netonnet.se, mediamarkt.se, elgiganten.se, dustinhome.se
  6. Recently, I sold my desktop due to my ending interest in playing games in favor of CAD (specifically SolidWorks) and I'm now looking to replace said desktop with a Laptop. My workload doesn't demand an awful lot of power, but preferably more than what the 2013 MacBook Airs that we used in school offered. I've been looking at Lenovo's ThinkPad line-up, seeing as the device I'm writing this on is a Lenovo T61 and happens to be the only computer I have left, but they're a bit pricey. My budget is very flexible, anything from €1000 to €2500 goes, but I want to make sure I get the most
  7. I've been looking into making a custom heatsink for a case I designed myself, but when I started looking into heat pipes there wasn't an awful lot of information regarding specific details, such as which end of the heat pipe is the "head" and "foot" end, and which to apply to the heat source. Also, what are the differences between grooved, wick material and sintered heat pipes?
  8. . HDPLEX Makes some pretty nice small PSUs, like the 160W DC-ATX Converter and the 400W DC-ATX Converter. They, on the other hand, require you to have an AC-DC power brick, which in itself isn't hard to hide away but it needs to be able to supply the converter with sufficient wattage.
  9. I recently acquired an LD Systems HPA1 portable amplifier which happens to use 9V Block batteries. I can't be bothered buying new ones all the time, so I figured I'd set it up with a rechargeable battery inside and a battery bank to extend its time, but I don't seem to find any suitable ones. Aukey has several power banks with Qualcomm's QuickCharge ability, which can output 9V, but doesn't that require a QuickCharge certified device to work? And I'm not sure if it matters, but the power-in should be 9V DC to be specific. Should I go with a 9V DC adapter that I plug into the wall, carrying aro
  10. Isn't it that if a SSD RAID 0 crash due to drive failure, the other drive might end up damaged? Or is your economy strong enough to not care about that?
  11. Assuming he knows how to invest (no offence, I'm just going off of the assumption we're all not super interested in stocks). And then we have priorities: Entertainment of Investment. It's all down to what he feels like is right.
  12. I'd recommend getting a 1080 or 1070 Ti (whenever it's released), those titles aren't awfully demanding even at 4K as far as I've heard. Not sure if you'd be better off with a Ryzen processor considering video and image editing, so I'm not gonna recommend you one (even though I've enjoyed my R5 1600 for a while now, great for gaming and creative work). Saving a few bucks could mean getting something better in the way of peripherals and such.
  13. I'm looking for a portable headphone amplifier for my upcoming purchase, either a pair of T50RP's or T40RP's from fostex. I'm looking for something that I can plug into my phone while I'm out and something I can plug into my desktop when I'm at home or at school. Doing my research, I found out that these RP-series headphones are, apparently, difficult to drive and I'm looking for the best portable experience (primarily) as I can possibly afford. Budget is €250 ± 50. Also, can't really make my mind up on which pair to choose. I wish to have as little sound leaking out as possible,
  14. But the question is whether or not it will hit 3000MHz or could I just as well return the kit and get a lower frequency kit? After all, there are no 16GB kits listed at over 2800MHz there, and what's the chance of me hitting that high anyway? Shouldn't it be a relatively accurate guideline regarding memory volume and frequency, or are there miracle-memory kits out there?