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  1. need part picker list for $1100!!

    this is on hell of a build i wish i gone with this when i built my pc
  2. sager np8372

    so i have this sager np8372 laptop and it seems the thermal paste that sager uses is absolute horrible. so the point is i have some mx-4 left is it worth it to use that or something like ic diamond for the cpu and gpu or are there better options ? another thing is i know i can get a liquid metal thermal paste but isnt it to risky? what do you suggest ?
  3. do you need a 1080 though your only playing league and doing photo video editing i personally just got this laptop http://www.xoticpc.com/sager-np8372-clevo-pa71hs.html?startcustomization=1 its light thin and does everything i use it for 3d moddeling and its more than powerfull to render on it oh and my config are 32gb ram i7-7820hk and killer dual band ac
  4. urgent is this a good deal

    i understand that a desktop is better deal and cheaper but for work and moving around constantly it doesn't match my work style like morning in university afternoon work its not the best option for me
  5. urgent is this a good deal

    sure i will game on it but this is mostly for cad programming game dev and video editing
  6. https://www.amazon.com/Gigabyte-i7-7700HQ-GeForce-7200rpm-Windows/dp/B073SHKV88/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1506361805&sr=8-1&keywords=GIGABYTE+P56Xv7 is this a good deal the 4k uhd version or are there better laptops for the same price with 4k uhd screen
  7. Need help fixing my laptop.

    maybe your cpu is dead
  8. Gaming server - Suggestions needed!

    go with 2 amd epyc cpu it would not even cost half the price of Xeon for more performance. btw this might help http://www.supermicro.com/Aplus/system/Tower/4023/AS-4023S-TRT.cfm
  9. Laptop for college

    is there even a maxq 1070 slim laptop out there?
  10. Laptop for college

    so is a maxq 1070 a 1060?
  11. ok so i am a cs major that does gaming and video editing too sometimes 3d modeling so my budget is 2k but i am flexible until $2200. i need a laptop preferably slim under 1" and 15.6-17" is ok i definitely want a great display and obviously gtx 1070-1080. btw i was thinking something like https://www.aorus.com/product-detail.php?p=546&t=35&t2=&t3= but it exceeds my budget so nvm any suggestion would be appreciated also, i can probably get by until the end of this month if new laptops are coming if not i might as well buy it now
  12. Laptop CPU Upgrade, HELP

    you do understand that you replace it wont boot right i3 and i5 use different socket and chipset with way higher power draw and more heat decipation
  13. Laptop CPU Upgrade, HELP

    first of all you cant just swap a cpu in laptop especially a Celeron to i3 or 15 they are a different architecture use a different chipset and the power draw, heat dissipation and most importantly different socket the fact is you can only swap it with the same cpu and you need special tools that board repairers use which cost 70 grand unless your using the same cpu and you have all the tools your better off buying a new laptop
  14. im in the same situation searching for a job but i think the only thing we can do is some freelance programming assuming if your a programmer
  15. Should i buy Galaxy Note 8

    thanks for the response i will contact the seller for addition details