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  1. unrelated but i was just looking at amazon and this like wtf is razer the new apple a dual core for 2.3k
  2. i think its better to just wait until pax west to see if there are other laptops getting released after all its just in 2 weeks
  3. yeah i was thinking about that but any decent ultrabook is atleast 1k and building a r7 pc is 2k by itself and right now its a budget issue
  4. so the asus rog strix gl702zc is almost getting released, I think at pax west but what do you think is it worth getting probably a $2000 laptop with Rx 580 and ryzen 7. I am a little bit concerned about its power efficiency cause that's a lot of wattages and I'm not sure if it will switch to power efficiency mode and downclock GPU on the go since it doesn't have an embedded GPU. i would personally probably buy if its at a price point of a 1050ti laptop but 2000 is too much especially when it runs Rx 580 if it had a 1080 or 1070 then something but you would expect a high-performance laptop have an equally powerful and efficient GPU. i don't know cause 8core laptop is very pleasing as a workstation laptop but a 4gb rx80? any comments?
  5. I think pax west but I'm not sure
  6. if i can flash it back to stock then i can flash open wrt but it doesn't let the firmware overwrite it
  7. that's the whole problem and DD-WRT only has beta on it so not really my choice i would rather more stable version but as i said my problem is i cant flash any firmware on it it just reboots back into dd-wrt
  8. so i have this Linksys wrt 1200ac and i decided to flash dd-wrt beta 3 on it. long story short i flashed it and ever since i flashed it my wifi goes down sometimes or it says the wrong password mostly on the 2.4ghz so i have to reset it every time and since dd-wrt doesn't make firmware at least twice a year to update i decided to go with open wrt but the problem that i have is when i choose the OpenWRT img or even the stock img it reboots back to dd-wrt so i researched a little bit i found that there is a special firmware someone made just for this but the link is dead so now any suggestions on either going back to the stock firmware then flashing OpenWRT or just on the dd-wrt or any other way would be extremely helpful.
  9. or this
  11. kill it in task manager find it in (Run:msconfig) and disable it then (Run: regedit) find the registry files under user about the app and delete it and install Sophos home scan your computer and it should detect its residue
  12. well as much as Linus will advertise Squarespace it's not customizable you don't have the freedom of wix or WordPress I personally don't recommend it.
  14. try wix transfer the website to wix and enjoy editing it has a lot of useful features and highly customizable but if you want start everything from scratch WordPress
  15. game name?