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  1. thats fake lets be serious i havent even heard of a 1tb microsd and the only legit 512gb microsd. besides its not even a product on sandisk website https://shop.westerndigital.com/c/memory-cards.SD feel free to correct me if im wrong but im pretty sure even if it was 512 gb it wouldn't be sub 500usd
  2. https://www.hwinfo.com/ and https://www.msi.com/page/afterburner in other videos there is also aida64, cpuz, gpuz
  3. i honestly don't know why people just hate win 10. i mean sure there is a lot of data collection but that can be solved with this ooshutup10 the only real issue with win 10 is the search box, which finally is getting fixed. beside these 2 issues, which lets be serious win7 is not perfect either, there is no reason to skip 10. i use many flavours of linux and win10/8.1/7 daily, but realistically i would not recommend a windows user to jump on linux if you dont have a reason. most of the software on windows dont work on linux even with whine. also to mention win 10 wsl which is linux in windows is gonna be a massive improvement on wsl2. so tldr your use case is yours. there are many linux fans that just jump and say yeah use it cause its perfect which is a bullshit at best. no os is perfect and its about what you want to do, so use what you want and what works for you. *however if you gonna use 8 use 8.1 cause it fixes massive problems in 8.
  4. you need the logitech g hub, the old logitech software doesn't support it. and also update its firmware while your at it
  5. what about a python script. any logitech/razer/corsair gaming mouse will let you run lua script or macro. but again it seems like a basic script will get the job done perfectly.
  6. oh hold on do you need managed or unmanaged?
  7. i have this and it works great, definitely get the 8 port you never know when you will need it especially when prices are so similar TP-LINK
  8. man this is sad, i loved all my htc phones, but its a good move. maybe in couple of years google will help htc again but i wont count on it.
  9. i have the affinity suite. affinity has a great software but there are a lot of features that are missing. for example while you can import photoshop brushes you cant with patterns and gradients and most plugins dont work. mostly due to photo not having 3d mode. for design it doesnt support dxf files nor does it raster to vector convert, and a bunch of other shit i cant remember.its a great product and given time all the features will be developed so definitely grab it. hope this helps.
  10. After you watched those videos { go to your bios make sure something called AMD-V is enabled , save reboot follow these steps https://www.lifewire.com/run-ubuntu-within-windows-virtualbox-2202098 }
  11. dude 32 bit also known as i86, x86 , and a bunch more 64 bit aka Amd64 ,x64, and a bunch more no modern processor is 32bit, they are all 64bit. 64 bit is a extension to 32, that means it has both. now lets get things straight, the amount of bits is the amount of memory space that can be allocated by your system to a Variable (a function by a program). UEFI is a newer version of bios
  12. i mean adobe has a cloud but that doesn't mean you have to use it. its also what software do you know, there are a ton to choose from ( davinci resolve, vegas, premiere, final cut pro). if you don't have a budget then rog zephyrus https://www.asus.com/us/Laptops/ROG-ZEPHYRUS-S-GX701/
  13. if its not showing in bios its either a cable/connector issue or its dead. if its a sata ssd try connecting it to another motherboard header with different cable. if its a nvme or stat m2 if the mbo has another slot try it