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  1. no it gets started from the moment of purchase. that's how every AV and other software licenses work. btw. ESET is really good but i would stick with kaspersky or bitdefender. (1) ESET Internet Security 2020 Review | Test vs Malware - YouTube
  2. here Ultimate Boot CD - Download the UBCD use Download . Ventoy run a Memtest86+
  3. last time i closed my edge main window was a month ago or maybe even longer. unless you dont have enough system memory for other tasks, or your cpu is hitting to crawl because you have too many tabs open, you have nothing to worry about.
  4. PowerToys Run utility for Windows 10 | Microsoft Docs
  5. Releases · microsoft/PowerToys · GitHub use powertoys run instead.
  6. who cares. i have a i7 7700hq. yet i got the update anyway. (dev channel)
  7. nope. thermal pads are nothing new. its just a sheet of graphite anyway.
  8. mini displayport also used for thunderbolt 1 & 2 Mini DisplayPort - Wikipedia Thunderbolt (interface) - Wikipedia
  9. 24) all the options/settings should be in ONE PLACE. get rid of the damn ancient control panel, gpedit, and fix the damn settings app. 25) cut the legacy unsupported crap from the kernel. win 11 should not have IE, 16bit support, dos, and all the other ancient dead weight in the source code. 26) kill cmd and make poweshell, and linux shells the default. wsl2 should be enabled by default in pro versions, and the terminal app should be preinstalled. 27) stop reseting my settings after every update. 28) show me actual useful info with verbose mode on for bsod.
  10. what about epic games? i mean they already own 40% so tencent might want to take majority ownership.
  11. here is your answer Does Intel WANT people to hate them?? - YouTube
  12. idk asus bios but dig around there. maybe there is a switch to disable or enable the m.2 or something like that. but i would remount it first, and try to reinstall the drivers .
  13. that or some kind of transparent epoxy glue. but again a picture would be nice.