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  1. what about epic games? i mean they already own 40% so tencent might want to take majority ownership.
  2. here is your answer Does Intel WANT people to hate them?? - YouTube
  3. idk asus bios but dig around there. maybe there is a switch to disable or enable the m.2 or something like that. but i would remount it first, and try to reinstall the drivers .
  4. that or some kind of transparent epoxy glue. but again a picture would be nice.
  5. if you can wait for Ryzen 5000, do that. it should be coming out in a couple of weeks. it should be way more power efficient and better performance. as for TB4 its not really anything special, its the same as 3 just more certified. so as long as you get usb gen3.2 2x2 (basically TB3 40Gb) your fine.
  6. that should be more than fast enough to allow you flash it as internal. unless for some reason your version of android has that feature disabled by manufacturer. what phone are you using?
  7. i mean you could lap your ihs. i assume your using a decent thermal paste. also what's your room temp?
  8. if i am not wrong there is a minimum speed that is required for formatting it. what microsd are you using? its in the same place that you format it.
  9. go to your bios and see if everything is recognized, and then under boot make sure you have selected the drive that has a os on it.
  10. set it to 3200 and do a memtest, the bios should have one built in if it doesnt download this and burn it to a usb using rufus boot to the usb, and run metest86+ under memory
  11. your first mistake was to buy anything from norton. as for the vpn, being faster, well either your isp is throttling you , which sometimes just changing your DNS address should fix it. change it to something like and or and , or your connection is very unstable.
  12. do a SFC /SCANNOW and Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth