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  1. i'm pretty sure that most hard OC'ers if they had the possibility would OC at the risk of losing their warranties. and it's pretty clear intel's locking the ram OC on the h/b boards since if it was the manufacturers it would do it on AM4 a/b boards as well as AM4's CPUs IMC is weaker than intel's at least on zen1 and zen+ i've always used PC parts that gave me the best value for the money. i've had stuff for a long time from intel/amd/nvidia and i didn't use AMD's chipset as a comparasion without any reference. i was clearly statinng that it is possible to OC on all AM4 boards /
  2. so intel considers that beeing able to OC the CPU's and RAM is a luxury and one should pay absolute premium prices when AMD offers these stuff for a non-premium affordable price? how is intel's marketing strategy even viable? i guess there are always long-time ''intel fan'' boys that would buy their products no matter what?
  3. i got it from the begging that it was sarcasm but it made absolute no point at it was totally disproportionated with the demand i was claiming, like it's pretty reasonable to ask for at least RAM OC on b-series boards but the guy went totally bersek mode and was like ''yeah you should also get free cars'' . like the demand i was expecting what the most unreasonable and crazy thing that one could ask for. AMD allows CPU/RAM OC all the AM4 boards, does that mean that if they are so crazy to allow that, they should also give free cars?
  4. i get that but users should at least be allowed to OC the RAM. if you check techpowerup/ gamers nexus yt reviews on different intel CPU's there is a pretty signficat boost (9th/10th series) even 5% in performance from standard 2666mhz RAM to 3200mhz DDR4
  5. you're making absolute no sense. even with that exageration you're not proving absolutely nothing. you're basically comparing a reasonable demand like beeing able to OC the RAM on a b motherboard like it is possible on all ryzen boards/cpus (with paying a reasonable amount) with an exagerated fact that you should ''get free 10900k and free porsche'' it makes abosutely no sense to prove any point if you're even trying to make one, if you do in fact try to prove anything you sadly failed miserably with such arguments.
  6. intel fan boy at it's finest. jesus . you can't be for real man. you simply cannot be for real. please tell me you're pretending
  7. most b boards have good enough vsoc mosffets to allow ram OC. and some b boards like the msi b460 mag/torpedo have more than enough decent VRM's to support CPU overclock. i mean it's pretty stupid to not allow it if it's possible. very sad marketing by intel to lock their CPU's / boards like this just to get some more money on the k CPU's and z boards
  8. so why doesn't intel allow OC for the RAM at least? you could get 3-4% performance boost for overclocking the ram from 2666mhz to 3200mhz or even higher . and you could do this on a b series board but in fact they only allow it on z series boards.more than that all their non -k CPU's are locked on all boards including the z-series. at least they could allow RAM OC on b series boards.
  9. yes slot 1 for RAM is closest to the CPU. and you should always place your RAM closer to the CPU place them in slot 1 and 3. update the bios as well, then try to enable xmp again after a cmos battery reset if that doesn't work try some manual timings like 16-18-18-36 trc 58 at 1.35v dram with the rest of the sub timings on auto maybe you could give trfc around 520 i don't know exactly what is the trfc range for samsung m-die soc voltage can also affect ram stability. i wouldn't go higher than 1.15v
  10. try updating the bios, use slot 1 and 3 for RAM if you have the space. and lastly try manually introducing ram timings in the bios with 1.35v dram maybe you could try removing the cmos battery for 5-7 minutes and reinserting it as well
  11. hmm.. ryzen's 3600 IMC is good enough even for 3600mhz frequencies so that's strange you're not able to run the ram at XMP preset i have a b450m s2h board also from gigabyte and i'm able to run oc'ed ram to 3600mhz so your board is pretty similar to mine and you should be able to run your ram with ease at 3200mhz preset. do you ran the latest bios version? what ram do you use? do you ran them in dual channel mode?
  12. what CPU are you using? CPU's IMC might not handle that frequency. that's why i recommend crucial ballistix RAM for ryzen (E-die) they work so well with ryzen's IMC try raising SOC voltage to 1.10-1.15V and see how that works. you could also try ryzen dram calculator v.1.7.3 by 1usmus and enter the preset values yourself
  13. so the 3200CL16 1.35V DDR4 RAM can be used on AM4 mobo's with xmp profile enabled to work at that frequency, but for an intel b460 motherboard they won't work that way as the mobo doesn't support RAM OC, and then an intel CPU let's say one that supports a maximum frequency of 2666mhz DDR4. so how would that work at default settings? i know it would work at 2666mhz but how would the CAS latency be selected? would the lowest CAS latency supported at 1.2v be selected ignoring the minimum potencial CAS latency at 1.35v? is it then pointless to get a 3200CL16 kit for a i3/i5 in hope to
  14. i've just tested the psu molex connecter with another old molex fan and it works. it looks like the preinstaled rgb fan was already broken when sent with the case
  15. it's a new aerocool hive frgb v3 case with a preinstalled rear case fan it has a molex connector not a 3 pin/4pin pwm that goes directly into the mobo port i have tried connecting it with the psu's coresponding molex connector but it doesn't start spinning the same psu cable that have the 3 molex connector have some connector that looks like the one that the 4pin pwm case fans comes with, is it necessary that connector goes into the mobo sys_fan port? trying to figure out why the fan doesn't work