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  1. Thanks for the feedback! yeah i keep hearing about AIO water solutions failing or gunking up, i'll avoid it for now. Im not very techie so im not to sure about the difference between the SSD / PCIe, but i'll aim to get a PCIe instead. And i agree, wifi mobo isn't needed, i'll look into alternative ones, maybe a b550? Either way, you've given me a lot to review! thank you for your time & feedback.
  2. Thanks for the feedback, i'll add some details to your comments: NZXT coolers are pretty bad, a large air cooler would suffice and will definitely be cheaper. I did watch a few videos that recommend it, but i'll see if i can find an air-blower that will be good enough. wifi doesn't works for gaming, if you game online it'll be horrible, and it adds like $20 to the mobo price for no reason, manufacturers are really trying hard to make it look better than cable huh.... well, it's not. I'll be playing on ethernet, it's just a bucket list item that
  3. im also trying to buy a pc that will last me 5+ years
  4. I just need it on my purchase list, not an exact item list.
  5. Well i do play other games, but thats the reason for me to update, also its my main source of entertainment / work.
  6. Budget (including currency): None Country: Canada Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Cyberpunk 2077 - 1440p Would like RTX Some photoshop (rarely) Other details I've decided to buy a new pc, but i haven't built a PC in a very long time. I'm looking to build one for Cyberpunk 2077. I'll be playing at 1440p, preferably with RTX. I'd like to hit a steady 80fps so its a smooth experience. I've picked out the following items, i know there are some conflicts but im using it more of a price estimate then
  7. oh i am... but i don't think my state can affect someone on my screen.
  8. I'm just joshing, but he does seem unusually chipper with giggles and honest laughter? its a good thing, but im curious whats happening thats causing him to be so happy? I mean... he has reasons? i guess? but just seems kinda new... Anyhoo............................................
  9. So... has anyone else noticed that Linus has been "too" happy in the last 10ish videos? I mean, he's not a great actor so i assume he's legitimately happy... Maybe he's selling Linustechtips? Hmmm...
  10. I'd love to take a look if you're willing to share. Thanks @minibois
  11. I had a similar issue when trying to watch movies off a HD. My HD died recently and this was a red flag i ignored for a while. Not saying that this is happening to you, but you should backup your data on that drive just to be safe
  12. I really find it relaxing watching move vlogs or office improvement videos, has anyone made a playlist of all of LMG's move vlogs, or office improvements to current date? id love to watch something like this. Cheers.